“If you knew what I know about the Abortion Cartel, you wouldn’t sleep at night.” -Troy Newman
An Operation Rescue Special Report
By Cheryl Sullenger
Washington, DC — He was an outspoken supporter of abortion who bragged about packing a gun and his his new, state-of-the-art abortion facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The news media loved interviewing him and he became an in-demand spokesperson for abortion on demand.
But Brian Finkle had a secret. He was a sexual predator. A proud member of the National Abortion Federation, Finkle used his abortion facility, which he referred to proudly as the “Vaginal Vault,” to lure in women for abortions so he could molest and rape them — the pretty ones, anyway — while they were under sedation and could not fight against his advances. He called it “doing the dirty.”
In 2001, Finkle was arrested and charged with committing 67 sexual crimes. Two years later, Finkle was convicted on 22 counts of sex abuse. But before his four-month trial was over, over 70 more women had come forward with their own nightmarish stories of abuse.
“I didn’t know who to call. I didn’t know who would believe me,” testified one of his sexual assault victims at his 2004 rape trial. “I’m just a person. He’s a doctor.”
Finkle is thankfully still serving his sentence of 35 years behind bars, but he is far from the only abuser of women within the abortion industry – and some of them are even still working at abortion facilities today with free access to new victims.
“If you knew what I know about what goes on inside abortion clinics, you wouldn’t sleep at night,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman of the documentation his organization has acquired concerning sex abuse within the Abortion Cartel. “Abortion facilities, with all their secrecy and political protection, provide sexual predators with an environment that makes it easy for them to abuse women. It’s the ultimate betrayal of the sacred trust that is supposed to exist between legitimate medical providers and their patients.”
Part of that political protection comes from the likes of Hillary Clinton, who is well known for covering up for her husband’s sexual abuse while attacking his victims. Clinton has partnered with Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation, who heavily support her campaign for president. Planned Parenthood’s CEO, Cecile Richards, is making public appearances on behalf of Clinton and her organization has contributed huge amounts of money to the Clinton campaign.
“Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood are birds of a feather. Both attempt to deceive the public and cover up for sexual abusers,” said Newman. “Clinton will only continue the cover-up for her friends within the Abortion Cartel, if she is elected.”
Some abortion abusers are full blown rapists, like Laurence Reich. In 1982, Reich’s medical license was suspended for “sexual improprieties” with four women, but if a reading the legal documents reveals that “impropriety” is a vast understatement. The descriptions of his appalling conduct within those documents, (which I will not reprint here) is not for the faint of heart.
Ten years later, Reich resurfaced at a seedy Southern California abortion chain where he often saw female patients without anyone else in the room. In the late 1990’s, this writer repeatedly warned the Board of Osteopathy that Reich would offend again, but they did nothing.
In 2002, Reich pled guilty to two counts of sex exploitation after two patients came forward and complained about him asking inappropriate sexual questions and putting his fingers inside their vaginas without medical necessity. He also gave both woman his phone number. However, this conviction was expunged two years later after he completed a year of probation and paid a $100 fine.
For the Board of Osteopathy, that conviction was the last straw. Reich was forced to finally surrender his medical license. That should have put him out of the abortion business for good.
A year later, police suspected that unlicensed people were posing as doctors and conducting abortions at the 11-clinic chain where Reich had worked. When they raided one Los Angeles-area office, they found Laurence Reich. It appeared as if he never missed a day even though he had no valid license.
Remarkably, Reich reached yet another plea deal and has so far completely avoided incarceration. While his current whereabouts are unknown, he may very well be up to his old habits out there at another abortion facility somewhere.
Other documented incidents of sexual misconduct committed by abortionists are unnerving.

• Oklahoma Nareshkumar Patel was charged with rape after several women came forward with horrific stories of his appalling sexual conduct with abortion patients and clinic workers. Unfortunately, Patel was inexplicably exonerated despite the overwhelming evidence against him. He later lost is medical license after being convicted of fraud after Operation Rescue lodged a complaint.
• Maryland abortionist Harold O. Alexander was found to have “crossed sexual boundaries” with patients at his abortion business in Forestville. He also freely handed out large amounts of Viagra to men he barely knew and were never his patients. That and a slew of other violations earned him just a three-month suspension in 2012. He continues to conduct abortions illegally at his unlicensed abortion facility.
• Former Planned Parenthood abortionist Timothy Liveright was accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior with patients at a Delaware Planned Parenthood in 2013. He received only a public reprimand.
• Maryland abortionist Mansour G. Panah’s long history of discipline started in 1988, when he was accused of fondling and attempting to kiss his patients on the mouth. He was disciplined once again for unwanted sexual contact with patients in 1995. One woman received as many as three breast examinations in one visit for no medical reason. When asked why the need for repeated examinations, Panah simply expressed admiration for the woman’s breasts. In 2014, Panah finally surrendered his license to avoid the expense of the disciplinary action involving non-sexual abortion abuses.
• Vikram Kaji, an associate of Panah’s, was disciplined in 1994 for sexual misconduct with patients, including engaging in intercourse with them. Now 80-years old, Kaji continues to work as the medical director for Steven Chase Brigham’s American Women’s Services abortion chain, but faces disciplinary action in New Jersey.
• Ohio abortionist Thomas W. Michaelis was arrested in 2014 and charged with possession of child pornography. It permanently revoked his medical license in May, 2014, noting a documented history of sexual deviancy dating back at nearly 25 years – sometimes involving minor girls. Last year, Michaelis pled guilty to two counts of possessing and viewing child pornography and was sentenced to 15 years in Federal Prison.
Jacob Kalo was accused by a patient in 1998 of lifting her shirt and bra and improperly touching her breasts. He then sedated her and molested her private area while she was on the procedure table with her legs in the stirrups prior to the abortion, but she was too drugged to resist. A police report was filed. He was never prosecuted.
