Complicated case simplified with color codes and references provided as a resource to reporters and others

As the legal cases against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller progress, the story also becomes more complicated. Below is a timeline to help you better understand the events surrounding efforts to bring the nation’s most notorious abortionist to justice. We hope that this will also be a useful resource for those who may wish to write about these noteworthy events.
This time line begins in October, 2006, after the Christin Gilbert Grand Jury, which narrowly missed indicting Tiller, and before any criminal charges were filed. We hope this clarifies for our readers a very complex series of events that are continuing to develop as cases and investigations move forward.

For a “Cast of Characters” of people involved with the Tiller cases, including photos and a brief description of how they are involved, please CLICK HERE.
To help you better understand the events, each entry includes a reference link to more detailed information and/or documentation.
To help you better navigate the time line, each entry has been color coded by topic as follows:

BLUE ENTRIES relate to events associated with complaints filed against Tiller with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.
GREEN ENTRIES relate to events associated with 30 criminal charges filed by former Attorney General Phill Kline. (Case dismissed.)
ORANGE ENTRIES relate to events associated with the 19 criminal charges filed by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office.
PURPLE ENTRIES relate to events associated with attempts by the Kansas Legislature to investigate Tiller and bring him to justice.
BLACK ENTRIES relate to events associated with the citizen-called grand jury investigating Tiller for committing illegal late-term abortions.
TURQUOISE ENTRIES relate to events associated with small claims cases against Tiller.
RED ENTRIES are miscellaneous events that have an impact on the cases and investigation involving Tiller.

Time Line In The Criminal Investigations and Cases Against Abortionist George R. Tiller

October 18, 2006 – Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger files a broad complaint against George R. Tiller with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts which included documentation to support allegations of illegal late-term abortions, violations of the second physician requirement for post-viability abortions, and other charges.
November 4, 2006 – After a three year legal battle, Attorney General Phill Kline reveals in an interview on the Fox News program The O’Reilly Factor, that he finally received 90 abortion records — with patient-identifying information redacted — that he subpoenaed from Tiller and Planned Parenthood, and that the records show evidence of illegal abortions.
November 7, 2006 – Kline loses his bid for relection to pro-abortion Paul Morrison, who had vowed to end abortion investigations in Kansas. With Kline’s term expiring on January 8, 2007, he has little time to continue his abortion mill investigations.

December 21, 2006 — Attorney General Phill Kline files 30 criminal misdemeanor charges against Tiller related to illegal late-term abortions
December 22, 2006 — Kline’s charges are dismissed at the request of District Attorney Nola Foulston, who claims Attoneys General have no authority to prosecute cases in District Courts without the expressed permission from the District Attorney. Kline announced his appointment of Don McKinney as Special Prosecutor.
January 5, 2007 — McKinney files a writ of mandamus with the Kansas Supreme Court asking for the 30 Kline charges to be reinstated against Tiller.
January 8, 2007 — Paul Morrison, an avid abortion supporter who benefited from Tiller campaign money, took over as the new Kansas Attorney General.
January 9, 2007 — Morrison fires McKinney and announces his own “independent” investigation of Tiller.
January 10, 2007 — DA Nola Foulston holds a press conference and announces that her own “limited investigation” of evidence submitted to the District Court by Kline in December shows that Tiller did not fail to report incidents of suspected child abuse. Kline never charged Tiller on that issue. Misleading headlines the following day indicated that Foulston cleared Tiller of wrongdoing.

January 19-22, 2007 — Operation Rescue holds its Cry for Justice event. Foulston threatens OR leaders with criminal prosecution for attempting to meet with her to ask that she allow the Kline charges to go forward.
February 14, 2007 — Morrison withdraws McKinney’s motion from the Kansas Supreme Court before they can issue a ruling. (Read “Evidence That Demands A Verdict”)
March 6, 2007 – Operation Rescue amends the complaint on file with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts to include additional information and to broaden the complaint’s scope.
March 12, 2007 — The Ohio group Women Influencing the Nation launches, a website that gathered over 5,600 signatures in support of Tiller charges.
March 23, 2007 — Operation Rescue publishes accounts that Tiller is continuing post-viability convenience abortions in violation of Kansas law.
March 23, 2007 — Kansas Legislators send a letter to Morrison asking him to reinstate the Tiller charges.
March 26, 2007 — The House Federal and State Affairs committee passes a resolution that would compel Morrison to reinstate charges against Tiller for committing illegal late-term abortions. House Speaker Melvin Neufeld prevents the resolution from receiving a full House vote.

