UPDATE: After a series of complex series of parliamentary maneuvers today, another attempt to override the veto on the late-term abortion reporting bill, HB 2115, is currently scheduled to take place on Monday, May 3, 2010. Additional corrections below. Read the corrected Topeka Capital-Journal story.
Topeka, KS – The Kansas House of Representatives today failed in a bid to override Gov. Mark Parkinson’s veto of HB 2115, which would have provided new reporting standards for late-term abortions. The preliminary vote of 82-40 fell just two votes shy of the 84 votes needed to override.
Operation Rescue President Troy Newman issued the following statement in response:

This bill was falsely portrayed as a law that would interfere with a woman’s abortion decision. In truth, this law had nothing to do with women and everything to do with insuring that abortionists are complying with already established law. If the laws cannot be enforced, they are worthless.
Parkinson’s veto was a vote for illegal late-term abortions. Each of the 40 votes that supported the veto was a vote for illegal late-term abortions.
With their votes, Parkinson and his 40 cohorts in the House have defied the will of the majority of the people who supported this common-sense law. They have now given tacit approval for criminal acts and anarchy, and have issued an open invitation to unscrupulous abortionists across the nation to come to Kansas where abortion laws will not be enforced. By doing so, they have endangered the lives of women and the viable babies our laws were enacted to protect.
We will do all we can to make sure the people of Kansas remember this shameful vote the next time these people appear on the ballot.