Pro-Life Voices Needed in Wednesday’s “Mother of all Tweet Storms”

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Calling all pro-life supporters!

President Trump has announced that on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, he will hold #FakeNewsAwards.

There is expected to be a huge tweet storm about it under several hashtags, including #FakeNews, #FakeNewsAwards, #GreatAwakening, #WeThePeople, and others. Of course, the trolls and Trump-bashers are expected to be out in full force as well.

Those that have been following the #Qanon posts have been asked to create memes that express truths that have been misreported or ignored by the Main Stream Media (MSM) and call them out for their dishonest reporting.

This is supposed to be a tweet war of Biblical proportions with folks joined together in a concerted effort to break through to the masses with the truth about governmental corruption, human trafficking, and even Planned Parenthood. #Qanon mentioned Planned Parenthood on January 7, 2018, saying, “These people are SICK,” which sparked a lot of online interest in Planned Parenthood and its baby parts trafficking scheme.

Whether you are following the #Qanon posts or not really doesn’t matter. Whether you believe the Q posts are legitimate intelligence being leaked to the people from the highest levels, or whether you think Q is a LARP (live action role play), it doesn’t really matter.

Nothing suffers from the MSM pro-abortion Fake News like the pro-life cause. That means babies suffer! Pro-life supporters and viewpoints are maligned and vilified while the MSM repeats all of PP’s lies and practically fund-raises for them with their glowing articles.

This is a golden opportunity for pro-lifers to hit the masses with the truth about Planned Parenthood, abortion, and all the political corruption that keeps these baby killers in business. We complain all the time about Planned Parenthood’s lies, but now we have an opportunity to expose them like never before!

Operation Rescue is preparing a set of memes to release throughout the day on Wednesday. Like many of you, I will be traveling tomorrow to Washington, D.C. for events surrounding the March for Life. However, we plan to schedule our memes ahead of time to drop throughout the day and encourage those of you who may be traveling to do the same.

We also plan to include additional hashtags, like #DefundPP, #ProsecutePP and others. We will point the expected mass audience to pro-life organizations and websites so they can get further educated.

Please consider participating in this tweet storm as much as you can. We recommend you use your own creative memes or just retweet some of ours. Some should related to corruption, like links between Planned Parenthood and Fusion GPS, who also made the fake Trump Russian dossier, Clinton’s Pay to Slay scandal, details of investigations into Planned Parenthood’s baby parts trafficking scheme, general Planned Parenthood lies such as providing mammograms, etc., their covering up child rape, sex offenders in the Abortion Cartel, Planned Parenthood targeting the Black community for abortion, failed inspection reports, evidence of botched abortions, etc. There is more than enough material out there to make an impressive “Red Pill” for the public and reach a group of people who might not otherwise be reached.

We only have one day to get ready for this! I really hope you all will have at it on Twitter on Wednesday. A great opportunity like this doesn’t come every day.

Here are a few of the memes we plan to use. We will retweet as many other pro-life memes as my travel schedule allows. Have fun, and God bless America as we take our country back for LIFE!

Cheryl Sullenger
Senior Vice President
Operation Rescue

  • I was expecting a thunderclap-style thing for me to opt in to.

  • Jovan Weismiller

    As a conservative and a committed pro-lifer who did not vote for Trump or Hilary (I voted for a real conservative on a third party ticket), I am extremely saddened to see party politics being injected into this. Cf. the Fusion GPS meme.

  • Fusion GPS produced a fake forensic report on the undercover recordings at PP that has been used every since by the MSM to falsely discredit the recordings. The Clintons were involved in protecting PP and used their foundation to promote and expand abortion world wide. We have written several articles trying to help people understand that is is political corruption that allows they Abortion Cartel to thrive. If you leave political corruption out of it, and fail to deal with it, abortion will never end. There’s not one thing wrong with trying to inform people. If you don’t like our memes, you are free to make your own and you are certainly not obligated to participate. It’s a free country and we should respect each other’s freedom of speech instead of trying to shut it down.

  • Maybe it will be! But if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. That’s ok too, I guess.

  • Aborted baby imagery is very effective at waking up a person’s conscience about abortion. In fact Troy Newman came into the movement after having his heart touched by the aborted baby images. So all messages are needed. God bless you as you help influence the culture in your own way.

  • Jovan Weismiller

    Oh, I have every intention of participating with the other memes, and possibly a few I’ll make myself!

  • Awesome!

  • Jay Rodd

    I could be mistaken, but I believe GOD wants us to forgive Hitler, even if He didn’t. At least, I am unaware of any evidence that suggests Hitler asked GOD for forgiveness.

  • Fam4Evr

    For those who don’t know how to make memes, but want to participate in the Great Awakening, you can search on Reddit for more possibilities to use. There are so many facets of Democrat corruption that it can boggle the mind, trying to shine a light on it all. Their dedication to the murder of unborn babies, and then to profit from their remains is especially heinous, and deserves to have as many lights shone on it as possible!

  • Gecks

    It’s not for us to forgive Hitler. He didn’t destroy my family. But those whose families he did affect, who still harbor ill will, it’s for them to forgive. That doesn’t mean justice in the natural shouldn’t be pursued the way it was against the Nazis.

  • American 1st.

    You can not make out that this picture with the aborted child is a child. The hand which might have given it a human image is covered by the text. While I agree that some pictures of aborted babies drives home the point, that image does not look human, even though it is, which only feeds into the pro abortion crowds contention that it is a “fetus” as if a human fetus is not human. I am not trying to argue or split hairs, I am just saying that is a disrespectful and ineffective image to make your point with.

  • Wanda Wyatt

    I am pro-life and thanks to Planned Parenthood thay have made America the new Holocaust in the slaughter of the little innocent unborn aborted babies. When I read where the baby was born a live and it cried it self to death. I amost lost it. ABORTION IS MURDER!

  • Wanda Wyatt

    I disagree. America needs a wake up call. 50 million + babies have been aborted. Abortion is murder!

  • Wanda Wyatt

    Planned Parenthood is the number one medical place for abortions. They refer other medical prochedures to other medica treatment centers.

  • Wanda Wyatt

    I support you 100% ! Abortion is not pretty–it is ugly and it is murder. Closing our eyes and looking the other way will not STOP abortion. Please keep it real. God bless you.

  • Wanda Wyatt

    I know that we are not supposed to bring politics into this discussion. But I am curious who was pro-life? I could not find any and that is why I voted for Trump.

  • Jennifer

    Not even sure what to say here. No, nothing makes what HITLER DID look like child’s play; do not insult such a travesty of history. And I have no clue why God would expect us to forgive an evil dead man from decades ago. Very weird posts.