Miami, FL — Miami-Dade Circuit Judge John Thornton refused to seal evidence last week in the case against unlicensed abortion worker Belkis Gonzalez, who has been charged with illegally providing “healthcare” at a Hialeah abortion mill.
Gonzalez is accused of cutting the umbilical cord of a baby girl that was born alive during an attempted abortion, shoving her into a trash bag, then hiding the body on the clinic roof. [Read more.]
Gonzalez’s attorney attempted to seal the evidence in light of public interest in the case.
“We are thankful that Judge Thornton has decided to allow the public to know the details of this horrific case,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Secrecy only works to benefit the abortionists. The public has a right to know what is really going on inside abortion clinics, especially when it involves criminal acts. We will continue to monitor this case very closely.”
Gonzalez faces up to 15 years in jail, and is currently on probation for practicing medicine without a license at a Miramar, Florida, abortion mill.
The abortionist who did not show up for work on the day of the incident, Pierre Renelique, had his medical license revoked in February.