By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, KS – This was a tumultuous year for Americans, from the China Virus that affected all of our lives to the contested election that still has not been resolved as of this writing.  Nothing seemed normal in 2020, and that was true for us at Operation Rescue as well.

More than ever, Operation Rescue took a deep dive and connected the dots between Planned Parenthood and America’s power brokers.  We exposed the political corruption that keeps abortion businesses open, and revealed how the Abortion Cartel affected big stories in 2020 – sometimes in surprising ways. 

Operation Rescue’s exposés do more than inform the public.  They affect outcomes, as you will see in our Top Five Exposés from 2020.

  1. Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton’s abortion connections exposed.

Operation Rescue’s most read reports in 2020 were from a series of exposés that we began posting in 2019, focusing on Amy Acton and her appointment as Executive Director of the Ohio Department of Health. We had uncovered Acton’s secret move to prevent Women’s Med Center in Dayton from closing despite a court order resulting from four long years of litigation between the Ohio Department of Health – before Action arrived on the scene – and the late-term abortion facility over a licensing dispute. 

We kept digging and found that she had worked on Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign in 2008, and managed fundraising accounts of Ohio’s abortion-related non-profits. 

Our deep dive finally connected her and Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine to a group called Partners in Health, which was hired by Acton to manage Ohio’s China Virus contact tracing program.  That led to links with the world’s wealthiest supporters of global population control, and their efforts to bring China-like depopulation programs to the U.S.

To our surprise, Acton’s estranged mother contacted Operation Rescue and gave a powerful interview that she hoped would set the record straight about her “troubled” daughter.  One week later, Acton resigned her post as the Executive Director of the ODH and has since returned to work in the private sector. 

Read the full Acton series of reports:

2. “List of Disgrace” goes viral after Federal Born Alive Abortion Survivors Bill goes down in defeat.

Operation Rescue has long advocated for adding criminal penalties to the toothless Born Alive Infant Protection Act of 2003, which mandated abortionist provide care to infants born alive during abortions.  We saw up close and personal the failure of that act during our coverage of the 2013 Kermit Gosnell murder trial, where he was convicted of three counts of First-Degree Murder for killing late-term babies who had been born alive at his squalid West Philadelphia abortion mill.

But it was the Florida case of Baby Shanice Denise Osborn that broke our hearts.  Those responsible for her murder were never held accountable, and we used her story to support the Born-Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act, S.311, and a companion bill, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, S.3275 that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks gestation in the U.S.

When those two bills failed in the U.S. Senate in February, 2020, Operation Rescue published a “List of Disgrace” that named each and every Senator – all Democrats or Independents – who voted to allow late-term babies to suffer horrific and painful abortion deaths, and failed to protect new born babies who were living and breathing after abortions.  That list went viral and remains high on the “most read” charts at

3. Operation Rescue supported the Re-election of President Trump, our most Pro-Life President, and exposed corrupt influences that helped rig the election.

During the election, we were active cheerleaders for the re-election of President Donald J. Trump and focused on his pro-life accomplishments while exposing the pro-abortion policies and support of the Democrat Biden-Harris ticket.

After Election Day, Operation Rescue again took a deep dive into the impact of Planned Parenthood political cronies on the election and published exposés on Perkins Coie and SKDKickerbocker, both high-powered firms that have connections to Planned Parenthood, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, and others, then showed how they helped rig the election and silence the media on breaking Biden Family scandals.

In Kansas, we exposed one SKDK Democrat Senatorial Candidate, Barbara Bollier, and helped set in motion her eventual defeat, which saved an important Senate seat that contributed to the GOP maintaining control of the Senate.

Read our best election-related exposés:

4. China Virus impacts the Abortion Cartel

The China Virus had an impact on both abortion facilities and pro-life efforts.  The abortionists were not immune to contracting the virus.  Operation Rescue’s report on three abortionists who admitted to COVID-19 symptoms while still working at abortion facilities was one of our most read reports of 2020.

Read some of our China Virus-related series of reports:

5. Abortion abuses that shocked us.

Reporting on abortion abuses, including abortion injuries and deaths, and demanding enforcement is the focus of much of Operation Rescue’s work.  We recorded 65 medical emergencies at abortion facilities so far in 2020, despite China Virus lock downs that hindered pro-life efforts and the ability to closely monitor the clinics.

We also celebrated when a dangerous California abortionist surrendered his medical license after Operation Rescue lodged a complaint about his involvement in a spate of near fatal botched abortions.

Here are a few of our most notable reports on abortion abuses from 2020:

Operation Rescue extends its thanks to all who read and shared our reports, contributed to them, and supported this work throughout this difficult year.  We continue to work toward an end to abortion in America, and for the freedom to continue advocating on behalf of the unborn in the New Year, no matter what challenges it may bring.