March 28, 2007 — Pro-lifers rally in support of the Tiller Resolution at the State Capitol.
April 16, 2007 — Operation Rescue releases an investigative report documenting Tiller’s history of committing illegal abortions dating back to before Roe v. Wade.
May 4, 2007 — Kansas Legislature adjourns without taking action on Tiller.
May 17-20, 2007 — Operation Rescue sponsors a 77-hour round the clock prayer vigil seeking God’s favor on efforts to stop child-killing through abortion in Wichita and all of America. Pro-lifers open a cordial dialogue with DA Nola Foulston after a small group prayed for her in her neighborhood during the event.
May 23, 2007 — Rep. Ben Hodges and four others tendered their resignations to the House Federal and State Affairs Committee in protest of legislative inaction over the Tiller case.
May 31, 2007 — Fox News host Bill O’Reilly broadcasts a hard-hitting report on George Tiller. O’Reilly declares that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is “not fit to serve” for covering up for Tiller.
June 11, 2007 — In a bombshell development, Dr. Paul McHugh, a prominent psychiatrist who would have been the chief medical witness against Tiller had the Kline charges been allowed to proceed, tapes a 44-minute interview about his belief that Tiller abortion records he reviewed did not contain adequate information to justify late-term abortions for psychiatric or mental health reasons.

June 12, 2007 — Morrison sends men from his office to deliver a “cease and desist” letter to Dr. McHugh to prevent him from speaking at a scheduled public meeting where he planned to discuss his professional findings concerning the Tiller abortion records.
June 13, 2007 — Bill O’Reilly broadcasts another segment on Tiller discussing the McHugh testimony. His segment includes a run-in with the infamous abortionist.
June 26, 2007 — Operation Rescue publishes accounts that indicate that late-term abortions are out of control in Kansas and that enforcement of the late-term abortion ban is non-existent. Sidewalk counselors speak to healthy woman aborting a healthy baby so as not to ruin her “tummy tuck.”
June 27, 2007 — Morrison announces that he will not refile 15 of the 30 charges brought by former Attorney General Phill Kline that related to the misreporting of illegal late-term abortions.
June 28, 2007 — Morrison holds a press conference and announces that he filed 19 criminal misdemeanor charges against Tiller for having committed 19 post-viability abortions using business associate Ann Kristen Neuhaus as the second signature required for post-viability abortions. Kansas law states that the two doctors cannot be financially or legally affiliated. Morrison fails to reinstate Kline’s 15 more serious charges of illegal late abortions for trivial reasons.
July 2, 2007 — Tiller’s attorneys file a motion to dismiss the Morrison charges based on their belief that the law Tiller was charged under was unconstitutional. That week Tiller closes his abortion mill to patients for the entire Independence Day week. It is the first time in years that Tiller’s mill did not do abortions for an entire week.

July 14-16, 2007 — Operation Rescue hosts the Wichita Awakening. Over 500 people prayed at Tiller’s mill each day of the event for Tiller’s repentance, salvation, and an end to his abortion business. It is estimated that 1,000 people participated in the event over three days.
July 29, 2007 — Operation Rescue reports that charges against Tiller have failed to stop late-term abortions.
July 31, 2007 — In a surprise move, Tiller indefinitely closes his abortion clinic to patients. Throughout July and August, Tiller’s mill was closed a record 38 days.
August 3, 2007 — Tiller is arraigned through his attorneys at an unannounced hearing. His arraignment had been scheduled for August 7, but was moved the day after Operation Rescue announced it would be present. Tiller voluntarily surrendered to the Sheriff’s department for processing and was released on his on recognizance. A bench trial is set for August 17, and a motion to dismiss is scheduled to be heard August 10.
August 9, 2007 – Operation Rescue exposed the campaign contribution links between Tiller and Judge Gregory Waller, who was overseeing Tiller’s criminal case.
August 9, 2007 – Kansans for Life announced that they would be launching a new grand jury effort to investigate Tiller for illegal late-term abortions and other charges over the past five years. Operation Rescue attended the press conference and supported the grand jury effort.
August 10, 2007 – The day after Operation Rescue released its report on campaign contribution connections between Tiller and Judge Waller, the Tiller case was reassigned to Judge Anthony Powell, a former legislator who is known for his pro-life views.
August 13, 2007 – Tiller’s attorneys file a motion to replace Judge Powell.

