Wichita, KS — Abortionist George R. Tiller struck a pro-life supporter with his vehicle yesterday afternoon while leaving the parking lot of Women’s Health Care Services (WHCS), his late-term abortion facility. This incident occurred just two days before a grassroots coalition plans to submit signatures to call for a Grand Jury to investigate him.
A complaint was filed with the Wichita Police Department.
Mark Gietzen was struck in the leg as he attempted to jump out of the way of Tiller’s speeding Jeep Grand Cherokee, forcing Gietzen to turn and push off from the vehicle with his hands.
“I was measuring the driveway to insure that pro-lifers were complying with the law during their prayer times when I heard an engine rev. I turned to see Tiller coming right at me,” said Gietzen. “In that moment I couldn’t decide to jump to the right or to the left. I was kind of like a deer caught in the headlights.”
Tiller immediately sped away from the scene.
While Gietzen did not seek medical attention, he reported to Operation Rescue that he was suffering some pain in his leg. Another man that was with Gietzen was uninjured.
Gietzen reported that there was plenty of room for Tiller to go around him in the 32-foot wide, two-laned driveway, and that he was not blocking Tiller’s ability to exit. “There is no doubt that he intentionally hit me,” he said. “He drove right down the center of the driveway.”
Gietzen is the president of the Kansas Coalition for Life. His group is part of the grassroots coalition that will be presenting signatures to Sedgwick County officials on Friday in an effort to convene a Grand Jury to investigate Tiller in the abortion death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert.
“This hit-and-run incident further illustrates our point that Tiller believes he is above the law,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “He is out of control and a danger to the community. He needs to be held accountable for his actions before he hurts anyone else.”
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