New Documentary Reveals Filthy, Unsafe Conditions At Former Abortion Mill

Wichita, KS — A new documentary produced by Life Dynamics, Inc. of Denton, Texas, reveals the filthy, and unsafe conditions that existed at Central Women’s Services, a former Wichita abortion mill that was purchased by Operation Rescue earlier this year.

Within hours of taking possession of the building that had housed an abortion clinic since 1983, OR President Troy Newman guided LDI’s Mark Crutcher and his production team on a tour of the facility, where they filmed and documented the shocking conditions that existed there. The mill was a member of the National Abortion Federation, an association of shoddy abortion mills around the country, some of which have recently been closed for their unsafe conditions and practices by the states of Florida and Alabama.

The documentary was originally part of LDI’s monthly video magazine, LifeTalk, but has been edited here to include only the segment on the conditions at Central Women’s Services. To obtain a full copy of LifeTalk, please click here.

Operation Rescue has plans to renovate the building to include a memorial to the estimated 50,000 pre-born babies who lost their lives there. It will also serve as OR’s national headquarters, where they plan to continue their work to close more abortion mills across the country. For more information about this endeavor, and how you can help OR redeem this former killing center for God’s glory and purposes, please click here.

  • Rodger Thompson

    Thanks for posting the video. I did not get to tour the facility when you invited the public. Have you had anyone do a lab test on the garbage disposal to verify scientifically the presence of human blood or other remains? I would think that would be an important thing to do to back up the idea that it was used to dispose of aborted babies.

    Rodger Thompson

  • Tim

    You need to get this video up on YouTube or Google Video!

    I can put it up on Google Video if you give me permission.

    10,679 days

  • Mark Dinsmore

    Thanks for the exposé — if you still have that garbage disposal, have you considered having it taken apart and tested for the presence of human DNA inside? That would be pretty conclusive — also, videotape the disassembly, sampling, and lab results.

  • Mike

    Good idea Mark!

  • Mary

    Mousetraps, animal droppings, and cockroaches. Instruments being “sterilized” in an area open to the parking lot. Are there no Health Departments or Licensing and Regulation agencies in the state of Kansas to protect the public? A building open to the public can violate every fire code in the country? Where is the local fire inspector? Are abortion clinics exempt from meeting fire code standards as well?
    Thank you for an excellent documentary. It would be hard to imagine, though our opponents to no one’s surprise are trying, how these conditions can be “explained”.
    Concerning your point about pride in one’s work, while at a national conference, I met a woman in my profession who works at a “family planning” clinic. As she was sitting next to me at a breakfast table, I asked her where she works and exactly what she does. I have asked, and been asked this question a hundred times. The woman nearly jumped down my throat, became defensive, informed she would not apologize for what she did, then went on to tell me about her place of employment. Needless to say I was taken aback since I love my work and take great pride in it, and have certainly never answered a similar question by saying I wouldn’t apologize for what I do. Why would I? In fact, no one I have ever asked but this woman ever apologized either!
    I politely acknowledged her (this was not the time or place for any debates), but most interesting was the polite and prolonged silence at the table. Silence can say more than words, and it certainly did here. No one defended this woman’s work or questioned what she should apologize for.
    Just how much pride do you take in a job that you first tell people you won’t apologize for?

  • Mike

    Excellent point , Mary. You put her on the spot and she “squirmed”…as well she should have.

    Her reaction speaks volumes of what she knows in her heart is the truth….that what she does is at the bottom of the barrell….they all know it and just can’t fess up to it.

    Bravo for you for making her uncomfortable. Maybe you have caused her to re-think what she does one more time….I’m sure it’s happened before, and this won’t be the last time.

    I don’t know how these people sleep at night.

    It’s deplorable.

  • Mary

    Thank you for your kind words Mike, they’re very much appreciated. Like you, I’m convinced this woman has encountered many “polite silences” when discussing her line of work and this undoubtedly explains her “going on the defensive” whenever she is asked about her job.
    I would like to stress the fact that I had no idea where this woman worked when I first spoke with her, and I was only trying to initiate a friendly conversation. This was no effort on my part to goad and anger her. Only after her initial defensive and angry reaction did I find out where she worked.
    You’re right Mike about her reaction speaking volumes about what she knows in her heart to be true. I couldn’t agree more. Throughout the years I’ve met any number of people in my profession who would never win any Congeniality Awards, but this woman was the first and last such encounter I have had in 25 years. But then, I have yet to encounter another person who works in an abortion clinic.

  • Mary God bless you .You are a great voice .Keep up the good work!!!

  • Oh ya and the state of that clinic….repulsive!!!

  • Deb Schaulis

    How long did the abortionists have to evacuate the premises before you took possession? How long were they aware of the purchase before you asked them to leave? It could be that they just quit cleaning from that point in time. I know it doesn’t take long for dust and grime to build up, especially when there is a lot of moisture (i.e.–various body fluids) for it to stick to.

    Thanks for showing the video. I always wondered what the inside of the building was like. It didn’t look so bad from the outside, I figured it would be like most public health facilities inside. When we were sidewalk counseling in the nineties, they were still using the front door. I think some rescuers even managed to push their way in and chain themselves to some of the furniture in the waiting room and procedure rooms. However, I could never bring myself to enter.

    I was surprised at how nasty the layout and appearance of the clinic was. Even if I was desperate to receive “medical care” and couldn’t afford anything else, I would never stay more than five minutes in a place that gross! I shudder to think of what clinics are like that don’t comply with the NAF standards!

  • Troy, y’all need to have a forensic scientist take that garbage disposal apart and verify that it’s chock full of human DNA.

  • Naif Herb

    oh god! i’m working on an assignment that discusses Abortion and weather or not I think it should be legalized, but when I saw that video… how would any one who consider him/herself a human beeing possibly dispose a creature using a garbage disposal, I’m now 100 % against abortion and I do support the Rescue Organization

  • What a shocking and heartbreaking experience to watch this amazing video. I burst into tears when they walked into the room where the children were killed. The truth is so powerful. Thank God for OR and the internet or this might never end.

  • Adlyn

    Ewww! The state of the abortion clinic is just wrong! I wish my abortion-loving sister could see this! again, just sick.

  • Robert Berry

    In the city I live in, a friend of mine had the idea of closing down the local abortion (in my opinion, killing center) center by pulling their medical license. It appeared they weren’t required to have one and are immune from Heath Department inspections. I told him to see if they had a business license with the city (maybe that could be revoked). Apparently, these centers aren’t required to have medical license (the doctors might have to have one) or a local business license. No wonder they get away being so filthy.

  • David

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