Pro-life Activists to Hold a Second Demonstration at Speaker Boehner’s Office Calling for the Ban of All Abortions After 20 Weeks

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Contact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741; Jill Stanek, 815-274-2744; Troy Newman, 316-841-1700

WASHINGTON, DC — On May 7 activist leaders of 11 local and national pro-life groups will hold a second protest at House Speaker John Boehner’s office, when they will present him with a life-size model of a 20-week-old African-American preborn baby – a physical reminder of the babies whose lives hang in the balance while the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act languishes in Congress.

This protest follows one held at the Speaker’s office on March 25, in which eight pro-life activists were arrested for peacefully kneeling in front of his office.

Now, at the three-month mark following the Republican House Leadership’s cancellation of their promised vote on the 20-week abortion ban, leaders of pro-life activist groups stand united with leaders of national pro-life policy groups to urge a rescheduled vote.

Yesterday those policy groups released a joint statement ( urging passage of this bill, which, as they noted, “protects women and their unborn children after 20 weeks, or 5 months of pregnancy, from painful and dangerous late-term abortions. It is a simple, compassionate proposal supported by a large majority of Americans, including women and young people.”

Our protest will be held on Thursday, May 7, at 12:00 P.M. at the Longworth House Office building.

Activists will hold a news conference outside of Longworth and then move to Speaker Boehner’s office at 1011 Longworth.

The pro-life groups plan to show pictures of abortion victims and fetal models of children aged 20 weeks. The groups include:

  • CEC For Life
  • Christian Defense Coalition
  • Citizens for a Pro-Life Society
  • Defend Life
  • Issues4Life Foundation
  • Operation Rescue
  • Maryland Coalition for Life
  • Pro-Life Action League
  • Pro-Life Action Ministries
  • Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust
  • “I am the husband of a wonderful wife who is a product of rape and the proud father of a son born less than six months gestation, whom I held in my right hand when he weighed a mere 1.9 pounds. There is no way I will support legislation that includes an exception for rape and fails to end abortion in the United States after 20 weeks.” — Walter Hoye, Director of Issues 4 Life Foundation

    “Representative Renee Ellmers and Speaker Boehner both need to know pro-life citizens are not going to sit silent at such irresponsible attempts to derail this bill.” — Fr. Terry Gensemer, Director of CEC For Life

    “The urgency of insisting on the passage of this bill is that the barbaric practice of torturously dismembering those capable of feeling pain must come to an end. Our representatives must speak up and vote against this practice in order to remain relevant.” — Brian Gibson, Director of Pro-Life Action Ministries

    For more information or interviews contact:

    Rev. Patrick Mahoney: 540.538.4741
    Jill Stanek: 815.274.2744
    Troy Newman: 316.841.1700

    Abortionist Calls 911 for “Lifeless” Patient: “Just Need Someone NOW”

    By Cheryl Sullenger

    Bakersfield, CA – A 911 recording obtained by Operation Rescue reveals that abortionist Karen Mann placed a call for help to 911 on April 14, 2015 for a patient suffering an abortion complication, which resulted in abnormally low blood pressure that may have led to cardiac arrest.

    Stress could be heard in Mann’s voice as she told a dispatcher, “We just need someone now.”

    The patient was still under sedation from the procedure when her blood pressure dangerously dropped. At the end of the recording, Mann can be heard talking with a male who was in the procedure room with her.

    “Can you give her presses? Do you have epinephrine or anything?” Mann asked him.* (See clarification below.)

    Epinephrine is often given in the event of cardiac arrest or a serious allergic reaction.

    Terri Palmquist of Life Savers Ministries told Operation Rescue that when the patient was brought out on a gurney to be loaded into an awaiting ambulance, she appeared “lifeless” and that “her arms were just hanging lifeless off the sides of the gurney.” Palmquist provided photographs of the incident to Operation Rescue.

    This is the third medical emergency involving Karen Mann in the past three months.

    On March 31, a man whose wife was suffering from respiratory distress with signs that her brain was being deprived of oxygen called 911 for an ambulance, only to be locked out of the clinic by employees.

    During a February 3 medical emergency, a woman was said to have suffered a possible heart attack after a botched abortion.

    “It is becoming all too clear that Karen Mann should not be conducting surgical abortions. We are immediately seeking an emergency suspension of her medical license from the California Board of Medicine to prevent any more women from suffering life-threatening complications due to incompetence,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

    View the CAD Transcript

    * “Presses” referred to in this article were more likely “pressors,” which are drugs meant to increase blood pressure. Thanks to our readers — who obviously have better hearing than me — for the correction!