August 17, 2007 – Judge Anthony Powell recuses himself and is removed from the Tiller case.
August 21, 2007 – Judge Clark V. Owens is assigned to the Tiller criminal case.
August 22, 2007 – Tiller reopens his abortion mill to sparse business after a record 38 day closure over the summer.
August 30, 2007 – Tiller’s attorneys file a motion to demand a jury of 12 at his trial on 19 criminal misdemeanor charges. In Kansas, a jury of six is mandated for misdomeanor trials. Operation Rescue accuses Tiller of demanding special treatment that no one else in his situation would get.
August 31, 2007 – A joint legislative committee is convened to investigate Tiller for committing illegal late-term abortions. Operation Rescue President Troy Newman testified before the committee on September 7 about the lack of enforcement of Kansas laws banning abortions after 22 weeks gestation.
September 6, 2007 – Petitions containing nearly three times the required number of signatures were submitted demanding a grand jury investigate Tiller for illegal late-term abortions and other crimes over the past five years.
September 7, 2007 – Former Tiller patient Michelle Armesto Berg drops bombshell testimony before the legislative committee telling of her coerced, illegal abortion.
September 12, 2007 – Tiller loses his bid in Federal Court to block the grand jury investigation.

October 1, 2007 – Tiller loses a second bid to block the grand jury when District Court Judge Paul Buchanan rules the grand jury must convene. A date for the seating was set for October 30, 2007.
October 4, 2007 – Operation Rescue announced that a formal complaint was filed with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts against abortionists Shelley Sella and George R. Tiller for alleged illegal acts, unethical conduct, and breach of the standard of care in the 2003 late-term abortion of Michelle Armesto Berg. This is the second complaint filed by OR, placing Tiller’s medical license at risk.
October 24, 2007 – Tiller’s attorneys again attempt to block the citizen-called grand jury by filing objections with the Kansas Supreme Court. Two days later, Chief Justice Kay McFarland issues a stay of the grand jury while the Court consider’s Tiller’s petition.
November 2, 2007 – Judge Clark Owens hears oral arguments in Tiller’s motions to dismiss the 19 criminal charges against him based on his belief that the law requiring a second physician to sign off on late-abortions is unconstitutional. Judge Owens took the case under advisement, saying a ruling was “several weeks” away.
November 9, 2007 – Tiller is sued for $4,000 in Small Claims Court by pro-lifer Mark Gietzen for injuries received when Tiller intentionally rammed Gietzen with his Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Judge Judy and Judge Brown television shows ask to try the case on their programs. Gietzen declines the offer.
November 19, 2007 – Operation Rescue filed a motion on behalf of petition signers to intervene in Tiller’s effort before the Kansas Supreme Court to block the citizen-called grand jury.
November 28, 2007 – Tiller does not make a scheduled appearance in the small claims action filed by pro-lifer Mark Gietzen for damages sustained when Tiller struck the pro-lifer with his Jeep. The judge orders Tiller to appear.
November 29, 2007 – The Kansas Supreme Court hands the people a victory by rejecting Tiller’s motions to block the citizen-called grand jury. A date of January 8, 2008, is set for the jury to be seated.
December 9, 2007 – News broke that pro-abortion Attorney General Paul Morrison was involved in a sex and corruption scandal. According to news reports, he was involved in an illicit sexual affair with a subordinate. He attempted to use the relationship to illegally influence ongoing criminal investigations against abortionist George Tiller and Planned Parenthood. Operation Rescue calls for Morrison’s immediate resignation.

