It’s Election Day! Get Out and Vote Pro-Life!

Election Day is finally here and this is our last chance to cast our votes in the most important election of our lifetimes! We urge pro-life supporters to vote to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, who is the most pro-life President in history! There are also critically important races across America that will determine which […]

Why President Trump’s Crackdown on Human Trafficking Matters to Pro-Life Voters

By Cheryl Sullenger The Pro-Life Movement is primarily focused on ending abortion in America and giving support to pregnant women who would otherwise be vulnerable to abortion.  While it may seem that the matter of human trafficking is a separate cause, in reality, the abortion and the trafficking of women and children are intertwining causes. […]

The Pro-Life Case for a Second Term for President Trump

By Cheryl Sullenger There can be no doubt that President Donald J. Trump has done more to advance a pro-life agenda than any other President in U.S. history. It has been the philosophy of the Trump Administration since Day 1 to establish policies that respect and protect innocent life from conception until natural death.  “President […]

Operation Rescue Announces Endorsements in the Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes

PRESS RELEASE Operation Rescue is a national pro-life organization that seeks to build an abortion-free America.  We research and document abortion abuses and understand abortion’s evils reflected in the massive loss of innocent human lives, and the negative impacts it has on women, families, communities, and our nation as a whole. Public policies on the […]

Contact Your Senators: Barrett Confirmation Vote Expected Today

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, DC – In a rare Sunday session, the U.S. Senate voted to limit debate, clearing the way for a final confirmation vote on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, which is expected later today.  Barrett is the first nominee to openly hold personal pro-life beliefs. Initially, Senate Democrats […]