#30DaysofSAAM may be coming to an end, but Operation Rescue will never stop exposing rampant sexual abuse at the hands of abortionists. Abortion advocates may pretend these monsters don’t exist in their precious industry, but the documentation clearly says otherwise.

In our final Monday Lineup, we expose a second round of sexual predators from the Northeast – all of them found inside the abortion clinic, with a state license that gives them access to the very women they have shamelessly attacked. 

Sexual abuse is not healthcare, and neither is abortion. BOTH are criminal.

Meet Roger Ian Hardy, last seen fleeing the country after 30 years of sexual abuse, cover-ups, and silenced victims came to light…

Much of the abuse perpetrated by Roger Ian Hardy could have been stopped if state officials would have taken victims seriously and if medical professionals overseeing Hardy would have done their job.

The first patient claiming sexual assault by Hardy came forward in the nineties, but she was ignored.

Then, in 2004, another woman who had been under Hardy’s care at a fertility clinic filed a complaint with the Medical Board alleging that Hardy took advantage of her while under anesthesia. She found suspicious physical injuries on her body the following day. Hardy adamantly denied the charges, claiming the woman’s injuries were self-inflicted. Just as it did with the first victim, the Board took Hardy’s word for it and closed the complaint.

However, in 2013, another patient accused Hardy of sexual assault, and that investigation resulted in 18 witnesses lining up to testify about Hardy’s longstanding inappropriate sexual behavior, not only with his patients, but with female members of his staff as well. 

It also soon came to light that Hardy’s employer at the fertility clinic knew he was molesting women while they were sedated but kept silent, allowing the abuse to continue. On one occasion, for example, another employee was upset when she saw Hardy fondling a patient’s breast but was told not to report it if she did not want to be known as a “disgruntled worker.”

During all this time, Hardy also worked for Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts with unfettered access to even more women. How many of them did he fondle and molest?

Not wanting to face a full inquiry, Hardy finally surrendered his medical license in 2014 — decades after the first woman came forward.

Two years later, the Boston Globe, which had previously run a three-part expose on Hardy’s serial sexual abuse, reported Hardy actually fled the country and was living in Thailand.

The Globe also reported that former undergraduate classmates of Hardy’s at Princeton had since come forward, detailing how Hardy was accused of sexual assault several times at Princeton. Twice, such allegations were reported to University officials, but Hardy denied them — just as he would in the nineties, and again in 2004. Nothing further was done, and Hardy was left to his own disgusting devices.

Imagine if officials along the way had believed any of these earlier women and taken action to stop Hardy’s abuse right then. How many women would have been protected from this deceptive predator?

Meet Ghevont Wartanian, forced two women to undress in front of him so he could watch…

In 2013, Ghevont Wartanian was disciplined by the Maryland Medical Board after two separate complaints from female patients.

Both patients reported that Wartanian touched them inappropriately and made sexual comments to them.

Wartanian also made the patients get undressed in front of him, and he did not “provide them with sufficient robes to protect their privacy.” No chaperones were present in the room, and both patients complained of “improper breast examinations.”

In 2001, it was also reported that some 18 women had sued Wartanian for malpractice, yet the only discipline on his public Maryland record is for the sexual abuse in 2013. And “discipline” is a loose term. The only action taken by the Maryland Board was adding a “permanent condition” to his licensure wherein Wartanian was required to have a chaperone in the room when seeing female patients. Not one day of suspension or revocation of his license was instituted — no fines and no criminal charges.

Meet Arie Snir, told a judge that actions like kissing a patient on the neck and saying he’d like to “perform sexual acts on her” were just misunderstood…

In 1994, three female patients testified during a criminal trial to being sexually assaulted by Arie Snir.

According to an article from the Washington Post that covered the trial, “One woman said Snir told her that her breasts were beautiful and that if his wife saw them she would be jealous. He also made lewd comments about what he liked to do sexually with beautiful black women… .”

Another woman testified that Snir kissed her on the neck during a breast exam. Then, seeing she had a piercing in her naval, added that he wanted to “attach her to a ceiling fan and perform sexual acts on her.”

