By Anne Reed

Updated March 3, 2023, to correct statement that Deborah Nucatolo was caught on tape bragging about “her hope of purchasing a Lamborghini.” While Nucatolo was caught on tape discussing methods for securing and selling intact organs from aborted babies, the Lamborghini statement was made by Planned Parenthood executive, Mary Gatter.

In the early afternoon of December 6, 2022, 911 was called by a nurse at Chicago’s  Family Planning Associates Medical Group to report that a 35-year-old woman who had been sedated for a surgical abortion was not waking up.

The 911 records, provided to Operation Rescue by the Pro-Life Action League, revealed details concerning the woman’s frightening condition. 

She was sedated using propofol, a fast-acting drug administered intravenously before surgery to induce a deep level of sleep and sedation. It should only be administered by medical professionals trained for advanced cardiac life support because it can cause blood pressure to drop and breathing to stop. Thus, the patient’s respiratory condition must be monitored extremely closely. 

Critical issues related to anesthesia are certainly not new to this clinic. 

The malpractice lawsuits filed against Family Planning Medical Group Associates and its abortionists are too numerous to count. Included among them are alleged wrongful deaths of: 

  • 13-year-old Deanna Bell – died following an abortion under general anesthesia
  • Maria Rodriguez – died of massive hemorrhaging allegedly due to perforation of her uterus during an 18-week abortion
  • Kakia Jorden – died from cardiac arrest after sedation complications – allegedly due to the staff’s negligent failure to provide the critical intervention of oxygen ventilation

Since 2018, Operation Rescue has documented 17 medical emergencies requiring transport by ambulance to a nearby hospital emergency room. Some of the more recent emergencies have involved a 20-year-old woman threatening suicide following the abortion, a woman rushed to the hospital for a cardiac emergency following a surgical abortion, a  woman choking on her own vomit

According to Operation Rescue’s annual survey results, this clinic performs abortions up to 23 ½ weeks gestation.  Below is a video of former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, describing a second trimester, dilation and extraction abortion.

We  do not know if this was a first-trimester vacuum aspiration abortion that takes about 10 minutes to perform or a second-trimester dilation and extraction abortion that takes longer. In either case, the woman should have woken up quickly following the abortion.

But in this case, that did not happen. During the call, the nurse informed the 911 dispatcher that it had been about 40 minutes since the abortion, and she was not waking up.  See computer-aided dispatch report.

The nurse asked that emergency medical personnel approach the entrance at the loading dock to collect the woman rather than using the front door of the facility. Staff regularly makes this request and has made appeals for no lights and sirens as well.  

This facility is part of a chain founded by Edward “Fast Eddie” Allred, inventor of the “assembly-line abortion” and formerly employed Deborah Nucatolo who was caught on tape discussing methods for securing and selling aborted baby organs. 

“This abortion mill has a sordid history of employing some of the most despicable abortionists in the baby-killing business, deceitfully called ‘reproductive health care,’” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. 

“Anyone who uses their medical training to regularly profit by violating their Hippocratic Oath, spending their days killing instead of saving lives, is not worthy of their credentials. That is why we refuse to call them doctors. They have no respect for human life, and there is no wonder so many mothers are injured and killed at the mercy of their blood-stained hands.” 

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