By Cheryl Sullenger

Chicago, IL – Two hours after having a surgical abortion at the Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion facility on Washington Boulevard in Chicago, Illinois, a woman suffered a heart-related medical emergency was rushed by ambulance to Northwestern Hospital on the evening of March 6, 2020.

The 911 records, provided to Operation Rescue by the Pro-Life Action League, painted a dire picture of the woman’s condition.

The FPA caller described the woman as 23 years old, who had completed an “outpatient surgery” at around 5:30 p.m.  She was tachycardic, meaning her heart rate was accelerated.  Tachycardia can be cause by a number of issues, including severe hemorrhaging.  The woman also had another symptom that was unintelligible on the emergency 911 recording.

It is not unusual for FPA to request that ambulances run with “no lights or sirens” during medical emergencies, but no such request was made during the March 6 incident – an indication that the woman’s condition was serious.

The Computer Aided Dispatch transcript (CAD) gave further details.  The initial 911 call was placed at 7:33 p.m. The woman was conscious and speaking, but was not breathing normally.

Three units, including a fire engine and two ambulances were dispatched with the highest priority code to the abortion facility and arrived within 10 minutes.  Three “Alert” entries on the CAD noted “Go to card [CARDIAC],” “Exceed the limit for ALS+,” and “CPR if unconscious.”

The woman was enroute to Northwestern Hospital by ambulance with a “[RUSH]” order by 8:06 p.m. in an ambulance equipped to handle emergencies that required Advanced Life Support capabilities.

This very serious emergency was somewhat downplayed by the FPA caller, who seemed to be prepared with unsolicited information for the dispatcher aimed at presenting the abortion facility in a favorable light. She noted that the hospital had already been notified of the emergency, that abortionist had hospital privileges, and that “she” would be riding with the ambulance.

However, the abortionist referenced by the caller is believed to be Allison Cowett, who has been sued for medical malpractice at least ten times.

Seven medical emergencies have been documented at the Family Planning Associates on Washington Boulevard in the past 16 months.

“This abortion facility poses a very real danger to women along with their unborn babies.  Those who walk into that facility for an abortion have no idea whether they will walk out or be carried out on a gurney.  Illinois’ lax abortion laws only compound the dangers,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.  “We have documented hundreds of these life-threatening emergencies at abortion facilities across the nation – some of which have resulted in maternal deaths – and we can assure women that evidence shows abortion is not safe.”

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