December 14, 2007 – Attorney General Paul Morrison resigns as a result of the sex and corruption scandal. Operation Rescue calls on pro-abortion Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to appoint someone without ties to Tiller’s blood money.
December 28, 2007 – Operation Rescue calls for the firing or resignation of Kansas State Board of Healing Arts Ex. Dir. Larry Buening and Chief Counsel Mark Stafford, along with a list of KSBHA reforms in the wake of Federal indictments against a physician who had been under KSBHA “investigation” for four years. Three months later, after widespread publication of Board scandals, a group of State Senators calls for the firing of Buening and Stafford.
January 4, 2008 – Operation Rescue formally demands that District Attorney Nola Foulston and disgraced Attorney General Paul Morrison stand down from any involvement in soon to be seated grand jury and asks for the appointment of a special prosecutor not affiliated in any way with Tiller.
January 7, 2008 – Operation Rescue files 11th hour motions to remove DA Foulston and AG Morrison from participation in the grand jury. While those motions were not immediately successful, the results were that Morrison had no influence in the grand jury. The public scrutiny has served to keep the DA’s office conducting this grand jury in what appears to be a professional manner.
January 16, 2008 – Operation Rescue President Troy Newman testified before the grand jury investigating Tiller for illegal abortions. Newman submitted binders for each juror containing over 200 pages of documentation to back up the claims that Tiller is breaking the law.
January 18, 2008 – Gov. Sebelius appoints Democrat Stephen Six to serve out Paul Morrison’s term as attorney general.
January 21, 2008 – Operation Rescue releases evidence it gathered that shows illegal late-term abortions are continuing at Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, KS. That evidence included photographs of heavily pregnant women entering the abortion clinic. Kansas laws ban abortions after viability with the narrowest of exceptions. Tiller patients have told pro-lifers that their late-term abortions were for reasons other than allowed by law.

January 25, 2008 – Tiller loses his bid to block subpoenas from the grand jury for 2,000 abortion records. In a series of hearings over the next few days, Judge Buchanan reduced the number of records to 250 – 50 records chosen at random from each of the past five years. Without producing any records as ordered, Tiller’s attorneys ask to the Supreme Court to block the supboenas.
February 2, 2008 – In a transparent attempt to influence the grand jury, the Wichita Eagle posted an editorial and political cartoon attacking Operation Rescue and urging the grand jury to disregard any evidence Troy Newman may have presented to the when he testified before them in January.
February 5, 2008 – Suspicions of evidence tampering arise at a hearing in Small Claims Court when Mark Geitzen indicates that the photos he was shown of security “video” were actually a series of still photos that appeared to have been altered. The trial is continued until March 20, 2008.
February 5, 2008 – The Kansas Supreme Court issues a stay on subpenas issued by the grand jury and orders that no further supboenas for abortions records be issued. Later, Attorney General Steve Six made a similar request to block subpoenas he received for evidence against Tiller. The Court set oral arguments to be heard on April 8, the day the 90 day term of the grand jury will expire. However, the Court notes that Judge Paul Buchanan has the authority to extend the grand jury if necessary.
February 12, 2008 – Operation Rescue releases a story about a woman who was scheduled to abortion her viable baby, mistakenly diagnosed with dwarfism, at Tiller’s clinic at 24 weeks gestation. The woman changed her mind with the help of pro-lifers and reported that she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby, with no sign of dwarfism or any other anomaly. If this abortion had taken place, it would have been an illegal abortion, further evidence that Tiller’s clinic is ignoring the law.

February 19, 2008 – Operation Rescue announces on its web site that it will soon launch a massive multi-media campaign aimed to keep the Tiller records case before the Kansas Supreme Court in the public eye in order to keep the Court honest. The campaign was announced during a national mailing blitz two weeks earlier.
February 19, 2008 – Operation Rescue releases photographic evidence of documents being secretly removed from Tiller’s abortion clinic in a truck that had the license plate removed to avoid identification. OR calls for steps to be taken to preserve the integrity of evidence until the Supreme Court rules on the release of abortion records to the grand jury.
March 5, 2008 – In a controversial move, Operation Rescue publicly asks for women who have had abortions at Kansas abortion clinics to contact us in a continuing investigation of Tiller’s late-tem abortion business.
March 10, 2008 – Judge Clark Owens delays Tiller’s criminal trial, which had been scheduled to begin on this day, to June 16. Owens still has not ruled on two of Tiller’s motions to dismiss the criminal charges. He has had those motions “under advisement” since November 2, 2007. this dealy raises concerns that Owens may be pandering to Tiller.
March 17, 2008 – Operation Rescue launches its previously announced massive radio and phone campaign to keep the Tiller records case before the Kansas Supreme Court in the public eye in order to keep the Court honest.

