By Cheryl Sullenger

There have been several recent updates to stories that have been reported on by Operation Rescue.  Here are a few brief updates on recent developments to keep you informed.

Federal Judge Appointed by Obama Halts Enforcement of Texas Heartbeat Law

Baby in the womb at 6 weeks gestation.

Austin, TX – At the request of the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. District Judge Robert Pittman has issued an order that blocks enforcement of the Texas Heartbeat Act, which prohibits abortions in that state after the detection of a heartbeat on babies in the womb.

Pittman was appointed to the Federal Bench by former President Barack Obama, a leftist and radical abortion supporter.  Pittman’s 113-page missive berated Texas for passing a law to protect innocent babies in the womb.

Texas officials have already notified the court of their intention to appeal to the U.S. Fifth Circuit, which previously upheld the Texas Heartbeat Act.

Reportedly, Texas abortion facilities have experienced an 80 percent decrease in business since the Heartbeat Act went into effect on September 1, 2021.

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Project Veritas Reports Pfizer Covering Up Use of Aborted Baby Cells in COVID-19 Vaccine

Washington, D.C. — Project Veritas released a video interview yesterday with a Pfizer whistleblower who produced e-mails from Pfizer officials discussing the use of aborted baby cells in the production* of their COVID-19 vaccine. 

The whistleblower revealed that the Chief Scientific Officer wrote in an e-mail, “We Want to Avoid Having the Information on the Fetal Cells Floating Out There.”

Watch the video.

*The cells from aborted babies were used in testing but are not believed to be included in the vaccines.

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Biden Nominee that Supports China-Like Population Control Confirmed by the Senate

Washington, D.C. — The Senate voted 50-45 to confirm radical leftist Tracy Stone-Manning as the head of the Bureau of land management. 

Operation Rescue opposed her confirmation after information about her extremist population control ideology became public earlier this year.  Stone-Manning has been a proponent of population control policies that mirror those of the Communist China’s one and two-child limits and advocated for them in a 1992 graduate thesis prepared while attending the University of Montana.  

Stone-Manning has referred to babies as “environmental hazards.”

Stone-Manning is also alleged to have engaged in tree-spiking, which is considered eco-terrorism.  She testified against fellow tree-spikers in exchange for immunity in 1989.

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Biden Administration Rescinds Protect Life Rule, allowing Planned Parenthood to Reapply for Millions in Title X Funding

We want President Trump back!

Washington, D.C. — One of the most important pro-life accomplishments of the Trump Administration was the Protect Life Rule, which prohibited organizations from receiving Title X Family Planning Grants if they conducted or referred for abortion.  It is estimated that the Protect Life Rule blocked Planned Parenthood from receiving about $60 million in tax funding each year.

On October 4, 2021, that rule was revoked by the Biden Administration, opening the floodgates once more for Planned Parenthood to receive millions in federal funding.  Already Planned Parenthood organizations are submitting applications to receive the grants.

Elections have consequences and pro-life supporters must make it a priority to ensure fair and honest elections so that these radical abortion-lovers can be voted out of office and replaced with men and women who will restore the respect for life in our government.

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