Bills Advance In Kansas and Nebraska To Restrict Late-Term Abortions

Topeka, KS – A bill is headed to the desk of Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson that will require abortionists to report the specific diagnosis used to justify abortions after 21 weeks. The measure passed out of the Senate on Tuesday. The bill would supply a layer of accountability to abortionists who have used a mental […]

KS Legislators Will Attempt To Tighten Late-term Abortion Law

Topeka, KS – Pro-life lawmakers are drafting legislation that would require that abortionists report the actual reasons for abortions after 22 weeks. The bill will also allow women or the women’s families to sue abortionists for doing the risky abortions for reasons not allowable by law. The nation’s largest late-term abortion clinic once operated in […]

Late-term Abortion Ban Advances In Nebraska

Lincoln, NE – A bill in Nebraska that would ban nearly all abortions after 20 weeks has advanced out of the Judicial Committee by a vote of 5-3 vote. LB 1103 would ban the abortions at the time when many experts believe that the pre-born baby can feel pain. Speaker of the Legislature Mike Flood […]

Victory: Campaign To Prevent Reopening Of Late-Term Abortion Clinic Successfully Concluded

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue announces that it has successfully concluded its Keep it Closed campaign to prevent the opening of a new late-term abortion clinic in the Midwest just six months after it began. Operation Rescue launched the campaign in August, 2009, after late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart pledged last year to open an abortion […]

Audio Clip Shows Carhart Is Now Committing Late-Term Abortions That The NE Legislature Wants To Ban

Lincoln, NE – A bill that would ban abortions in Nebraska after 20 weeks gestation was filed yesterday by Speaker of the Legislature Sen. Mike Flood. LB1103 would restrict abortions once the fetus had developed “physical structures necessary to experience pain.” The bill was introduced in response to late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s announced intensions of […]