Operation Rescue’s Statement on the Departure of Cecile Richards from Planned Parenthood


Washington, DC – According to news reports, Cecile Richards will be stepping down from her role as Chief Executive Officer of Planned Parenthood.

The following statement is a response from Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue:

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business, is under investigation by the Department of Justice for illegally trafficking in aborted baby remains and other crimes. Could it be that Richards is getting out while she can, before indictments are handed down? Orange may be her new favorite color!

Or could it be that Planned Parenthood now sees her as a liability with all her connections to others under criminal investigation such as Hillary Clinton, the beleaguered Clinton Foundation, and Fusion GPS? Whether she is abandoning a sinking ship or being kicked to the curb by Planned Parenthood, this reveals a destabilized abortion organization, and as long as they are disorganized, it means they won’t be expanding their abortion empire. That is great news.

Planned Parenthood’s links to Clinton and Fusion GPS.
Planned Parenthood’s links to the Clinton Foundation.

  • Gecks

    The heat is on.

  • Momma Beth

    Dear Lord, please let this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back!

  • Lakshmi

    The correct name for Planned Parenthood is HUMAN BABY BUTCHER SHOP & ORGAN SALES, INC. Satan & his secret servants are totally in charge of this evil, murderous organization.

  • Carol

    Congratulations, Pro lifers!!!! Good job Troy! May God be praised ;-)

  • Chasalz

    Too bad she won’t step into an orange suit and off to jail.

  • El

    Holy God, we praise Thy Name!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cligie

    I hear she will be working in the kitchen stirring the conclave’s cauldrons at the Witches’ Ball. And yes there really is such a gathering as a Witches’ Ball.

  • Freethinker02

    Why’d she give up so soon? She was halfway toward earning her equivalent of the Jewish Holocaust badge.

  • Adam

    Great news! Let’s continue taking them ALL down!

  • Abigail T.

    All of you pro-life people need to get a life and stop badgering people making their own decisions.
    You don’t get to vote on other people’s choices and you don’t have a place in dicussions between me and my doctor.

  • Congratulations you guys! This is definitely the end of women getting abortions. The Clinton Foundation, Fusion GPS, Uranium One, baby parts, #TheMemo, # Pizzagate, # Qanon. Great work! Hey, I’ll check back in a year to see how it all panned out.

  • AmazeTech

    It will be interesting to see who replaces her.

  • recore

    Why do people say thy and thee when referring to god? I mean why not use his or her or your? And folks abortion shouldn’t be anyone’s business but the people involved and you busybodies are not involved.

  • Frankie DePaul

    Check howtobeyourowndetective.com for further trashing of PP in wake of Cecile Richards resignation.

  • Frankie DePaul

    Your doctor is a vet.

    Careful or he may send you to the glue factory, nag!

  • CommonSense

    The problem is that the other person involved, the BABY, who is about to be literally TORN APART, is not yet capable of speaking, so someone else is speaking for them.

  • CommonSense

    And again the only problem here is that you are also speaking for another person, the baby, about whom you evidently care nothing. That baby, and yes it IS a baby, is about to be horrendously murdered but unfortunately cannot speak for himself/herself. And thanks to the liberal way of thinking and intentionally wording things, many people have come to believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with killing that baby. A total shame.