Video Confession: UNM Official Confirms that Aborted Baby Brains Were Dissected by High School Students

Help urge the New Mexico AG to bring these ghouls to justice (see below).

By Cheryl Sullenger

Albuquerque, NM — A new video interview has surfaced that confirms allegations made by the U.S. House Select Panel on Infant Lives, that staff from the University of New Mexico used brains of aborted babies for dissection by high school students at a summer camp.

UNM-RothDr. Paul Roth, chancellor of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and dean of the School of Medicine, was questioned by Marcie May after a UNM meeting where the disposition of human fetal remains was apparently discussed.

“Can I ask you to repeat what you said before about the workshop with UNM fetal remains with high school students?” May is heard asking during the brief video clip released by the New Mexico Alliance for Life (NMAL) on

“Yes, we had a faculty member who obtained some tissue, and during one of these summer workshops, uh, dissected I think one or two fetal brains,” Dr. Roth replied.

Roth refused to mention the source of the fetal brains or exactly how they were procured.

NMAL noted that one meeting observer described Roth’s demeanor during the meeting as “cold, clinical and dismissive.”

On June 23, 2016, the Select Panel issued a 291-page letter to New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas referring UNM and Southwestern Women’s Options for criminal charges related to their fetal organ procurement arrangement that violated state laws.

In that letter, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who chairs the Select Panel, referenced the fact that in May 2012, someone at UNMHSC had “asked clinic for digoxin treated tissue 24-28 weeks for methylation study + because [redacted] wants whole, fixed brains to dissect w/ summer camp students. Clinic est. 27 and 28 weeks.” [Letter Page 10]

This macabre request was recorded in a notebook that cataloged numerous fetal organs that had been procured or were requested by UNM. [Letter Attachment 28, Page 186]

The referral letter also referenced evidence that Southwestern Women’s Options is the sole provider of “aborted infant tissue” to the UNM Health Sciences Center (UNMHSC). [Referral Letter Page 8]

Protest ABQ obtained Southwestern Women’s Option’s abortion consent forms from 2012 and 2015 that state: “pregnancy tissue may be used in medical research.”

This clearly violates New Mexico’s Jonathan Spradling Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, which prohibits the use of aborted baby remains in medical research.

Protest ABQ filed a formal complaint in July 2015, with Attorney General Balderas seeking an investigation into the illegal use of aborted baby remains for research since the baby cannot consent to the donation. That complaint is still pending.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman says that Roth’s video confession not only verifies the Select Panel’s allegations concerning the fetal brain dissections by high school students, but lends added veracity to the rest of the Select Panel’s carefully documented information, which merits criminal charges or further criminal investigation.

“The video interview with Paul Roth corroborates the allegation made by the Select Panel. There should be immediate criminal charges filed against UNM and Roth, who apparently took no issue with high school kids dissecting aborted baby brains, and whoever requested the brains in the first place,” said Newman. “Everyone at UNM and at Southwestern Women’s Options that were involved with the illegal aborted baby body parts scheme must also be charged. Anything less is gross injustice.”

Please contact NM Attorney General Hector Balderas and demand criminal charges be brought against all at UNM and Southwestern Women’s Options who broke the law.

Toll Free: 1-866-627-3249
Phone: (505) 827-6000
Leave an e-mail message with Baldaras’s Media Contact:

[HT: NMAL & Protest ABQ]

911: EMS Respond to Back Alley for Hemorrhaging Abortion Patient

By Cheryl Sullenger

Eastpointe, MI – Operation Rescue has obtained 911 records that show evidence of a severely botched abortion at Eastland Women’s Clinic in Eastpointe, Michigan, earlier this year.

Records show that after two hang-up calls to 911, an employee of Eastland Women’s Clinic finally connected with a worried dispatcher, who already had police en route to the facility.

Eastland requested that EMS respond to the back alley door to assist a 35-year old patient who was experiencing vaginal hemorrhaging. The bleeding was so severe that the abortionist on duty, presumed to be the owner of the facility, Angel Ojeda, could not get it under control.

The incident took place on March 4, 2016, at 1:52 p.m. The CAD printout confirms that a bleeding patient was transported. Her current condition remains unknown.


Ojeda’s facility faces closure for his involvement with former employee Michael Roth, who had stolen drugs and abortion equipment from Ojeda’s abortion business for the purpose of conducting a secret home abortion scheme out of the trunk of his car. Ojeda was apparently aware of the missing drugs, but did nothing to remedy the situation.

Roth was caught when he was involved in a traffic accident last October. Police discovered the stolen drugs along with remains of aborted babies that Roth said were being transported back to Eastland Women’s Clinic for disposal. Roth has been arrested and criminally charged.

