Photos of Planned Parenthood Grand Jury Petition Submission Now Available

Olathe, KS – Photos are now available of the press conference conducted by the L.I.F.E Coalition on Friday, October 26, 2007, and the submission of 6,400 signatures to the Johnson County, Kansas, Clerk of the Court, demanding that a grand jury convene to investigate alleged criminal activity by Planned Parenthood.
On the same day those signatures were submitted, the Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay McFarland, an abortion supporter, ruled to block the Tiller grand jury in Wichita for an indefinite time. That grand jury was scheduled to convene on Tuesday, but now will not meet.
The Tiller ruling does not affect the Planned Parenthood grand jury effort. The Planned Parenthood grand jury petitions have been submitted with nearly twice the required signatures and now, by law, the county has 60 days to impanel a grand jury and begin the investigation.
“We urge prayers for both grand jury efforts. It is clear based on information already in the public domain that Kansas abortion clinics are operating as though they are above the law. If our laws are to mean anything, they must be enforced, without regard to the personal political biases of District Attorneys, Attorneys General, or Supreme Court Justices,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Anything else is a subversion of justice and evidence of a corrupt political system that would rather protect illegal abortions than the innocent babies and the women the laws were enacted to protect.”
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