Outgoing president Betty Pulliam works at Tiller’s late-term abortion mill

Wichita, KS — Pro-lifers distributed flyers exposing the involvement in the abortion business of outgoing President Betty Pulliam at a convention of Gold Star Mothers held in Wichita last week. The flyers were handed out while the group was visiting a local museum.
Betty Pulliam is Tiller’s longest employee, and reports for part-time work at Tiller’s abortion clinic each week. Pulliam served a one-year term as president of the Gold Star Mothers. Her son, Dale, was killed in Viet Nam in 1967.
“We have nothing but admiration for the sacrifice of the Gold Star Mothers, but we think they need to know the truth that Betty has worked for years to help take the lives of other women’s sons and daughters at Tiller’s abortion mill,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger.
Tiller was charged last Thursday with 19 criminal counts of aborting late-term babies using referrals from another abortionist, Ann Kristin Neuhaus, who was financially associated with him.