The Michigan Board of Pharmacy filed an administrative complaint against Ojeda on April 25, 2016, for not reporting the theft of the drugs – including 82 vials of the controlled substance Fentanyl, some of which was found in Roth’s trunk. Ojeda also faces a host of other charges, including failure to secure drugs in a locked cabinet, keeping outdated drugs, and failure to maintain drug records.

Inspectors also found that an illegal abortion pill distribution practice existed at Ojeda’s abortion facility, according to the complaint. It notes that an investigator witnessed a registered nurse, who was employed by Ojeda, obtaining the abortion-inducing drug Misoprostol out of an unlocked cabinet and dispensing it to a patient without Ojeda’s authorization.

“Ojeda’s abortion business, like others, is obviously too dangerous to operate, and we call on the Michigan Medical Board to strip Ojeda of his medical license and shut down his back-alley-style abortion facility before he puts more women in the hospital,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Ojeda can’t or won’t comply with the law, and he must be held accountable by through the legal system.”

View Eastland Women’s Clinic’s profile at
View Ojeda’s profile at

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Archive of Documented Abortion Patient Death Reports by Operation Rescue

in memory archive banner med

This is a permanent historic archive of reports produced by Operation Rescue related to documented cases of abortion-related maternal deaths. In many cases, Operation Rescue was the primary source that uncovered the abortion patient death, researched and reported on it, and filed complaints against those abortionists and facilities responsible.

The actual number of maternal deaths from abortion are unknown, due to inadequate reporting and the fact that the Abortion Cartel goes to great lengths to cover them up so they can pretend to the public that their grisly business is “safe and legal.” We know better.

The Abortion Cartel wants us to forget these women ever existed, or that their deaths are acceptable losses. We reject both those notions. May we never forget the toll in human tragedy abortion inflicts on women, their babies, and society in general, and may that memory urge us on in our work to protect human lives until abortion has ended for good.

The incidents and links are listed from newest to oldest, with the most informative overall articles highlighted in bold print.

cree erwin 2016

Cree Erwin – 2016

Chilling 911 Call: Mom Finds Daughter “Cold as Ice” After Abortion 08/10/2016

Abortion Patient Death: Emergency Radio Traffic Spotlights Events on Fatal Night 07/12/2016

Woman Identified Who Was Found Dead after Abortion 07/08/2016

BREAKING! Police Investigate Death of a Michigan Woman Days after an Abortion 07/07/2016

lakisha wilson 2014

Lakisha Wilson – 2014

How Harvesting Organs from a Dying Abortion Patient Thwarted Justice 04/13/2016

Pro-Life Groups to Gov. Kasich: Patient Death & 10 Injuries Make Ohio Abortion Facility Too Dangerous to Operate 03/09/2016

Fire Marshall Ignores Danger of Broken Elevator at Abortion Clinic Where Patient Died 06/23/2015

911 Recordings Reveal New Details of Two More Abortion Complications at Preterm Where Lakisha Wilson Died 05/29/2015

Alive or Dead? Abortionist that Killed Lakisha Wilson Sends Woman “Wrapped Like a Mummy” to the Emergency Room 04/27/2015

Abortionist that Killed Patient in Cleveland Given Award and Promotion 04/13/2015

NPR Ignores Facts about Ohio Abortion Patient Death While Siding with Those that Killed Her 03/05/2015

Pro-Life Leaders Call for Criminal Investigation into Cleveland Abortion Death in Light of New Evidence 01/21/2015

Abortion’s Dreadful Toll Thwarts Dr. King’s Dream 01/19/2015

Joan Rivers Cause of Death Same as Dead Abortion Patient 10/17/2014

Ohio Board Lets Abortionists Get Away With Death of Poor, Healthy Black Woman 09/25/2014

Pro-Life Groups Expose Cleveland’s University Hospital for Enabling Abortionists that Killed Lakisha Wilson 09/08/2014

District Attorney Disinclined to Investigate Ohio Abortion Patient Death 07/25/2014

Autopsy Report Reveals Abortion Patient’s Hemorrhage Not Detected in Time 07/01/2014

Medical Examiner Confirms that Ohio Woman Died from Abortion Complications 05/30/2014

Cleveland Abortion Death: What the Medical Examiner’s Statement Means – And What It Doesn’t 06/05/2014

Buffett Foundation Tied to Cleveland Abortion Clinic Where Woman Died 04/16/2014

Funeral Services Set for Woman who Died at Cleveland Abortion Facility 04/04/2014

ODH Inspectors at Preterm While Pro-Life Leaders Held Press Conference Concerning Abortion Death 04/03/2014

