Germantown Abortion Clinic to Close, but Will Carhart Open Another in Cahoots with the Window Well Abortionist?

The “Window Well Abortionist” has now been identified as Charlie Browne of Seattle, Washington.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Germantown, MD — News broke last week that Germantown Reproductive Health Services, a late-term abortion facility located in Germantown, Maryland, is being purchased by a pro-life group and must permanently close. Already the facility has stopped taking abortion appointments. Wednesday, August 30, 2017, is set to be the facility’s final abortion day.

The buyout deal, made with the Maryland Coalition for Life, also will shut down GRHS’s affiliated abortion facility, Prince George’s Reproductive Health Services, according to a posting on GRHS’s website,

However, late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who began conducting abortions through all nine months of pregnancy as an independent contractor at GRHS in 2010, has vowed to continue his late-term abortion business in Maryland and is attempting to locate a new facility, according to a fundraising blog.

“Due to efforts made by anti-choice terrorists, they have been able to raise enough money to buy out the [GRHS] clinic. For a few years, Lee has been trying to purchase a clinic in Maryland that will not only provide gestationally advanced abortion care, but also training future providers,” stated Carhart’s fundraising page.

However, false and incendiary rhetoric aside, his efforts to raise money for the new clinic have been an abysmal failure, with only a little more than $2,000 pledged toward the $2 million goal.

Carhart, who is 76, actually resides in Nebraska and runs his own abortion facility in Bellevue, a suburb of Omaha, which conducts abortions up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. It would be impossible for him to operate a full-time late-term abortion facility in Maryland without help.

That’s where the “Window Well Abortionist” comes in.

Earlier this month, Operation Rescue reported on an African-American abortionist who was arriving at GRHS for his abortion shifts by climbing down a ladder into the window well and entering the facility through the window. At that time, his identity was a mystery.

Local activists have now identified him as Charlie Browne, 54, an abortionist who operates the All Women’s Health North abortion business in Seattle, Washington. Brown was spotted just this week at GRHS wearing a false beard.

It is the word on the street that Browne plans to go into business with Carhart in opening a new late-term abortion facility in Maryland – possibly at another location in Germantown.

With big money to be made conducting expensive late-term abortions, which can cost thousands of dollars, it is easy to see why Carhart and Browne don’t want to see this lucrative income stream dry up.

“Everything is very much up in the air at this point. However, Carhart is well known for making public promises he cannot keep. Much of what he says is just empty bravado for the sake of the gullible left-wing media,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “I’ll believe he has a new facility when I see it.”

For example, in 2009, Carhart was working at Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas, which at that time was the largest late-term abortion facility outside Communist China. When that facility suddenly closed, he pledged to open his own late-term abortion facility within 25-50 miles of Wichita.

Carhart then told the media he planned to open a late-term abortion facility in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which also failed when the public flooded a City Council meeting in 2010 in opposition of his plans to kill babies throughout all nine months of pregnancy in their community.

Despite Carhart’s boasting, none of those plans ever materialized.

During his time at GRHS, there have been numerous medical emergencies, patient injuries, and even one patient death. Jennifer Morbelli died from complications to a 33-week abortion after Carhart had boarded a plane back to Nebraska. He was inaccessible to the family, who futilely attempted to contact him when Morbelli’s condition worsened. This delayed emergency medical care for Morbelli. The Maryland Board of Physicians ignored calls for disciplinary action.

“We pray that this unholy alliance between Carhart and Browne will never materialize and that there will be no replacement for Germantown Reproductive Health Services,” said Newman. “There has been more than enough human suffering there and it’s past time for it to end.”

Victory: Operation Rescue Successfully Thwarts Abortion’s Return to Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas — Two abortionists who planned to set up separate abortion businesses in Wichita have both agreed not to do abortions at this time.

Operation Rescue worked behind the scenes to insure that Greg Linhardt and Mila Means dropped plans to bring abortions back to Wichita, one of the largest abortion-free cities in the United States.

Linhardt, an anesthesiologist, has informed Operation Rescue’s sources that he has quit his abortion training and will not be doing abortions at all.

