Tiller’s PAC has heavily invested in sleazy and deceptive “hit-piece” mailers against the pro-life candidate for Sedgwick County District Attorney

Wichita, KS – A Political Action Committee, Kansans for Truth in Politics, (K-TIP), is reporting that late-term abortionist George R. Tiller has dumped over $100,000 into ProKanDo, his own PAC, which is flooding homes with sleazy attack mailers containing misinformation about Sedgwick County District Attorney candidate, Mark Schoenhofer.
Schoenhofer is a pro-life Republican running against Tiller’s personal friend, incumbent Nola Foulston, a Democrat who is an avid supporter of Tiller and his late-term abortion business in Wichita, Kansas.
According to K-TIP, the ProKanDo mailers slam Schoenhofer, stating, “He has a track record of breaking the law.” They also assert that Schoenhofer failed to pay three years of income taxes. However, records show that Schoenhofer is a law-abiding citizen whose tax bill completely paid.
“This just goes to show the gutter level of sleazy politics that the abortion lobby will sink to in order to protect one of their own,” said K-TIP Chairperson Cheryl Sullenger, who in a separate capacity, is the Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue.
K-TIP also reports that of the $150,000 raised by ProKanDo since July, over $100,000 came directly from Tiller. ProKanDo currently faces an ethics investigation for concealing the names and occupations of hundreds of donors.
The District Attorney’s race has national implications, since it has been D.A. Nola Foulston who has repeatedly shielded Tiller from criminal prosecution. Women come from every state in order to obtain late-term abortions in Kansas that are illegal or unavailable in their home states. Tiller’s late-term abortion business has repeatedly been accused of breaking the Kansas ban on post-viability abortions.
Tiller’s attorney, Lee Thompson, has appeared on Foulston mailers as having endorsed her. Another attorney for Tiller, Dan Monnat has heavily contributed to Foulston’s reelection bid.
“Looking at the numerous times Foulston has shielded Tiller from prosecution and coupling that with all the support Foulston is receiving from Tiller’s PAC and his legal team, it is obvious that there is corruption in the DA’s office,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The only way for Tiller to be brought to justice for the full extent of his crimes is for Foulston to loose this election. Our prayer is that the good people of Sedgwick County will clean house at the polls tomorrow and rid Kansas of the corruption that enables Tiller’s late-term child-killing operation to continue.”
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