For NAF, the protection of abortion abusers trumps the protection of women

Wichita, KS – The head of the National Abortion Federation made whining statements Thursday about Operation Rescue’s Abortion Whistleblower campaign that is offering $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law.
Vicki Saporta was critical of the campaign that is seeking to bring abortion abusers to justice.
“Saporta is defensive about any abortion-related investigations because her organization of abortion mills is among the worst offenders,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We know that first hand because we bought an NAF-approved abortion clinic in 2006, and discovered horrifically filthy and dangerous conditions there.”

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Furthermore, a number of NAF members have been jailed or had licenses revoked for criminal acts and violations of the standard of care.
A case in point is former NAF poster boy Brian Finkel, who is currently serving 35 years in prison for sexually molesting his abortion patients. Over a hundred women came forward to tell of how Finkel had sexually abused them.
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“We are still waiting for Saporta to repudiate Finkel’s acts or to denounce the dangerous, filthy conditions that existed at the abortion clinic we purchased and closed, not to mention other abuses,” said Newman.
“And let’s not forget that former NAF member George Tiller, who the NAF proudly memorializes on their web site, had eleven counts of illegal abortions pending against his license with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts at the time of his death,” said Newman. “Those charges were never fully adjudicated, and neither were the 30 counts of illegal late-term abortions filed by former Attorney General Phill Kline, which were dismissed on dubious jurisdictional grounds, and not on their merits.
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“We could go on and on listing NAF member indiscretions. It is shocking that, instead of trying to clean up a corrupt and dangerous abortion industry, Saporta is protecting it. That is unconscionable and is proof that the NAF has little if any regard for the rule of law or for the safely and protection of women.
“Until Saporta denounces the abuses perpetrated on the public by her own members, any remarks by her concerning our work are grossly hypocritical.”