By Cheryl Sullenger

The LA Times has published an article this morning about Wichita’s Mila Means, an aspiring abortionist who has been thwarted in her efforts to open an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, using George Tiller’s old abortion equipment. What was meant to be a sympathetic piece toward Means actually revealed the effectiveness of peaceful, legal efforts to keep Wichita abortion-free.
Of course, there is the effort to portray the pro-life movement as violent, with references to Tiller’s murder in 2009 and a threatening letter sent to Means by someone that was not known to be a part of regular protests in this community. But the truth of the matter bleeds through the Times’ pro-abortion rhetoric.
“Dr. Mila Means aims to succeed Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, but so far an antiabortion movement has thwarted her at every turn,” reads the subtitle of the article.
The article continues:

The pressure on Means was unrelenting. Her business manager quit, patients fled. . .Her landlord slapped her with a nuisance lawsuit, saying the protests disrupted other tenants. When Means tried to find another office, she said, no one would rent to her. She stayed put, settling the lawsuit with a promise not to perform abortions at that location, all the while quietly working toward creating a nonprofit organization so she could buy her own building.

“We have used peaceful tactics and have worked through the legal system to block Means from committing abortions in Wichita. Our efforts have been successful because they have the support of a community that is weary of abortion and doesn’t want it here. If it did, then she wouldn’t be having problems keeping patients or renting facilities,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.
What the LA Times conveniently leaves out of its story is the fact that in 2007, Means was disciplined by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a patient and for undisclosed offenses that were sexual in nature. She is also in tremendous debt and has on file an order from one creditor to garnish her wages.
“I have doubts that she will ever be able to raise the kind of money she would need to buy a building here that would meet health and safety standards,” said Newman. “She admittedly lacks the business skills necessary and has just too much professional baggage. For an investor, it would be throwing money down a rat hole.”
In the meantime, the LA Times tells us that the abortion equipment that Means bought from Jeanne Tiller for $20,000 is gathering dust in her basement and her plans to open an abortion clinic in Wichita are on hold.
The corrupt political machine that once protected abortionists from accountability to the law has been swept out of Kansas. In its wake, pro-life legislation that includes common sense safety regulations has been signed into law, and is now working its way through the court system.
The LA Times concludes, “It’s the lawmakers who now prove to be her most daunting opponent. She says she doesn’t dare go forward now. So she waits.”
“While Means waits, the pro-life movement continues to charge on,” said Newman.
“The trend in this country is in favor of the pro-life position, and that is strengthening by the day. We are winning not only in Wichita but around the nation as we see abortionists disciplined or criminally charged, abortion clinics closing, and abortion numbers dropping. The leftist media may attempt to vilify us, but the truth is that abortionists are their own worst enemy. Exposing the truth about them saves lives, and we will continue to work through peaceful, legal avenues to bring a final end to abortion in Kansas and across the nation.”
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