Fake News Parrots Planned Parenthood’s Baseless Smears of Menstrual Period “Tracking” Because the Data Revealed Planned Parenthood Broke the Law

By Cheryl Sullenger St. Louis, MO – In a hearing that will determine the fate of the last abortion facility in Missouri, national news is distorting testimony made by Dr. Randall Williams, Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services by parroting Planned Parenthood’s deceptive talking points that accuse Dr. Williams of “tracking” […]

Surgical Abortions Halted at Late-Term Abortion Facility After OH Supreme Court Again Rejects Licensing Case Appeal

By Cheryl Sullenger Dayton, OH – The Women’s Med Center, a late-term abortion facility owned by the nationally-known abortionist Martin Haskell, was turned away by the Ohio Supreme Court yesterday when the Court refused a motion to reconsider its denial to hear the license revocation appeal. “This is one step closer to victory in this […]

Opening Arguments in Missouri Planned Parenthood Licensing Case Reveal Unsafe Abortions

By Cheryl Sullenger St. Louis, MO – Opening statements and testimony in a licensing dispute between RHS Planned Parenthood, Missouri’s only operational abortion facility, and the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) focused on evidence of unsafe abortions at the Planned Parenthood clinic. According to the Associated Press, opening arguments made by Assistant Attorney […]

911 on 9/11: Beverly Hills 2nd Trimester Abortion Emergency Raises Questions

By Cheryl Sullenger Beverly Hills, CA – An ambulance was called to the Pro-Choice Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, on September 11, 2019, for a patient who was bleeding after a second trimester abortion.  However, details about the medical emergency found in the Beverly Hills Fire Department Records obtained by Operation Rescue raised additional […]

911: Woman Hemorrhaging at Troubled Dallas Abortion Mill

By Cheryl Sullenger Dallas, TX – Emergency 911 records obtained by Operation Rescue show that the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center abortion facility in Dallas, Texas, requested an ambulance for a 24-year old woman who was experiencing heavy bleeding. The abortion facility caller, who identified herself as “Rachel,” also asked that the ambulance run without lights […]