Kansas abortion mills can no longer cover for child sexual predators

Denver, CO — A federal appellate court has sided with Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline in a lawsuit brought by Kansas abortionists and health care workers involving a law that mandated reporting of underage sexual activity.
In October, 2003, the group of abortionists and workers led by the Kansas City abortion mill Aid for Women, filed the suit and obtained an injunction barring the state from enforcing the statute, meant to help law enforcement catch and prosecute child sexual predators.
That injunction has been overturned by the 10th District Court of Appeals, and the state is now free to enforce its law that requires health providers, including abortionists, to report sexual activity in girls under 16. Such activity is illegal in the State of Kansas.
“We believe this vindicates Attorney General Phill Kline,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “He was been vilified for over a year by the pro-abortion lobby who wants to remain above the law. This ruling sends a strong message to abortionists that they are not above the law and that their days of protecting child sexual predators are over.”
“This ruling reinforces the fact that Phill Kline is a serious law enforcement officer who is working hard to protect our daughters from sexual predators, not just some voyeur trying to pry into women’s privacy, as the abortionists have attempted to paint him,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger.
“Criminals involved in abusing little girls will continue to do so until they are caught,” said Sullenger. “These predators must be reported to the authorities in order for the abuse to stop. Abortion mills that refuse to report simply do not care about these children, but are more interested in the money they make from treating their STDs and giving them abortions. Thank God for men like Phill Kline who are willing put an end to this sick cycle of abuse and cover up.”
Read story in Wichita Eagle, 1/28/06