Aborted Babies Dramatically Testify Against Gosnell at Murder Trial

By Cheryl Sullenger

Philadelphia, PA – Photos of the bodies of several aborted babies were shown to the jury today, each with a gaping wound in the back of their necks, as testimony continued in the Kermit Gosnell murder case.

The babies were all intact and had the appearance of being partially mummified or dried. The brownish-black skin had shrunk as it dried, revealing the upper spinal column that authorities say was pierced with scissors in order to snip the spinal cords of newborn babies born alive during abortions by Gosnell.

Photos of the remains of Karnamaya Mongar, the woman who died as a result of an overdose by Gosnell’s untrained, unqualified staff, were not shown to the jury due to an objection by Gosnell’s defense attorney Jack McMahon.

Also shown were photos of babies’ feet in jars, one of which had been severed just below the hip and included the entire leg. A photo of a two-inch foot severed above the ankle was shown next to a ruler.

During the display, Gosnell sat attentive but emotionless, sometimes making notes.

Other photos taken by a Crime Scene Investigator John Taggart showed the cramped and cluttered maze of rooms at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society ‘House of Horrors” abortion clinic. The three story structure has metal poles on the top floor holding up the leaky, decaying roof. The witness indicated that he believes the structure will soon collapse.

Abortion Millionaire

Pictures were also presented to the jury showing Gosnell’s two large homes, his boat and private boat dock, and his newer model F150 extended cab pickup truck. While his possessions were being displayed, Gosnell smiled broadly and nodded in acknowledgement of his possessions. It is estimated that Gosnell made millions aborting babies while women at his clinic were subjected to the reuse of disposable instruments and other dangerously shoddy practices inflicted upon them by Gosnell and his unqualified, low-paid staff.

However, a photo of his gaudy deep purple bedroom at his Philadelphia home was revealing. In it belongings were strewn about and piled everywhere, and appeared much as one would expect a hoarder’s house to look, and resembled the general junky appearance of his abortion clinic rooms.

O’Keefe and Monet

Gosnell had two abortion rooms where he gave poor women abortions that were small, cramped, cluttered, and dirty. They were called the Monet Room and the O’Keefe Room after the cheap painting reproductions that hung in each. Taggart had gathered furniture and objects from the clinic and brought them to the courtroom. Each piece of equipment was identified, including a box of cloudy yellowish plastic disposable cannulas that had been repeatedly reused.

A crash cart was present in court that was discovered under a bed in Gosnell’s house. There was no crash cart found inside his clinic.

A cannula is the sharp plastic tube that attaches to the suction machine which enters the womb to suction out an early-term baby. It is also used to suction out the amniotic fluid in later abortions and to clean out the remaining tissue after the abortion is completed.

Garbage Disposal Mysteries

Taggart testified that last Friday he returned to the clinic and retrieved one final item which was also in court. It was a large garbage disposal that was under the sink in the wash room that was between the O’Keefe and Monet abortion rooms where jars containing the severed feet sat on a shelf. When asked why the garbage disposal was brought to court, Gosnell’s attorney objected, prompting one of several sidebar discussions out of hearing of the jury. Judge Jeffery P. Minehart, who is presiding over the murder trial sustained the objection and Taggart was not allowed to tell the jury the significance of the garbage disposal.

However, the only the two pro-life supporters observing the trial, Day Gardner and yours truly, knew the answer. I had seen it before in the abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, that Operation Rescue bought and closed then renovated into a usable pro-life office. Aborted baby remains were likely ground up in the disposal then flushed down the sink.

Several members of the jury rose and leaned over to get a better look at the ancient and filthy equipment and furnishings as they were identified by Taggart.

Earlier in the day Dr. Karen Feisullin, a practicing ObGyn at a major metropolitan hospital testified that another piece of equipment in the courtroom, the ultrasound machine, was so old that she had never seen one like it. She put on latex gloves before picking up the abdominal and vaginal transducers, which were discolored and filthy. Feisullin testified that she was not even sure where the monitor screen was on the ancient device.

How Abortions are Done

Feisullin’s testimony was for the purpose of describing how abortions are done. She serves as an Obgyn at Abington Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia and testified that she does 2-4 second trimester abortions per week, 95% of which are for fetal anomalies.

Feisullin described the abortion process in graphic detail, referring to several charts with a pointer to help the jury understand the dilation of the cervix and the dismemberment of the child in the womb during an Dilation and Evacuation abortion, used in the second trimester.

She also testified about the process of fetal injection used in later abortions that kills the baby prior to the removal of the remains.

