Abortion Whistleblowers – Earn A $25,000 Reward!

Operation Rescue is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law.

Operation Rescue’s Abortion Whistleblowers Program encourages abortion clinic workers, former patients, and anyone that has knowledge that crimes have committed been at abortion clinics to contact Operation Rescue immediately.

Contact Operation Rescue at:

  • Voice: 316-683-6790 ext. 112
  • E-mail: abortionwhistleblower(at)gmail.com
  • Whistleblowers can now earn a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law. Now those with knowledge of abortion-related crimes can literally save lives in the process by bringing those who are endangering the health of women to justice.

    Spread the word

    Abortion Whistleblowers is conducting a multi-faceted ad campaign urging women who have knowledge of criminal conduct at abortion facilities to come forward. We use of radio, newspaper, Internet, direct mail, social networking, and other means of communication to reach those with such knowledge. We encourage everyone to help us get the word out by posting a link to this page on their own blog site, web page, or social networking sites.

    In addition, direct mailings are routinely sent to each abortion clinic in the nation encouraging workers to come forward.

  • Whistleblowing works!

    Whistleblowers have already been responsible for bringing dangerous, predatory abortionists to justice.

    In fact, we have never found an abortion clinic that complies with all federal, state, and local laws. (Click here for a list of all abortion clinics in America.) Because of this, abortionists present dangers to the public. We have seen abortionists arrested and charged with a wide variety of crimes, including:

  • Overbilling
  • Embezzlement
  • Financial Fraud
  • Medical Fraud
  • Misappropriation of tax dollars
  • Drug violations
  • Sex abuse/rape
  • Non-reporting of child sex crimes
  • Medical negligence
  • Abortion deaths
  • Forced/coerced abortions
  • HIPPA violations
  • Illegal dumping/storage of human remains
  • Unlicensed abortionists/abortion workers/abortion clinics
  • Substance abuse
  • abortionwhistleblowersprogram

    Why the need to offer a reward?

    Many times those who have knowledge of crimes fear coming forward, especially if they are currently employed by an abortionist. They fear loss of income and disruption of their lives. The $25,000 reward could help clinic workers start a new life – one that isn’t stained by innocent blood or criminal activity or the stress that accompanies working in the abortion industry. That is a strong incentive for coming forward!

    Just how bad are Abortion’s Bad Boys?

    Below are files of abortionists who have been arrested and/or charged with abortion related crimes. Some of these profiles may shock you. Men and women just like them are out there right now committing the most horrific of crimes. Click on the names below to view the PDF document.

    Abortion Bad Boys

    (This listing is just the tip of the iceberg!)

    Lawson Akpulonu – CA – Rape
    John Biskind – AZ – Manslaughter
    Nicholas Braemer – CA – Botched Abortions
    Bertha Bugarin – CA – Illegal Abortions
    Mohamed Dia – CA – Botched Abortion, Corruption, Fraud
    Brian Finkle – AZ – Sex Abuse of Patients
    Suresh Gandotra – CA – Murder
    John Hamilton – OK – Murder
    Nolan Jones – CA – Botched Abortions, Falsifying Medical Records
    Krishna Rajanna – KS – Cannibalism, Filthy Clinic Conditions
    Phillip Rand – CA – Botched Abortion, Patient Abandonment
    Laurence Reich – CA – Sex Abuse of Patients
    Pierre Renelique – FL – Patient Abandonment, Incompetence
    Bruce Steir – CA – Manslaughter

    Special note to abortion clinic workers:

    As an abortion clinic employee, it is time to consider what you will do if the authorities come to investigate your employer.

    How might you be implicated? Are YOUR name or initials on any records that might incriminate you? Have you covered for crimes?

    Concealment or destruction of evidence is A CRIME! SAVE YOURSELF!

    Don’t go to jail for illegal acts committed by your employer or for illegal acts you may have been instructed to commit.

    We encourage you to make a clean start by coming forward now. We can help.

    What will it be?

    The possibility of jail …or a new start? It’s your choice!

    Contact Operation Rescue now at:

  • Voice: 316-683-6790 ext. 112
  • E-mail: abortionwhistleblower(at)gmail.com
    • Amy Maynor