Means reached an agreement with her landlord, Foliage Development, not to follow through with plans to begin abortions at her current office. In exchange, a lawsuit and temporary restraining order filed against her to halt her abortion business has been put on hold. Thus far, she has not been able to locate a landlord in Wichita that will lease office space to her.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman, who was listed in the suit as a potential witness for Mean’s landlord, led a large protest at her office, and exposed her checkered background that includes financial problems and previous disciplinary action levied against her by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts (KSBHA).

Previously, Operation Rescue was successful at preventing Nebraska’s infamous abortionist LeRoy Carhart from opening a late-term abortion business in Kansas after the closure of George Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services, where Carhart worked on a part-time basis.

At the time of Tiller’s death, he was facing an 11-count disciplinary petition from the KSBHA for illegal late-term abortions and had announced his retirement just prior to his death. That petition was based on a complaint filed by Operation Rescue.

Before that, Operation Rescue bought the building housing Wichita’s only other abortion clinic, Central Women’s Services, with the stipulation in the real estate contract that the abortion clinic would not be allowed to stay. This forced the abortion business to close. After documenting the horrific conditions found at the clinic upon taking possession of the building, Operation Rescue completely renovated the structure and it now serves as OR’s national headquarters and a memorial to the pre-born.

“We have worked long and hard through peaceful, legal means, using tactics developed over decades of pro-life experience to keep Wichita abortion-free. The rest of the pro-life movement should be encouraged that it is possible, with God’s grace, to drive abortionists out of their communities and keep them out,” said Newman.

Pro-Lifers Pack Council Bluffs City Council Meeting In Opposition To Carhart’s Expansion Plans

Council Bluffs, Iowa – Pro-life supporters packed a Council Bluffs City Council meeting last night to voice opposition to the announced plans of late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart, who has said he wants to open up a late-term abortion mill there.

Carhart has been forced to seek other locations for his late-term abortion business after Nebraska passed a fetal pain bill that banned abortions after 20 weeks when the pre-born baby is believed to feel pain. Carhart is also interesting in taking over an existing abortion mills in Indiana, where he was worked part-time for years, and Maryland.

“Carhart is desperate to relocate his late-term abortion business, because that is the only way he can make money,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Carhart is a notoriously poor businessman who seems to be in constant financial distress. He doesn’t have the money to open in Council Bluffs right now, and this strong show of community opposition will make it even harder for him to move there, if he ever were to get the money.”

Iowa Right to Life and other groups mobilized over 300 people to turn out to the meeting after rumors began to circulate that Carhart may have been interested in purchasing a city-owned lot for his proposed new Council Bluffs clinic.

The City Council voted to sell the property only with the condition that it not be used for an abortion clinic.

While Carhart continues to raise money for a Council Bluffs abortion mill, which he says is tentatively scheduled to open in January, Mayor Tom Hanafan told the crowd at last evening’s meeting that no one has approached the city for the needed permits for an abortion clinic.

During the meeting, Councilman Mike Shultz stated that the council had over the years tried to make the community a “positive place to work and live,” adding, “I think the council is unified on this. We’ll try to do what we can to prevent this type of activity.”

Last year, Carhart vowed to open a late-term abortion clinic within 25 miles of Wichita, Kansas, but failed to do so when Operation Rescue successfully blocked his efforts there.

Operation Rescue continues to work through peaceful, legal means to insure that Carhart’s efforts to replant his failing abortion business elsewhere do not succeed.

Nebraska Late-term Abortion Ban Will Hamper Abortionist Carhart

Lincoln, NE – Operation Rescue released the following statement, attributable to Troy Newman, on the signing of two groundbreaking abortions laws in Nebraska:

We are extremely happy that the Nebraska fetal pain bill has been signed into law, along with another that will require mental health screening for abortion patients. Beginning on October 15, these laws will essentially ban all abortions at 20 weeks and later, when it has been determined that pre-born babies can feel pain.

Last year, late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart threatened to reopen an abortion clinic in Kansas and continue post-viability abortions after the closure of Women’s Health Care Services. Our “Keep it Closed” campaign successfully prevented Carhart from coming back to Kansas where he had worked for over 10 years doing abortions on women in their latest stages of pregnancy, some just weeks or even days from their delivery dates.

