Operation Rescue: “Abortion will be the deciding issue of the election.”
Lancaster, PA – Oct 15, 2004 Operation Rescue, along with a coalition of pro-life groups, will gather at City Halls across the critical swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio beginning Sunday, October 17, to affirm a Culture of Life and expose Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry’s stand in favor of abortion and the Culture of Death.

The pro-life entourage, known as the Prayer for Life Tour 2004, will be on the road in these two states from now until Election Day exposing the grisly truth of abortion and praying for the good people of Pennsylvania and Ohio, along with the rest of our nation, to cast their votes in November for candidates who will respect and protect life.
The first stop in the 15-day tour will be Lancaster, PA.
Prayer for Life 2004 Kick-Off Rally
Lancaster City Hall
Sunday, October 17, 2004
3:00 PM
120 N. Duke St., Lancaster, PA

For a complete list of Prayer for Life Tour stops, please click here.
The prayer rallies will feature a fleet of Truth Trucks and other signs displaying graphic images of aborted children so that the public will have no doubt of the horrific reality behind Kerry’s “pro- choice” rhetoric.
“The voters of Pennsylvania and Ohio could very well decide who sits in the White House for the next four years, and by default, because of impending Supreme Court vacancies, the future of abortion on demand in America,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We know that the people of these areas tend to be hard-working, church-going people who base their votes on moral issues. Because of this, we will be in every major city in these two critical states between now and the election urging the good people of Pennsylvania and Ohio to vote their consciences and cast their ballots in favor of candidates who will work to end the tragedy of abortion.”