March 20, 2008 – Tiller makes a rare court appearance, accompanied by a phlanx of attorneys, for a small claims case involving a hit-and-run incident outside Tiller’s mill. The judge ruled that Mark Gietzen did not file his claim in a timely manner and dismissed the case. Tiller’s speech during the hearing was slow, slurred, and barely audible.
March 29, 2008 – State Senators call for the firing of KSBHA Ex. Directory Larry Buening and Chief Counsel Mark Stafford three months after Operation Rescue over frustrations with recent scandals involving cover up and inaction by the Board. OR calls for appointment process to be removed from Gov. Sebelius, a Tiller crony, and placed with the legislature in order to avoid more corruption.
March 31, 2008 – Statistics released by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment reveal that abortions past 22 weeks gestation dropped 23 percent in 2007 while post-viability abortions dropped 28 percent. Abortions overall were down in Kansas last year due to pressure on the abortion cartel from pro-life groups.
April 1, 2008 – Tiller’s attorneys file a motion in District Court lashing out at Operation Rescue’s public awareness campaign that was designed to prevent corruption of the grand jury process. Judge Paul Buchanan denies the motion.
April 2, 2008 – The top two staff members of the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, Director Larry Buening and Chief Counsel Mark Stafford, resign after public outrage with Board cover-ups and ineptitude reaches a crescendo. OR renews its demand for the suspension of Tiller’s medical license.
April 4, 2008 – Judge Paul Buchanan orders that the grand jury be extended for three more months. One the term expires on July 8, there can be no additional extensions.
April 8, 2008 – The Kansas Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Tiller’s attempt to block the grand jury from obtaining crucial evidence in the form of abortion records subpoenaed in January, 2008.
April 11, 2008 – KS Supreme Court posts audio files online of oral arguments heard on April 8th in the Tiller abortion records case.
April 22, 2008 – Operation Rescue released the stories of women that came forward and shared their stories of coerced, botched, and illegal abortions at the nation’s largest late-term abortion mill, operated by George R. Tiller in Wichita, Kansas.
May 5, 2008 – Operation Rescue announces that the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has notified Cheryl Sullenger and Troy Newman in separate letters that complaints they filed against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller and his associates are progressing.

May 6, 2008 – The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the citizen-called grand jury investigating Tiller is Constitutional. It also ruled that once a District Court Judge determined that subpoenas are relevant and not harassing in nature, they can be honored, as long as patient identifying information is redacted.
May 9, 2008 – Operation Rescue launches a second wave of radio ads meant to hold the system accountable and bring Tiller to justice.
May 14, 2008 – Tiller employees appeared in small claims court over an incident involving a Tiller security guard who attacked pro-lifers with a chemical “stink bomb.” The case was delayed until June 10, 2008.
May 20, 2008 – Kansas Attorney General Steve Six finally complies with the grand jury subpoena and provides it with 35 late-term abortion records that had been heavily redacted under Phill Kline’s term as Attorney General.
May 28, 2008 – Operation Rescue releases a dozen photographs that show Tiller and his entire WHCS abortion clinic staff at a party held by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius at Cedar Crest, the governor’s mansion. Since Sebelius is considered a front-runner vice-presidential consideration on a ticket led by Sen. Barack Obama, the story makes national headlines.
June 11, 2008 – Judge Clark Owens delays Tiller’s criminal trial on 19 counts of committing illegal abortions at the request of Tiller’s attorneys. A new trial date was set for July 28, 2008.
July 3, 2008 – The grand jury investigating Tiller dismissed without returning an indictment. Operation Rescue expressed concern that misdirection by the District Attorney’s office contributed to the unwillingness of the jurors to charge Tiller.
July 14, 2008 – Burt Odenheimer and another physician associated with the Wichita Clinic both voluntarily decided to stop providing the second signature approving post-viability abortions for Tiller patients “effective immediately” after Operation Rescue released his name earlier in the day. The two had been seeing Tiller patients secretly at their Wichita Clinic offices.
July 16, 2008 – Operation Rescue released a full list of Abortion Collaborators, businesses associated with George Tiller and his late-term abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services.
July 28, 2008 – Judge Clark Owens released a 35-page opinion that upheld the constitutionality of the Kansas late-term abortion law and denied Tiller’s motion to have his criminal charges that were based on that law dismissed.
July 29, 2008 – During a hearing in open court, Judge Clark Owens denied Tiller’s motion to have a jury of 12 instead of the state-mandated jury of six for misdemeanor cases. A trial date of March 16, 2009, was set.
August 1, 2008 – Operation Rescue announces the Call For Justice campaign, which will include a media blitz as well as prayer and a prophetic witness surrounding Tiller’s court hearing scheduled for Nov. 17, 2008, and his trial, scheduled for March 16, 2009.
September 15, 2008 – Attorneys for Tiller filed two motions asking for criminal charges to be dismissed because former Attorney General Phill Kline tainted the case. Nevermind that the Kline charges against Tiller were dismissed and the current charges were filed by Kline’s successor, Paul Morrison. Tiller’s motions also complained that Operation Rescue may have supplied the Kline’s office with information.
November 17-20, 2008 – Four days of testimony was heard in the Tiller motion to supress evidence against him. Those testifying included former Attorney General Phill Kline and several of his staff that were involved in the original investigation into abortion clinic wrong-doing. The hearing was scheduled to resume on Jan. 6-8, 2009. (Read reports on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4)

