As the Truth Trucks are now rolling through Pennsylvania, one of the crucial Swing States of this election, we thought we’d share this voice mail message we received. We’ve bleeped the offensive words, but still urge caution when listening.

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Friends, people are being confronted with the horrific TRUTH about abortion, “Kerry’s Choice,” as we tour throughout the nation, and their consciences are being awakened. For some, this will lead to a broken heart and repentance. But for others, the truth will bring guilt and anger at having to face the uncomfortable reality of that with which they have become all too comfortable. Even this caller could not deny that what he saw was the truth of abortion, even though his hypocricy is more than evident.
Please continue to pray for us and to pray for those who will see the truth, that it will soften their hearts that they might repent and become a voice for the pre-born.