• Part-time Planned Parenthood abortionist Roger Ian Hardy surrendered his Massachusetts medical license just two years ago amid allegations by 18 witnesses that he sexually molested patients – many under anesthesia – during fertility treatments at Fertility Centers of New England. As his legal issues heated up, he allegedly fled to Thailand to avoid prosecution.

How do these sexual predators get away with it?
There is a propensity for law enforcement and regulators to believe physicians, especially abortionists, over their victims. For example, it is thought that incidents of sex abuse were perpetrated by Roger Hardy for over 20 years – sometimes against under-aged girls – but when one of his victims would come forward, no one believed them.
Again, the patient who claimed Jacob Kalo molested her delayed making a police report because she was afraid no one would believe her. Those fears were realized when a physician who reviewed the records said it did not appear Kalo did anything wrong despite her graphic description of the abuse.
This attitude of dismissing the victim’s accusations is reinforced by a “code of silence” within the abortion industry in particular and medical profession in general, protects them from the consequences of their abuse.
One employee was upset when she saw Roger Hardy fondling a patient’s breast, but was told not to report it if she did not want to be known as a “disgruntled worker.”
Hardy’s boss at the infertility clinic, Vito Cardone, was a willing participant in the “code of silence.” He was aware that Hardy was sexually abusing patients while they were under anesthesia, but Cardone kept quiet and allowed Hardy to continue the abuse.
A disciplinary petition against Cardone, which is seeking license revocation, states, “As a health care provider, [Cardone] had a duty to report to the Board any person who there was reasonable basis to believe was in violation. . . any of the regulations of the Board. [Cardone] did not report the incident involving Dr. Hardy to the Board as required by law.”
Despite the laws, reporting sexual abuse is something that is routinely neglected by the Abortion Cartel.
L.M. was only twelve years old when her step-father Robert Estrada began raping her. Then he began raping her 11-year old sister as well. When L.M. became pregnant, Estrada was desperate to cover up the evidence of his crimes. He took her for an abortion at the now defunct Central Women’s Services in Wichita, Kansas, who was a National Abortion Federation member in “good standing.”
Abortionist Sherman Zaremski was happy to oblige Estrada. He conducted an abortion on L.M. then returned her to the hands of her rapist. Zaremski never reported L.M.’s abortion or the possibility that she was the victim of abuse.
As a result, L.M. and her sister were forced to endure four more dreadful years of rape. Between the two girls, they experienced a total of 4 pregnancies, including the birth of twins on one of the girl’s 12th birthday.
Finally, Estrada was arrested and charged after the girls finally went to a pro-life center next door to the abortion facility seeking information about adoption. Estrada was sentenced to more than 27 years in prison.
So what happened to Zaremski for failing to protect the young sisters from abuse? Nothing. In fact, he sued in Federal Court and successfully challenged Kansas’ mandatory child abuse reporting law. Even though that decision was later overturned, Kansas abortionists still consider the child abuse reporting laws to be discretionary, leaving under-aged girls at the mercy of molesters and rapists.
Another example is Indiana abortionist Ulrich Klopfer lost his abortion business and his medical license after Indiana Right to Life discovered that he failed to report child sex abuse. He was also criminally charged in two counties. While Klopfer entered an agreement that allowed him to avoid prison, he can no longer participate in the business of abortion.
At least 18 abortion businesses have been cited for failure to report when young girls are brought for abortions at their facilities – and these are just the ones that have gotten caught.
A study conducted by Life Dynamics, Inc. in 2002, indicates the problem of facilities ignoring child rape is much, much worse. During its telephone survey of 813 of the 906* surgical abortion facilities known to be affiliated with Planned Parenthood or the National Abortion Federation at that time, Life Dynamics found that over 90 percent of the facilities were willing to ignore laws mandating the reporting of child sexual abuse. (*Note: Today there are 513 surgical abortion facilities in the U.S.)
“The Abortion Cartel operates under a veil of secrecy that covers up sexual crimes to the extent that it is difficult to know how deep this problem actually goes. But from what we know, sexual abuse and covering up for sexual abusers are far from rare occurrences,” said Newman. “When it comes to abortion, it’s easier to look the other way, but that kind of cover up has to stop.”
Below is a listing of sex-related abuses documented by Operation Rescue, including links to documents and stories, but we warn you, much of the documentation is disturbingly graphic.
Abortion Personnel with Backgrounds in Sexual Impropriety
Lawson Acpulonu, California: Accused of rape.
Harold O. Alexander, Maryland: “Crossed sexual boundaries” with employees and patients.
Brian Finkel, Arizona: Convicted of sex abuse/rape.
Evie Gradwohl, Oregon: Abortion nurse accused of molestation.
Roger Ian Hardy, Massachusetts: Accused of sex abuse.
Vikram Kaji, New Jersey, Maryland: Had sex with patients.
Jacob Kalo, Michigan: Accused of molestation.
Douglas Karpen, Texas: Accused of sexual harassment.
Timothy Liveright, Delaware: Accused of sexual harassment.
Joel Match, Virginia: Accused of trying to pimp out his girl friend.
Mila Means, Kansas: Improper sexual relationship with patient.
Thomas Michaelis, Ohio: Convicted of child porn.
Mansour G. Panah, Maryland: Sexually abused numerous patients.
Naresh G. Patel, Oklahoma: Accused of rape.
Laurence Reich, California: Convicted of abuse/rape on numerous patients
John Rivera, California: Convicted of molesting a woman in public.
Tony Ray Thornton, Texas: Planned Parenthood CEO arrested for indecent exposure.
Ghevont Wartanian, Maryland: Engaged in sexual misconduct.