      Hi, I am praying and ministering to women in front of the main abortion clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. We would like to up our strategies to reach out to women (and the public) in hopes that we can reveal illegal and/or unethical medical practices at the three known clinics. We would like to put up a billboard offering the $25,000 for women or anyone to come forward with information. It is about $1000-1500 for three months. We know one woman was killed 22 yrs ago but these abortionists are left to their own devices(about 7000 done per year) and I am praying for strategy to reveal the evil and horrors of this industry. I see very visibly pregnant women go in for abortions. Until people see the horrors of this, it will not cease. I want to focus on the health and informed choices of women. Can you guide us to how to find violations, etc. as Florida has little regulation of these clinics and doctors. We need help to do some radical ivestigate grassroots work here, for example, who is the waste company? what do they do with the remains? how do we find out. That would freak the community out if they knew that parts were sold or used in research and/or cosmetics. The prolife churches are not really working together and we need a radical reason for the Church to wake up in Jacksonville!WE have terrific clinics and adoption agencies.I am Amy Maynor 904-525-2526 and Trudy M. who is the online organizer of Family for Life, to try to have volunteers in front of the clinic 7 hours of abortion appts. per week. We need strategic efforts to get unity and outrage in the churches and community. We now have a very conservative prolife governor and I have contacts, but need evidence of misuse. Our legislators are trying to get abortion out of government but we want much heavier regulation. We have to beat the Planned Parenthood and feminists at their own game. They do not truly want what is best for women, they want the money. Can you help on this? We need information, examples and the defense is to protect the mothers from barbaric practices. A hystorectomy is not very far from an abortion and the protocol and is very different. They are both dealing with the uterus. Why put women at such great risk for abortion, but not other medical procedures for reproductive health? It is nonsense. Please give us some guidance. If we make it very hard for abortionists to practice and make the millions they do so loosely, then most would stop. We almost passed the law here for sonograms to be required to be seen by all women, for an informed choice but former governor vetoed. It passed both House and SEnate. We are ready as a state but need strategies to catch these evil greedy people in the act. We need radical truth for Jackonville. Amy

    • JUDY W.

      my daughter wants an abortion I am totally against it, her sonogram is tomorrow the baby is doomed either way if its gone already or if its alive she said she’ll kill herself if she has to . why can’t someone step in & put her somewhere safe & help her, i can raise my grandchild.

    • David G.

      I am very upset that there are a “few” who attends Mass, call themselves Roman Catholics, and taking Holy Communion who label themselves “pro-choice”. This is very wrong because a person cannot do God’s Will while agreeing with the “devil”. It is time for Our Roman Catholic Church Governing Body to really get the message out that abortion is plan and simple murder. There are no such thing being a True Christian and being pro-choice. Abortion is murder and if anyone is pro-choice they are promoting murder. The Roman Catholic Church must take drastic steps to make sure that every respectful Catholic is Pro-Life and if they choose pro-choice, they should be asked to leave, pray for a change or face excommunication.

    • I am really praying for a prolife artist to draw the drawnings God has placed in my heart to reach out to these ladies going into this place of murder! I want a huge stork holding a healthy baby and one holding an aborted baby and I want a I love you sign from Christ in the middle saying ~ Don’t hurt anymore I am with you!

    • shawna wold

      God bless these woman who under slavery of the united states government choose there abortions for them
      Many woman need the knowledge of the bible so our children don’t go prey to Satan. Another holacaust….

    • CJ

      As Governor, I’ll close Every Single one on Day One @ 8:01am

    • kimberly

      I had three abortions as a very young person from 16 – 18 because no one would help me and I was on the street. I regret it all. I hate my life and have prayed for the murder I have committed. If you are a young person who is pregnant. Please consider adoption so you don’t have to live with the horrific feelings of being the murderer of your own unborn children. Please find out about birth control before considering sex. Help yourself be a better person!

    • ziggy

      I don’t even want the reward money. I was a friend and he tried to talk me in to being a prostitute.

    • Denise

      Please pray for the blessed mother’s intercession.

    • Emma Elizabeth

      Because she doesn’t want to carry a child for YOU to raise? She wants to have a child when she can raise it by herself and if you make her go through a forced birth then you ate a horrible mother and didn’t even deserve to raise her let alone her child

    • Nicole Floyd

      Who are you to declare that she is being a horrible mother? My mother was about to abort me but then decided on putting me up for adoption instead. Thankfully, my great Aunt offered to raise me until she got in her feet. You don’t know the pain both mother and daughter are going through. If my mom went through with her initial thought than I would be dead.

    • Jack Rabbit

      Hi David. Several years ago, the American Catholic Bishops council considered just such a thing (ex-communication for Catholics who were pro-choice, pro-birth control) until they discovered that a majority of their flock were such. They then dropped the threat of excommunication.

    • BlondeJustice1

      I know a lot of black people, who actually went to church and then voted for Obama, a known pro-choicer (real name is pro-deather) just because he was black. Shame on you people! Hypocrites don’t get to go to heaven.

    • Evermyrtle

      One thing that I cannot understand is information I had 65 years ago. “What causes pregnancy!” If you don’t want a baby don get pregnant, it does seem that everybody can have that much self control, OR PREPARE BEFORE HAND, IT IS SO SIMPLE!!!!!. Knowing and doing this and it will not be necessary to kill your baby.

    • Steve Hathaway

      Adopt instead of Abort.

    • Anna Cervantez

      tk u Jesus, Pres. Trump is against Abortion, this is a prayer, answered, that i would see hope 4 end of Abortion before i die, as abortion ruined my life, spirit & body 4 many years. I just tk God 4 his grace, forgiveness, & mercy 4 all who have felt the ruin of abortion. “..Satan came 2 kill, steal, & destroy” Please pray 4 Roe vs Wade overturned, because it would take a miracle, but i am one,so i know it can happen, & i know n whom i believe, the God of HeaVEN Earth, the Great “I AM”!

    • Evermyrtle

      Thank GOD, that I do not have to live with a memory of a baby that I have caused to be cut out of me and thrown into the garbage, knowing that by that child I could have grandchildren, to love!!