It soon became clear that Carhart planned instead to conduct the late-term abortions at his existing clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska. (Operation Rescue later confirmed that Carhart has in fact been doing a small number of post-viability abortions in Nebraska, possibly as late as the thirtieth week of pregnancy.)

In response, Operation Rescue conducted an outreach in Nebraska last summer that garnered a great deal of publicity. During interviews generated by that event, Carhart boasted that Nebraska laws were lenient enough to allow him to conduct late-term abortions in that state.

Those statements caught the ear of Speaker Mike Flood, who sponsored the two groundbreaking bills aimed at preventing Carhart from conducting late-term abortions while providing new protections for pre-born babies. Because of that, we consider these new laws as fruit that sprung from Operation Rescue’s efforts to expose Carhart’s late-term abortions.

Operation Rescue extends its appreciation to Speaker Flood and to the wonderful folks at Nebraska Right to Life who stepped up to the plate and worked to insure the passage of these life-saving laws. They saw a need, and jumped in to meet it. For that, they are to be congratulated.

Meanwhile, complaints against Carhart, based on affidavits from former Carhart employees that were submitted by Operation Rescue, Nebraskans United for Life, and Rescue the Heartland, continue to progress. It is our prayer that one day soon there will be a peaceful end to Carhart’s entire abortion business.

NE Fetal Pain Bill Advanced: Late-Term Bills In Two States Could Limit Carhart’s Abortion Business

Action needed now to urge KS Gov. Parkinson to sign one bill that would further prevent Carhart from resuming frivolous late-term abortions in Kansas.

Topeka, KS – Today, the Nebraska legislature gave its second approval on a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks gestation, when pre-born babies are known to feel pain. This bill, which is expected to be signed into law, would severely hamper the late-term abortion business of LeRoy Carhart, and could force him to relocate his late-term abortion business to another state, or close it altogether. (Read text of LB 1103)

Meanwhile, Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson has one week to act on a bill that would strengthen reporting requirements for late-term abortions and provide families the ability to sue an abortionist if they believe a family member was giving a late-term abortion illegally.

Parkinson has until April 15 to sign or veto the measure, which was passed by wide margins in both houses of the legislature. If he does nothing, it will automatically become law.

That bill, HB 2115, would require abortionists to report the precise diagnosis used to justify abortions beyond 22 weeks, or viability. Kansas law currently bans post-viability abortions unless the continuation of the pregnancy would present a “substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function” of the pregnant woman. Since 2000, that law has been interpreted to include “mental health” as long as the mental health risk was “substantial and irreversible.”

In recent years, evidence surfaced that abortions were being done for frivolous reasons under the guise of the mental health exception.

One abortionist who was responsible for many of those abortions was Nebraska’s LeRoy Carhart. After the closure of the Wichita abortion clinic where he worked, Carhart has indicated he would like to reopen a late-term abortion clinic in Kansas. So far, a campaign by Operation Rescue has prevented him from doing so.

“In the past, it has been extremely difficult, if not impossible, for law enforcement to determine if late-term abortions in Kansas have been done in compliance with the law because the abortion clinic would report that the reason for late-term abortions was simply ‘mental health.’ This law would lift the veil of ambiguity and allow the authorities to determine if there have been criminal abortions,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “That would mean greater safe-guards for women and their viable babies that the laws have been enacted to protect. Only someone with a political agenda to protect the abortion cartel would veto this bill and deny law enforcement the ability to determine if criminal abortions have occurred or are occurring.”

Parkinson, a staunch abortion supporter, is expected to veto the bill.

“It is imperative that the Kansas bill passes into law. So far we have been able to keep late-term abortions out of Kansas, but if this law is vetoed, it will be like sending an engraved invitation to Carhart and other abortionists that late-term abortions for any reason at all are welcome in Kansas. That is a message our society cannot afford to send,” said Newman.

TAKE ACTION! Contact Gov. Parkinson and ask him to sign HB 2115.

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