Cleveland Abortion Patient’s Death and Identity Confirmed 04/01/2014

ABORTION DEATH: 911 Records Show Cleveland Abortion Patient “Not Breathing At All” 03/26/2014

jennifer morbelli 2013

Jennifer Morbelli – 2013

Carhart’s Maryland Late-Term Abortion Business Caught Operating without a Lab Permit 05/31/2016

Abortion Access or Safety? You Can’t Have Both 03/07/2016

Carhart Hospitalizes Sixth Abortion Patient in Germantown, Maryland 01/22/2016

Six Abortion Businesses that Prove “Roe” Didn’t Make Abortion Safe 01/20/2016

Suit to Block Abortion-Related Public Records Requests Heard by Maryland Supreme Court 01/11/2016

“After Tiller” Would Be Better Named “Sympathy for the Devil” 09/02/2014

Late-term Abortionist Carhart Faces Licensure Investigation in Nebraska 08/20/2014

Carhart Worker to 911: “We had an issue with the procedure” 05/13/2014

Ambulance Rushes Seventh Carhart Abortion Patient in Two Years to Hospital 04/28/2014

Abortion Nurse’s Hearing Delayed After New Complaints Against Carhart Filed in 3 States 03/19/2014

Another Carhart Botched Abortion Sends Patient to Emergency Room 03/05/2014

911 Redactions Fail to Hide Hemorrhage as Complication to Carhart Late-term Abortion 02/19/2014

Abortionist Involved in Patient Death Receives Inadequate Discipline to Protect the Public 01/09/2014

Carhart Botches Third Late-term Abortion This Year, Patient Receives Emergency Surgery 11/27/2013

Eye Witness Says Carhart Hospitalized 4th Woman in 10 Months, 2nd in 4 Days 12/12/2013

He Will Kill Again: Maryland Board Fails to Discipline Carhart for Patient Death 10/16/2013

911 Recording: Bleeding Threat Minimized by Carhart Abortion Clinic Worker 07/22/2013

Ambulance Transports Another Carhart Abortion Patient to Emergency Room 07/10/2013

Morbelli Autopsy Report Does Not Address Carhart’s Abandonment of Abortion Patient 05/30/2013

Despite MD Health Department Statements, Carhart Is Not Cleared in Abortion Death 05/28/2013

BREAKING: Medical Examiner Says Abortion Complications Caused Morbelli Death 02/20/2013

Documents, Grand Juror, Prove Carhart Deception About Patient Deaths 05/09/2013

Thousands of Citizen Complaints Lodged Against Carhart for Third-Trimester Abortion Death 04/25/2013

Maryland Board Snubs 5,000 Letters Supporting Carhart Abortion Death Investigation 03/19/2013

Death Certificate Confirms Abortion, Not Fetal Anomaly, Responsible for Woman’s Death 03/13/2013

Carhart Under Preliminary Investigation by Medical Board in Late-term Abortion Death, Letter Confirms 03/11/2013

Inspections Uncover Another Patient Death, Suspend Three Maryland Abortion Clinic Licenses 03/09/2013

Abortion Death Prompts House Delegates’ Letter Asking Why Carhart’s Clinic is Still Open 03/06/2013

Operation Rescue Asks for 2nd Degree Murder Charges against Carhart in Patient Death 02/27/2013

Carhart Will Kill Again Unless You Take Action Now! 02/26/2013

Despite Licensing, Carhart’s Late-term Abortion Clinic Not Inspected Prior to Patient Death 02/22/2013

Operation Rescue Files Formal Complaint Against Carhart with MD Medical Board in Patient Death 02/21/2013

Video: Candlelight Vigil Remembers Mom, Baby that Died From Carhart Abortion 02/18/2013

Candlelight Vigil Sunday Will Memorialize Mom and Baby Who Died From Abortion 02/15/2013

Sebelius Linked to Late-term Abortionist Involved in Patient Death 02/14/2013

Maryland Attorney General’s Office: Carhart Under “Serious Criminal Investigation” in Wake of Abortion Death 02/12/2013

Carhart’s Deceased Late-Term Abortion Patient Identified 02/10/2013

Carhart Patient Dead From Horrific 33-Week Abortion Injuries 02/08/2013

Late-Term Abortion

Maria Santiago 2013

Maria Santiago – 2013

Federal Suit Against Disgraced Abortionist Reveals Dangers of Corners-Cutting Methotrexate Abortions 03/18/2016

Six Abortion Businesses that Prove “Roe” Didn’t Make Abortion Safe 01/20/2016

Suit to Block Abortion-Related Public Records Requests Heard by Maryland Supreme Court 01/11/2016

