By Anne Reed

A 911 recording recently obtained by Operation Rescue reveals that a 20-year-old-woman had a mental health emergency immediately after having an abortion at Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Chicago on April 6, 2022. 

The caller, an employee of the abortion clinic, explained that the young woman “just underwent an abortion” was “having a mental health crisis,” was “threatening suicide,” and was actually “trying to harm herself.”  The computer aided dispatch report is viewable here.

We do not know the circumstances surrounding this young woman’s abortion, whether she was forced or coerced, nor do we know the exact details surrounding her experience inside the clinic that brought her to the brink of suicide. Was it perhaps the mere realization of what she had actually done? 

While many women feel a sense of relief after abortion, they later experience a great deal of regret and mental anguish. Others are immediately overcome with these emotions to the extent of considering suicide. According to a report published by the Elliott Institute in 2010, suicide rates are six times higher in women who have had an abortion within the year. 

Abortionists are making exorbitant profits from women who have often been coerced, forced, or fooled into believing they are receiving legitimate healthcare – as if ending a pregnancy is just as guilt-free as popping a pill that prevents pregnancy.  

A number of notorious abortionists have been affiliated with this abortion business, including Deborah Nucatola, who was caught on tape by the Center for Medical Progress cheerfully discussing harvesting organs from aborted babies while enjoying her salad, and Willie Parker, who was accused of multiple cases of sexual misconduct. Operation Rescue has reported on a total of 15 botched abortions at the facility since March 2018.  

“These cold-hearted baby killers do not care about the physical or mental health of pregnant women,”  said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “They care about the power they wield to kill and the blood money it brings them. This is just one of countless examples of the deep, emotional damage that happens in women after realizing they have taken part in the deaths of their own babies.”