Austin, TX — Complaints have been filed with the Texas Medical Board against twelve abortionists for violations discovered during a three-month undercover investigation conducted by Operation Rescue and members of The Survivors.
Abortionists named in the complaints are Jasbir Ahlwualia, Arthur John Brock, Robert Hanson, Douglas A. Karpen, Margaret Kini, Pedro Kowalyszyn, Lester Minto, Alan Molson, Robert L. Prince, Brook Randal, Franz Theard, and William West.
Allegations against each abortionist vary but include:

• Mishandling of private patient medical records and information
• Informed Consent violations
• Disregard for 24-hour waiting period
• Improper disposal of biohazardous medical waste, including human tissue
• Instructing minors to cross state lines to avoid Texas parental notification laws
• Mishandling of drugs and prescription forms

“Evidence from our investigation has been submitted to the Texas Medical Board along with our complaints,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There can be no question that violations have occurred. There are questions, however, about whether the Texas Medical Board will act appropriately to protect women and uphold the standard of care. Those questions remain to be answered.”
This is the first round of filings. More complaints are likely as additional data collected in the investigation is processed.
The Texas Medical Board oversees licensed physicians, but not abortion clinics.
“Complaints have also been filed or are in the process of being filed with other state agencies that do oversee the abortion clinics. We are covering all the bases to make sure justice is done and that no one slips through the cracks of the Texas bureaucracy,” said Newman. “If abortionists and abortion clinics don’t want to follow the laws or are incapable of compliance, then the State should shut them down. It’s as simple as that.”
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