Brigham Quietly Reopens Maryland Abortion Clinic Where Patient Died 11/13/2015

Brigham’s Delaware Abortion Business Halts Surgical Abortions Under Threat of Closure 09/16/2015

Abortion Emergency Filmed at Dangerous Brigham-Owned Pensacola, FL Abortion Clinic 02/23/2015

Suspension Lifted for MD Abortionist Involved in Patient Death 09/04/2013

Abortionist Involved in Patient Death Receives Inadequate Discipline to Protect the Public 01/09/2014

Brigham Illegally Opens Abortion Mill in Philadelphia in Defiance State Order 11/08/2013

Abortion Patient Death Prompts Third License Suspension 06/05/2013

Patient Death Results in Emergency License Suspensions of Two Brigham-Affiliated Abortionists 06/03/2013

Maryland Abortionist that Killed Patient Identified 05/29/2013

Inspections Uncover Another Patient Death, Suspend Three Maryland Abortion Clinic Licenses 03/09/2013

tonya reaves 2012

Tonya Reaves – 2012

Six Abortion Businesses that Prove “Roe” Didn’t Make Abortion Safe 01/20/2016

Dead Abortion Patient Still Waits for Justice Three Years Later 07/10/2015

Abortion’s Dreadful Toll Thwarts Dr. King’s Dream 01/19/2015

Planned Parenthood Abortionist Deceptively Omitted Patient Death on Indiana License Application 11/17/2014

Abortionist that Killed Tonya Reaves During Botched Abortion Has Closed Her Chicago Abortion Business 11/03/2014

Planned Parenthood Abortionist Evaded, Blame-Shifted in Death of Tonya Reaves, Deposition Shows 05/01/2014

Unanswered Questions: Planned Parenthood to Shell Out $2 Million In Botched Abortion Death of Black Mother 02/10/2014

One Year After Her Death, There’s Only Injustice for Tonya Reaves 07/18/2013

Second Suit Filed Against Planned Parenthood in Tonya Reaves Death 01/07/2013

Can Women Trust Planned Parenthood With Their Healthcare? 12/11/2012

Medical Examiner Withheld Pages of Reaves Autopsy Report Mentioning Planned Parenthood 09/12/2012

Autopsy Report Reveals Planned Parenthood’s Negligence Was Responsible for Tonya Reaves’ Death 09/11/2012

New Revelations in Reaves Death as Abortionist Pays Up in Medicaid Fraud Case 09/07/2012

Mom Sues Planned Parenthood for the Botched Abortion Death of Tonya Reaves 08/28/2012

Planned Parenthood Ignored Instructions to Call 911 In Tonya Reaves Abortion Death 08/07/2012

Pro-Life Groups Call for Murder Investigation in Planned Parenthood Abortion Death 08/01/2012

Documents Reveal Tonya Reaves Suffered Incomplete Abortion, Perforated Uterus, and Fatal Delay in Emergency Care Access at Hands of Planned Parenthood 07/26/2012

Obama Disrespects Dead Abortion Victim With Insensitive Comments Supporting Planned Parenthood 07/25/2012

Mr. Obama, does Tonya Reaves look enough like your daughters to investigate Planned Parenthood? 07/24/2012

Woman Dead After Second-Trimester Abortion at Chicago Planned Parenthood 07/22/2012

Alexandra Nunez 2010

Alexandra Nunez – 2010

Sandra Fluke, Women are Already Dying of Botched Abortions in Emergency Rooms While Obama Looks the Other Way 09/06/2012

Grisly Abortion Death Leads to Revocation of NY Abortionist Robert Hosty’s Medical License 05/24/2012

Abortionist Epstein Denies Involvement In Abortion Death 03/01/2010

Abortionist Epstein Under Investigation for Abortion Death 02/23/2010

‘Nothing Happened Here’ – Except Fatally Botched Abortion 01/27/2010

Ying Chen 2009

Ying Chen – 2009

Michigan Abortionist Loses Job after Pro-Life Activist Tips News Station 02/20/2014

New Abortionist with Old Problems Takes Over California “Shop of Horrors” 03/10/2011

Pro-life Groups Ask For Federal Inspections, Congressional Hearings In Wake of Gosnell, Brigham Abortion Scandals 01/27/2011

California Abortionist Rutland, Who Killed Woman, Will Surrender His License 01/26/2011

Justice is Coming – Or Is It? Abortion Cases To Watch In 2011 01/06/2011

Abortionists Face More Legal Woes In Three States 08/26/2010

California Abortionist Accused of Homicide In Patient Death 07/30/2010

The Shadow Practice: Investigative Report Shows Abortionists Preying On Immigrants 04/06/2010

Abortionist Rutland Caught Doing Abortions In Violation of Suspension 02/18/2010

Rutland Banned From Abortions But Retains License For Now 01/08/2010

Abortionist Faces Revocation In Wake Of Abortion Death 01/07/2010

karnamaya mongar 2009

Karnamaya Mongar – 2009

View Operation Rescue’s full archive of reports related to Kermit Gosnell and his murder trial.

