By Cheryl Sullenger
Queens, NY – Jury deliberations are continuing into the second day in the manslaughter trial of abortionist Robert Rho, who faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of Second Degree Manslaughter for causing the death of Jaime Morales, 30, due to a terribly botched second trimester abortion.
Yesterday, the jury asked to examine several pieces of evidence that were presented in the trial, including some medical records and surgical instruments, according to Operation Rescue’s courtroom observer Lauren Handy.
Testimony and evidence presented during the trial showed that Rho cut corners that put his patients at risk. He conducted an abortion on Morales in her 26th week of pregnancy using a dangerous one-day dismemberment abortion procedure that experts said violated the standard of care.
This led to severe lacerations of the uterus, uterine artery, cervix, and vaginal wall that caused massive hemorrhaging. Rho then conducted a second procedure without anesthesia to stitch her cervix closed to conceal any outward appearance of internal hemorrhaging. While still unconscious, he released her to go home. She died just hours later.
The defense claimed that Rho’s prosecution was a “a modern-day lynching” and blamed Morales’ death on the fact that she failed to disclose that she suffered from Lupus, and autoimmune disease that made her prone to extra bleeding, which the prosecution said had no bearing on Morales’ fatal injuries.
“Rho couldn’t have slashed Jaime Morales more if he had been Jack the Ripper,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which has led to the abortionist being nicknamed “Rho the Ripper” in social media posts.
Operation Rescue will report as soon as the verdict comes in. In the meantime, the public is urged to #Pray4Justice.

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