The article also stated that upon his arrest in May 1994, Snir was quoted by law enforcement as saying, “I guess I better stop kissing my patients.”

During the trial, Snir denied some of the remarks and said others were a joke or just misunderstood.

Though he was sentenced to two years in jail by the county judge, Snir was able to appeal to the Circuit Court where charges regarding two of the women were dismissed, and the other charge was reduced to a misdemeanor offense, costing him just $2,500 in fines.

Meet Mansour Panah, who insisted on sticking his tongue in patients’ mouths…

Mansour Panah was a repeat offender who saw very little discipline despite shoving his tongue into patients’ mouths over decades — among other vile acts.

In 1988, Panah was already before the Medical Board for unwanted sexual contact with three patients. This abuse started just five years after he was first licensed.

All three patients reported Panah kissing them and forcing his tongue into their mouths.

One patient testified that, in her last three weeks of pregnancy, Panah told her he was in love with her and that he could not wait for the pregnancy to be over so they could be together. He then forcibly kissed her and fondled her breasts.

He performed endless breast exams on another patient who was 21-years-old at the time and had never seen a gynecologist before. Sometimes he did two breast exams and, at one appointment, three exams. When she asked if there was a medical reason for so many breast exams, Panah said she was beautiful and had “beautiful tits.” He also asked her if he could come see her at work and how she felt about dating older men.

Despite clear signs that this man was an aggressive sexual predator, Maryland did not revoke his license but only gave him a short 45-day suspension.

In 1995, another patient filed a complaint for unwanted sexual contact. Once again, Panah tried to hug and kiss this patient, forcing his tongue into her mouth. This time, the Board gave him a 60-day suspension, which it then stayed in return for three years probation and a fine of $7,500. He was also required to have a chaperone for female patients, as well as counseling and community service. What the Board did not do was revoke this obvious repeat offender’s license in order to protect women from his predatory habits.

In fact, Panah remained licensed until 2014, at which time he permanently surrendered his license to avoid an investigation surrounding the death of a woman left unattended while sedated for an abortion.

Meet Joel Match, the hopeless romantic who tried to pimp out his girlfriend for extra cash…

When an ex-girlfriend of Joel Match contacted Operation Rescue detailing how he had tried to recruit her for an escort service he was starting — during one of their dates, no less — there was little that could be done for her.

She had already contacted state officials in Virginia where he was licensed, and they were unwilling to act. She didn’t have any documentation of his solicitation, just her story.

It didn’t seem to matter that Match had recently been in trouble for an illegal pill mill, or that he had also recently been involved in a lawsuit for performing an abortion on a woman with an ectopic pregnancy. Her fallopian tube burst days later and nearly killed her. Authorities certainly could have chosen to investigate a possible illegal escort service being run by this man with a documented past of breaking regulations and whose medical license gave him ample access to young women he might also try to recruit.

They chose not to, however, and so it’s no surprise that this desperate woman resurfaced in a “Dear Abby” column in 2015, trying to bring some sort of attention to this predator.

It was only due to previous conversations with this informant that Operation Rescue’s previous Senior Policy Advisor recognized her story when she read:

“Dear Abby: I am a widow in my early 50s. While I was dating a prominent OB-GYN, I found out that he’s involved in criminal activity – operating a so-called “pill mill.” On our last date, he asked me to join an escort service he was starting. I notified the medical board of the state he’s practicing in and various government agencies. He’s doing abortions, which means he has access to vulnerable young women. Knowing this, I have lost trust in our medical establishment. Nothing seems to affect this man’s success and practice.”

Like so many women detailed in this campaign, the proper authorities set in place to protect women from sexual predators in the medical field have ignored this woman’s story and, instead, left a likely sex abuser with unfettered access to other unsuspecting women.

And it’s no coincidence that many of these abortion predators are currently licensed in some of the most pro-abortion states across the nation. As the abortion lobby pushes harder and harder to create “abortion havens” in abortion-friendly states, they will also undoubtedly create “predator havens.” In these states, abusers can be politically protected and even celebrated as heroes for “protecting abortion access,” all while quietly continuing to act out their dark, perversive pleasures.