Special Report: Why Virginia’s Appallingly Substandard Abortion Facilities Must Not Be Excepted from the Law 09/16/2014

Gosnell Post Script: How They Were Sentenced 07/16/2014

Gosnell Accomplice Steven Massof Sentenced in Abortion “House of Horrors” Case 02/13/2014

House Passes Protection for Late-term Babies in Wake of Abortion Abuse Revelations 06/19/2013

First of Gosnell Employees Sentenced to Probation for Perjury 05/28/2013

Gosnell Case Moves to Penalty Phase 05/14/2013

Video: Evidence from Gosnell “House of Horrors” Trial 05/14/2013

GUILTY! Gosnell Found Guilty of 3 Counts of First Degree Murder 05/13/2013

BREAKING: Gosnell Jury Hung on 2 Counts; Ordered to Try Again 05/13/2014

Breaking: Defense Attorney in Gosnell Case Angry About Fox News Special, Judge Quizzes Jurors 05/06/2013

Jury Deliberations Begin in “House of Horrors” Murder Case 04/30/2013

Impassioned Closing Arguments Stir Emotions in Gosnell Trial 04/29/2013

Gosnell Defense Rests Without A Witness as Judge Clarifies Murder Charge Dismissal 04/24/2013

Shocker: Gosnell Judge Dismissed 3 Murder Charges, Five Remain 04/23/2013

Prosecution: Files Show Evidence of Illegal Late-Term Abortions by Gosnell 04/17/2013

Family of Dead Abortion Patient Give Tearful Testimony at Gosnell Murder Trial 04/16/2013

Carnage: Grisly Testimony and Photos of Aborted Baby Remains Dominate Gosnell Trial 04/15/2013

Mental Illness Plagued Gosnell Employees Who ‘Snipped’ Baby’s Necks 04/10/2013

Gosnell Witness Recants Guilty Plea, Still Testifies of Abortion Horrors 04/09/2013

Powerful Testimony of Horrific Abortion Abuses Ends Prosecution Case in Gosnell Murder Trial 04/08/2013

Exception or Rule? Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” Not So Rare 04/08/2013

Gosnell Employee: ‘It would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place’ 04/05/2013

Gosnell Sister-in-Law Emotionally Testifies of Mongar Death, Disposal of Bloody Remains 04/03/2013

Homicide Determination in Abortion Death Sparks Outburst, Anger at Gosnell Murder Trial 03/29/2013

Fight Breaks Out At Gosnell Abortion Murder Trial 03/27/2013

State Inspector’s Horrific Discoveries at Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic Described In Court 03/26/2013

39 Years After Roe V. Wade, No Gurney Access Endangers Two Injured Abortion Patients in Alabama 01/22/2012

Gosnell’s Wife Admits to Grisly, Illegal Late-term Abortions 12/14/2011

Two of Gosnell’s Abortion Workers Plead Guilty to Murder 10/27/2011

Paying the Piper: Abortionists Face the Music at Upcoming Hearings 08/26/2011

Shocking Photos Of Gosnell Murder Victims Included in Grand Jury Report 01/19/2011

BREAKING NEWS! Philly Abortionist, 9 Others Jailed on 8 Counts of Murder in Overnight Raid 01/19/2011

Anapol Schwartz Attorneys File Wrongful Death Suit Against University City Doctor Kermit Gosnell 01/19/2011

PA Abortionist Deceives In TV Interview 03/01/2010

“He Left An Arm And A Leg Inside Me”- PA Abortion Horror Highlights Need For Greater Oversight 02/26/2010

Shop of Horrors: Abortion Death Prompts Raid, Grisly Discovery 02/23/2010

laura hope smith 2007

Laura Hope Smith – 2007

Sandra Fluke, Women are Already Dying of Botched Abortions in Emergency Rooms While Obama Looks the Other Way 09/06/2012

Former Abortion Worker to Receive First Abortion Whistleblower Reward of $25,000 01/20/2011

Blowing the Whistle: How one abortion worker allowed the truth to set her free–and put an abortionist behind bars 01/20/2011

Crusading Mom Eileen Smith Named Operation Rescue’s 2010 Person of the Year 12/29/2010

Abortionist Released From Jail Against Recommendations In Abortion Manslaughter Case 12/08/2010

News Video From Court: Osathanondh’s Conviction in the Death Of Laura Hope Smith 09/15/2010

