By Cheryl Sullenger
Boston, MA — The Boston Globe is reporting that two more women have come forward to accuse former Planned Parenthood abortionist Roger Ian Hardy of sexually molesting them at a fertility clinic where he once worked.
Roger Ian Hardy was forced to surrender his Massachusetts medical license in January 2014, after 18 witnesses came forward in 2004 to testify against him about his inappropriate sexual behavior not only with his patients, but also female members of his staff. This salacious scandal covered in technicolor-detail in a three-part expose published by the Boston Globe.
Now the Globe is also reporting that Hardy fled the country and has been living in Thailand for the past year as news of his chronic pattern of abuse has burst into the headlines.
“The evidence so far is very convincing that Roger Ian Hardy was a serial-abuser who victimized women for over 30 years. It is shocking that he was never held accountable for any of his crimes. It is more likely than not that Planned Parenthood was aware of his perversion and covered up for him just like everyone else,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Former classmates of Hardy’s while he was an undergraduate student at Princeton have also come forward, telling the Globe that Hardy was accused of sexual assault several times at Princeton. Twice such allegations were reported to University officials, but Hardy denied the allegations and nothing further was done.
In fact, over the past 30 years, Hardy has been accused of sex crimes over and over, but authorities “often believed Hardy’s denials over the women’s charges,” according to the Globe.
Hardy began moonlighting for Planned Parenthood in Santa Clara, California, in 1991, then moved to Massachusetts in 1992 when he began providing abortions for Planned Parenthood of League of Massachusetts, Inc. Hardy’s pattern of abuse included the time he was working at Planned Parenthood.
One of the new accusers recently filed suit in Marlboro County, Massachusetts, alleging that Hardy abused her while she was under anesthesia during an egg-retrieval process in September, 2013, during Hardy’s employment at the infertility clinic. After the procedure, she complained of “severe vaginal trauma and bleeding,’’ but her concerns were dismissed as a normal part of the procedure.
The second woman to come forward claims Hardy molested her during a 2012 procedure at the same fertility clinic. She as retained an attorney with plans to file suit.
The Medical Board in Massachusetts had been criticized for not taking action to discipline Hardy sooner.
“This represents a regulatory failure that has betrayed the women this agency was sworn to protect,” said Newman. “Anything the Board has done to remedy this situation is akin to closing the barn door after the horse escaped.”
With Hardy out of the country, it is unclear what the legal actions against Hardy can accomplish, except to further expose him and his perverse acts that left a 30-year trail of sexual abuse victims in his wake. But for now, at least he is out of the abortion business in America.
“But God help the women of Thailand,” said Newman.

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