Falsified Ultrasounds

Perhaps most damaging to Gosnell of Feisullin’s testimony was her discussion of ultrasound images found in three abortion charts. Each record contained two to three sonogram images showing babies that would have been between 24 weeks six days and 30 weeks gestation. The upper limit for abortions under the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act is 23 weeks 6 days.

She also testified that the ultrasound photos were of such poor quality that she could not see the anatomical landmarks needed to ensure that the measurements of the babies’ heads were accurate. In one case, the measurement of the baby’s head, which determines gestational age, was done in the wrong place making it completely unreliable incorrect.

In each case, Gosnell had written in his own had that each baby was 24 weeks six days, no matter how big the heads measured. This was an indication that he did not have an accurate view of the legal abortion limit in Pennsylvania.

Dispute over Partial Birth Abortion

Also in dispute was a diagram of the Partial Birth Abortion process. Partial birth abortions were federally banned after the Supreme Court upheld the law in 2007. McMahon insisted that the process shown in the diagram was still legal while Feisullin testified that it was not. She said she would not use that procedure because it was illegal. McMahon strenuously objected, prompting another sidebar.

Gosnell was ushered in and out of the courtroom by Sheriffs Deputies. He has remained incarcerated since his arrest in January, 2011. Upon entering the courtroom for the first time in the morning, Gosnell glanced around the sparsely occupied courtroom and smiled widely at the two pro-life women seated in the gallery. It was my impression from his courtroom demeanor that he did not fully accept that his actions were wrong.

Eileen O’Neill

Also on trial with Gosnell is his former staff member Eileen O’Neill, wearing an ill-fitting bright purple shirt. She was seated next to her own attorney who rarely spoke. O’Neill is not charged with murder, but faces several other serious charges, including Theft by Deception for masquerading as a licensed physician, corruption, racketeering, and conspiracy. She is the only one of eight former employees not to have taken a plea agreement prior to Gosnell’s trial. Other Gosnell employees are expected to testify against him in exchange for more lenient sentences, perhaps as early as Wednesday.

Testimony is set to continue Tuesday morning. The trial is expected to last for a total of six to eight weeks. If convicted of the charges that he murdered eight newborns and one patient, Gosnell faces the possibility of the death penalty.

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  • Hannah Williams

    This is absolutely disgusting. This man deserves to suffer. It makes me wonder how many other abortion clinics are similar to this one. We need to stop these murderers from killing these precious innocent babies! Abortion should NOT be legal. It is the parent’s job to protect their baby once he/she is born, what’s so different if the baby is still inside the womb? Everyone needs to read this story to realize that these disgusting acts are happening everyday. Some people don’t want to hear it though. They think it’s an emotional topic and they don’t want to deal with it. We need to spread the word and put an end to this! Thank you for emailing this article to me, I am going to forward it to everyone.

  • I am ashamed that Gosnell and Oneill are members of the human race.

  • Cathy

    Why aren’t we hearing about this trial on the news? I have not heard a thing regarding this trial on any major news networks. It’s as if the salacious Jodi Arias trial is the only one going on!

  • Karen

    To Cathy: Does it surprise you that the major news networks are not including this in their news? Another example of bias and not wanting the abortion industry put in a bad light in any way. Abortion rights remains the major god of the left, and to chip away at it is a threat. Facts somehow can be disregarded, Truth is secondary to their agenda, if even considered at all. Do the ones who support abortion rights, and the ones in the industry, really want abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare”? The middle one yes, the others quite obviously no. We need to be praying for them, and for our nation (including us who have put up with this far too long). Suggested reading: Karen Handel’s Planned Bullyhood.

  • Greg

    @Cathy: Most popular major news outlets are staffed by people who judge what is newsworthy also by what reinforces their prior commitments. This trial would be judged newsworthy only if some development in the proceedings supported the thesis that, typically, abortion were clean, safe and helps women, or the thesis that pro-life activists or attitudes pose a threat to society.
    @Hannah & A.: The most valuable lesson from this trial may be that Gosnell was functioning as a member of society while performing tasks associated with his gainful employment. Psychological and sociological studies consistently reinforce the understanding that anyone can habituate to anything. There is no “other”, no “them”, who “could do such a thing”. What distinguishes those who do evil from those who not do evil is the act of the will to respond to subordinate goods instead of responding to superordinate goods. There are good grounds here for both fear and humility: Fear, since a failure to develop the understanding correctly or to invoke the will resolutely renders each and all, including the self, to such errors as lead to this trial; humility, since we each know dimensions of our lives in which we have preferred what we knew at the time to be a subordinate to a superordinate good.

  • yaki534

    We aren’t hearing anything from the drive-by media because they will not report anything that may deter the liberal agenda. I agree with Henneberry but would include all so-called doctors that work in the abortion mills. The only shame is that their mothers did not have an abortions.