Massachusetts Abortionist Sentenced to Jail for Abortion Death 09/14/2010

Breaking! Massachusetts Abortionist Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter In Death Of Laura Smith 09/13/2010

Trial Delayed In Massachusetts Abortion Manslaughter Case 09/08/2010

Abortionists Face More Legal Woes In Three States 08/26/2010

Abortion Promoters Whine Over Cape Cod Being Abortion Free 11/10/2009

Illegal Back-Alley Abortionist Opens Risky Late-term Abortion Mill 11/10/2009

Court Delays Manslaughter Case As 2nd Anniversary of Abortion Death Nears 09/11/2009

Abortionist Killed: National News — Abortionist Kills Woman: Ignored 06/16/2009

Abortion Death Helps Friend To Save Her Baby 04/22/2009

Osathanondh Arraigned In Abortion Death, Surrenders Passport 07/25/2008

Mass. Grand Jury Issues Indictment Against Abortionist In Patient’s Death 07/16/2008

Abortionists In Civil Court For Abortion Death, Criminal Indictments Pursued 03/24/2008

Mass. Abortionist Relinquishes License In Wake Of Abortion Death Investigation 02/21/2008

911 Call Reveals Cold-Hearted Attitude Toward MA Woman’s Abortion Death 12/06/2007

Abortionist Ordered To Turn Over Medical Records In Abortion Death 10/24/2007

Massachusetts Abortion Death Case Slowly Progressing 10/21/2007

Massachusetts Abortion Victim’s Mom Comes Forward 09/28/2007

Abortion Death Reported In Massachusetts 09/27/2007

christin gilbert 2005

Christin Gilbert – 2005

In Memory of Christin Gilbert, 1985-2005 Full summary of her story.

He Will Kill Again: Maryland Board Fails to Discipline Carhart for Patient Death 10/16/2013

Documents, Grand Juror, Prove Carhart Deception About Patient Deaths 05/09/2013

Sebelius Linked to Late-term Abortionist Involved in Patient Death 02/14/2013

Late-Term Abortion

Time to Right a Wrong in Kansas 04/11/2011

Tiller May Be Gone, But His Web Of Abortion Corruption Remains 04/23/2010

Sebelius Out Of Touch If She Thinks Americans Happy About Abortion Funding 03/23/2010

Oxymoron: Abortionist Appreciation Day 03/10/2010

George Tiller Was No Hero – And Neither Was Scott Roeder 02/02/2010

NARAL’s “Hall of Fame” Reveals Their Shame 12/30/2009

Sign the Petition: Stop Wesley Medical Center From Helping Carhart Open An International Late-Term Abortion Clinic 08/10/2009

Operation Rescue Announces “Keep It Closed” Campaign 08/03/2009

Pro-life Groups Ask for Comprehensive Investigation of Late-term Abortionist Carhart 07/07/2009

Pro-lifers Lay Hundreds of Flowers At Closed Late-term Abortion Mill 06/20/2009

Carhart to Continue Late-Term Abortions in Nebraska 06/15/2009

Sebelius Unfit For HHS Post – Facts About Her Connections To The Abortion Cartel 04/2009

Not Adding Up: Gov. Sebelius’ Ever-Changing Story About Her Dinner With Abortionist George Tiller And His Abortion Clinic Staff Leaves Ethical Questions 04/11/2009

Tiller Cases Simplified! Time Line Of Events In Efforts To Bring Tiller To Justice 03/27/2009

Operation Rescue Launches Opposition To Gov. Sebelius’ Confirmation As HHS Secretary 03/02/2009

Sebelius’ Role In KS Abortion Scandal Makes Her Unfit For HHS Post 02/09/2009

KS Board of Healing Arts Asked to Reopen Inquiry Into Abortion Death 02/05/2009

Cast of Characters In the Tiller Criminal Case 01/06/2009
Ambulance Transports Yet Another Tiller Abortion Patient To Hospital 10/29/2008

“They’re Liable To Kill Me,” Patient Feared During Botched Abortion That Hospitalized Her 09/29/2008

Patient Feared for Her Life During Botched Abortion 09/29/2008

DA Foulston Insisted To Grand Jury That Abortion Law Is Not Enforceable 07/07/2008

Waiting for Justice: Will the Grand Jury Indict “Tiller the Killer” or Will Injustice Continue To Prevail? 07/02/2008

KS Supreme Court Grills Attorneys During Oral Arguments Tiller Abortion Records Case 04/09/2008

Second Medical Board Official Resigns Amid Scandals Over Cover-ups and Ineptitude 04/03/2008

Second Head Rolls In Kansas Corruption Scandal As Director Of Medical Board Resigns 04/02/2008