January 6-7, 2009 – Testimony resumed in Tiller’s motion to suppress evidence and dismiss the 19 criminal charges against him. Bombshell testimony from Morrison’s former lover aided the prosecution. Judge Clark Owens took the case under advisement and promised a ruling sometime in February.
Read reports on this hearing: Day 1, Day 2, Commentary
January 12, 2009 – Operation Rescue released the results of an undercover sting conducted at WHCS that revealed that Tiller’s clinic is intentionally faking ultrasounds to understate fetal ages and is misdiagnosing fetal viability in order to avoid having to comply with Kansas law. Tiller employees were caught on tape misrepresenting Kansas law to potential clients.
January 15, 2009 – Operation Rescue announced that it turned over evidence of criminal acts committed at WHCS that were uncovered during its undercover sting to law enforcement, including Attorney General Steve Six and District Attorney Nola Foulston. The woman who received the false information also filed a complaint with the KSBHA.
February 5, 2009 – The KSBHA, which recently underwent extensive personnel changes, was asked to reopen an investigation into the 3rd trimester abortion death of Christin Gilbert, citing new evidence and political corruption by the former KSBHA staff.
February 11, 2009 – OR’s Cheryl Sullenger presented evidence before the House Federal and State Committee that WHCS was intentionally misinforming women and faking ultrasound measurements in order to avoid complying with Kansas laws banning post-viability abortions. The testimony was in support of a bill that would require clinics to allow women seeking abortions to view sonograms.
February 25, 2009 – Judge Clark Owens issued his ruling denying Tiller’s motions to supress evidence and dismiss the 19 criminal charges against him. These motions were heard during two court hearings in November and January. Judge Owens’ ruling cleared the way for tiller’s jury trial to begin on March 16. (Explanation of Tiller’s charges)
March 6, 2009 – Operation Rescue announced that Rev. Pat Mahoney and other pro-life leaders plan to lead prayer vigils during Tiller’s trial beginning March 16. The events will last as long as the trial, which is expected to take 2 weeks. Pro-lifers have been invited to Wichita from all over the nation to participate. This is a continuation of OR’s Call for Justice campaign.

March 12, 2009 – An ambulance rushes a botched abortion patient of Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services to the hospital emergency room. Operation Rescue is on hand to document it.
March 16, 2009 – Jury selection begins in the criminal trial of late-term abortionist George Tiller. Judge Clark Owens rules that Tiller will have the standard jury of six. Jury selection reports: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3
March 23, 2009 – Tiller stands trial on 19 counts of having committed illegal late-term abortions. The trial lasts five days. (OR was in court covering every minute. All OR reports from trial.)
March 27, 2009 – Tiller is found to be not guilty of the 19 criminal charges against him.
March 27, 2009 – The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts announces — just minutes after the Tiller trial verdict — that it had filed 11 counts in a petition against Tiller alleging similar charges. Tiller’s license is subject to revocation.