Evidence Of Faked Sonograms Goes To Topeka

Newman removed from hearing and detained after Tiller lackey makes false report

Topeka, KS — On Wednesday, Cheryl Sullenger appeared before the House Federal and State Committee and gave stunning testimony about evidence gathered during an undercover investigation conducted by Operation Rescue that showed George Tiller’s Wichita abortion clinic is intentionally underestimating fetal age to avoid having to comply with Kansas laws banning late-term abortions.

Sullenger’s testimony was in support of HB 2076, a bill that would require that women be allowed to view their sonograms at least 30 minutes before having an abortion. “Will this bill solve all the problems we have uncovered? No, but it will help women make decisions based on accurate information that is now withheld from them. That will save lives,” said Sullenger.

Surveys show that over 75% of strongly abortion-minded women change their minds about having abortions after viewing a sonogram of their babies.

During the hearing, Julie Burkhart, head of Tiller’s political action committee, ProKanDo, made a false report to Capitol Security that OR President Troy Newman had made a death threat against her. Security removed Newman from the hearing room and detained him in a locked security room for several minutes. Once Newman explained that Burkhart was simply trying to harass him, he was released without further incident.

“She thought I was the one giving the testimony, and this was just an underhanded tactic meant to prevent our testimony. This just shows how low Tiller’s people will go to prevent the truth about their unscrupulous abortion business from getting out,” said Newman. “When things like this happen, we know we are making an impact.”

  • Bob Hazlett

    Isn’t it a CRIME to say someone made a death threat, when in actuality they didn’t?

    This Burkhart woman needs to be pursued for her false accusation, and it needs to be publicized.

  • pat

    It is a crime to falsely report a crime.

    It also is a tort, a civil wrong. Troy should sue her.

  • Jessica

    “Surveys show that over 75% of strongly abortion-minded women change their minds about having abortions after viewing a sonogram of their babies.”

    please cite your source on this one…I’m very curious

  • Sarah

    Every woman should see a sonogram of her baby before she decides to abort…it is so profound, the impact that image will have on her heart. I only have one child so far, but even though he is 2 years old, I still remember my first ultrasound…I was five weeks pregnant. My baby had a head and face (you could see the orbits of the eyes) and arms and legs and was growing fingers and toes. And he had a huge heart beating away in the center of his chest. He didn’t move yet, but he was very much alive. I remember just sobbing with the overwhelming emotion of it, and thinking “Thats my BABY!!!!!” It was so tender and exciting!

    If we could get more ultrasound equipment to abortion minded women I don’t think they would go through with it.

  • Sharon DiPiazza

    I agree that Troy should pursue the false report against him both criminally and civilly. These people need to learn that they cannot lie without consequence.