Abortionist Tiller Fails To Block Grand Jury Subpoenas 01/25/2008

Tiller’s Bold-Faced Lie Insults Community, Victims 01/23/2008

Newman To Testify Before Grand Jury Investigating Late-Term Abortionist Tiller 01/16/2008

Court Disregards Petition Conditions, Allows Distrusted Prosecutor To Direct Tiller Grand Jury 01/08/2008

Abortionist Tiller Loses Second Attempt To Dismiss Grand Jury 10/01/2007

Grand Jury Petitions Demand Another Tiller Investigation 09/06/2007

Kansas Senator Asks For More Charges Against Abortionist Tiller 08/17/2007

911 Caller In Abortion Death Quits Tiller 08/15/2007

Tiller’s Abortion Clinic Will Remain Closed A Third Straight Week 08/08/2007

Tiller Associate Cut Immunity Deal In Illegal Abortion Case 06/30/2007

What’s Wrong With Kansas 03/12/2007

Abortionists Tiller, Neuhaus Again Under Investigation By KSBHA 03/06/2007

12 Deaths Expose Deception Of NAF Standards 02/23/2007

Abortionist Who Killed Christin Gilbert Attacks Man With Car 02/11/2007

Abortionist Neuhaus Will Testify Against Tiller If Case Is Reinstated 12/27/2006

“I Left My Dead Baby In The Toilet” – Former Tiller Patient Tells Of Abortion Horror On O’Reilly Factor 12/13/2006

Abortionist’s Lawyer “Dead Wrong” On Medical Records 11/02/2006

Legislative Audit Diagnoses KSBHA in Critical Condition 10/19/2006

Abortion Clinic Investigations Are A Matter Of Life Or Death 09/25/2006

Abortion Ignored by KS Gov. Candidates, But Not Voters 09/01/2006

Kansas PAC Reveals Gov. Sebelius Rewarded Large Contributors With KSBHA Appointments 08/18/2006

Grand Jury Leaves Unanswered Questions in Abortion Death 08/17/2006

“Gut Feeling” From Grand Jury Source: “There Is A Major Cover-up” 08/15/2006

Grand Jury Source: Abortionists Tiller and Carhart Dodged Grand Jury 08/14/2006

Tiller Narrowly Escaped Indictment, Grand Jury Source Reveals 08/10/2006

Grand Jury Story On WorldNetDaily 08/02/2006


Grand Jury Day for Tiller Employees? No Babies Die In Unusual Day At WHCS 06/17/2006

Operation Rescue Runs Radio Ads Seeking Justice For Abortion Victim 06/07/2006

KS Lawmakers Will Attempt to Override Sebelius Veto Of Abortion Reporting 05/25/2006

Grand Jury in Abortion Death Convenes, But Concerns About Corruption Continue 05/23/2006

OPINION: The Appearance of Impropriety Demands an Honest Investigation 05/22/2006

Operation Rescue Calls For Nationwide Day of Fasting and Prayer on Monday for Grand Jury Abortion Death Investigation 05/20/2006

Something to Hide? Judge Bans Public, Media, From Abortion Records Hearings 05/15/2006

Judge Orders Grand Jury To Convene On May 22 05/03/2006

Grand Jury Petition Certified — Investigation Into Abortion Death Will Proceed 04/19/2006

Kansas Abortions Down 8% in 2005 04/17/2006

Groups Submit Petitions Calling for a Grand Jury to Investigate Abortion Death 04/08/2006

Operation Rescue Announces The Release Of “The Tiller Report II.” 04/07/2006

Abortionist Commits Hit-and-Run Two Days Before Groups Ask For Grand Jury Investigation 04/06/2006

Effort to Open Abortion Death Probe Gains Media Attention 04/05/2006

Tiller Grand Jury Petitions To Be Submitted April 7 03/24/2006

OpEd: To Block or Not to Block — That is the Question 02/04/2006

Tiller Paranoia Closes Mill, Saves Baby 01/25/2006

Abortion Stigma Hits Home 01/23/2006

Operation Rescue Launches “Year of Justice” Campaign 01/20/2006

Whistleblowers Confirm Need for Grand Jury Investigation 01/18/2006

Memorial Service Remembers Life and Death of Tiller Victim Christin A. Gilbert 01/14/2006

Grand Jury Asked to Investigate Abortion Murder, Misconduct 01/17/2006

KSBHA Letter to Sebelius Raises Questions About the Board’s Integrity 12/01/2005

KSBHA Closes Case Against Tiller in Abortion Death In Spite of Damning Evidence 11/29/2005