    Distraught Husband Calls 911 for Wife When the Abortion Clinic Wouldn’t; What Happened Next Was Inexcusable

    By Cheryl Sullenger

    Bakersfield, CA – A recording of a March 31, 2015, 911 call seeking help for an abortion-related medical emergency that was recently obtained by Operation Rescue was anything but routine.

    Instead of a clinic worker or abortionist on the line, this time it was a distraught husband who sought ambulance assistance to transport his 26-year old wife from a Bakersfield, California, abortion facility to the emergency room when she began to suffer respiratory distress after an abortion.

    But it was the reaction of the abortion clinic personnel at FPA Women’s Health, formerly known as Family Planning Associates, that was completely inexcusable.

    The husband, identified in the recording as “Erik,” told a dispatcher that he believed his wife was suffering an allergic reaction to anesthesia.

    “I don’t know what happened in there, but I think the anesthesia — They put so much anesthesia in her and she’s apparently — I’m thinking that she’s allergic to it because this is the second time it’s happened,” he told the dispatcher.

    The troubling conversation continued:

    911: Okay, you’re telling me you’re not sure what happened, so are you able to go in to her and tell me what happened and ask her?

    Caller: You know what? No, I’m not going to go in there because you have to literally check in. They won’t let you in unless — I just walked out of there, okay?

    911: Let them know you’re on the phone with 911 and that we need to get next to the patient. If she’s having an emergency, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    But it was an issue – a big one.

    When he attempted to enter the clinic where his wife was experiencing a medical emergency, he found the door locked. One can clearly hear him knocking on the door, but the clinic workers refused to let him back in even though he explained he was on the line with 911 and that the dispatcher had asked to speak with them.

    Caller: Yeah, they don’t want to let me in.

    911: You’re not able to get in there?

    Caller: Yeah, you guys will deal with it when you get here.

    “This man was treated like dirt by the FPA Staff,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. “Why didn’t the clinic staff call 911? Why did he have to do it? What would have happened to his wife if he hadn’t been there?”

    The dispatcher continued to question the man concerning his wife’s condition.

    911: Is she completely alert.

    Caller: No, she’s not!

    911: Was she responding appropriately when you were talking to her?

    Caller: She’s struggling to breathe.

    911: I understand, but when you talk to her, would she respond appropriately?

    Caller: No.

    911: Does she have difficulty speaking between breaths?

    Caller: Yeah, she’s having difficulty speaking.

    911: Is she changing color?

    Caller: Yeah, she’s pale!

    He then goes on to describe how she was “clamping, like her feet and her hands.”

    “She’s actually folding her feet, like clamping her wrists, like tightening as a — like, her
    fingers are clamping up,” he explained.

    Eventually, the woman was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital, but her condition today is not known.

    Given the husband’s account that on a previous occasion, his wife had experienced respiratory distress and required emergency transport, an outpatient surgical abortion was ill-advised.

    “There are so many questions that need answering,” said Newman. “Did the abortionist take a medical history? If so, did she ignore the possibility that the patient was allergic to the anesthesia?”

    The abortionist was Karen Mann, who has worked in Bakersfield for only about three months. During that time, she has been responsible for a total of three medical emergencies, including this one. Other incidents took place on February 3, in which an abortion patient was said to have suffered a heart attack, and on April 14 when a woman described by witnesses as “lifeless” was rushed to an emergency room.

    All three incidents were photographed by long-time pro-life activists Tim and Terry Palmquist, of Life Savers Ministries, who regularly offer practical help to women entering FPA Women’s Health in Bakersfield.

    “It is apparent that Mann did not want to call 911 for help with treatment that she was unprepared to provide. It is unacceptable to gamble with someone’s life in order to conceal a problem. This shows such a huge disregard for the lives of her patients that she isn’t fit to practice medicine,” said Newman. “The husband’s treatment by abortion clinic staff was beyond the pale. Anyone with a loved one can understand why he was so upset. These are the outrageous and selfish acts of folks who just don’t care about people.”

    Operation Rescue continues to seek the 911 recording from the April 14 incident and plans to file a complaint against Mann with the California Medical Board once all the evidence is in.

    “This 911 call and others we have obtained are glimpses of the truth behind the deceptive ‘women’s reproductive rights’ rhetoric. On one hand, abortionists pretend to care about women, but their actions speak volumes about their callous, uncaring attitudes toward life,” said Newman.