Petition Would Force Grand Jury to Investigate Tiller 11/23/2005

Pro-Lifers Demand Answers from KSBHA Attorney In Abortion Death Inquiry 11/04/2005

Operation Rescue Will Hold Press Conference To Demand Action From KSHBA in Abortion Death 11/02/2005

Dr. Kelly Hollowell Publishes Column About KS Abortion Death 09/24/2005

Abortionist Tiller and Pro-abortion Play-goers, Challenged Over Abortion Death 09/21/2005

Cause of Death in Texas Teen: “Complications of Therapeutic Abortion” 09/14/2005

Wesley Medical Center Subject of Ongoing Campaign 07/27/2005

Abortion Death Mystery: Was the Death in George Tiller’s Down’s Syndrome Patient Intentional? 06/24/2005

KSBHA Letter to Sebelius Draws Premature Conclusions About Abortion Death 03/30/2005

“Anna’s” Story 03/06/2005 (True name: Christin Gilbert)

New Documents Verify Abortion Death 03/02/2005

SOMETHING TO HIDE? Department of Emergency Communications Refuses to Release Public Information on Botched Abortion Call 02/25/2005

George Tiller Subpoenaed by Texas 02/22/2005

Press Release–Governor acknowledges death of abortion patient in Wichita 02/21/2005

NEW PHOTOS Show Ambulance at Abortion Clinic 02/03/2005

La Quinta Inns Send Abortionist Tiller Packing 01/31/2005

KSBHA Launches Investigation into Abortion Death 01/28/2005

“SHE’S DEAD!” 01/26/2005

“I don’t have an answer to that question.” 01/21/2005

Botched Abortion Victim from Tiller’s Late-Term Mill Rushed to Hospital Via Ambulance 01/13/2005

tamiia russell 2004

Tamiia Russell – 2004

Notorious Abortionist Hodari Denied License, Lacks “Good Moral Character” 09/24/2014

Michigan Abortion Quacks Hodari and Gerbi Retire 02/05/2013

Wealthy Michigan Abortionist Who Killed 4 Patients Resists Safety Regulations 04/21/2011

Oxymoron: Abortionist Appreciation Day 2010 03/10/2010

Forced Abortion, Rape Victim Comes Forward After Abortionist Given Probation 02/11/2009

Regina Johnson 2003

Regina Johnson – 2003

Notorious Abortionist Hodari Denied License, Lacks “Good Moral Character” 09/24/2014

Michigan Abortion Quacks Hodari and Gerbi Retire 02/05/2013

Wealthy Michigan Abortionist Who Killed 4 Patients Resists Safety Regulations 04/21/2011

Oxymoron: Abortionist Appreciation Day 2010 03/10/2010

How Much is a Woman’s Life Worth? In Michigan, Only $10,000 07/06/2009
Forced Abortion, Rape Victim Comes Forward After Abortionist Given Probation 02/11/2009

semika shirelle shaw 2000

Semika Shirelle Shaw – 2000

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Law, Dooms Women to Substandard Care 06/27/2016

Feds Raid Home of PA Abortionist – Seize Documents 04/03/2010

“He Left An Arm And A Leg Inside Me”- PA Abortion Horror Highlights Need For Greater Oversight 02/26/2010

chivon williams 1996

Chivon Williams – 1996

Notorious Abortionist Hodari Denied License, Lacks “Good Moral Character” 09/24/2014

Michigan Abortion Quacks Hodari and Gerbi Retire 02/05/2013

Wealthy Michigan Abortionist Who Killed 4 Patients Resists Safety Regulations 04/21/2011

Forced Abortion, Rape Victim Comes Forward After Abortionist Given Probation 02/11/2009

Sharon Hamptlon 1996

Sharon Hamptlon – 1996

California Set To Enact Dangerous Abortion Expansion Experiment 09/10/2013

Obama’s Taxpayer Funded Abortion Plan Will Bring The Back-Alley To Main Street 08/20/2009

Seven Years Ago: Guilty Abortionist Incarcerated In Abortion Death 05/28/2007

Abortion Doctor Sentenced to Year in Jail in Death of Barstow Patient 05/27/2000

Abortionist Steir Pleads Guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter for Botched Abortion 04/06/2000

magdalena ortega-rodriguez 1994

Magdalena Ortega-Rodriguez – 1994

Abortionist that Fled U.S. to Evade Murder Charge May Have Been Found in India 1/18/2016

California Set To Enact Dangerous Abortion Expansion Experiment 09/10/2013

Abortionist Tiller and Pro-abortion Play-goers, Challenged Over Abortion Death 09/21/2005

marla cardamone 1989

Marla Cardamone – 1989

Autopsy Photos Released: Women killed in legal abortions to no longer be swept under the rug 01/09/2013