By Anne Reed

An employee of Access Health Center, more commonly known as American Women’s Center, in Des Plaines, Illinois, called 911 at 1:13 p.m. on November 2, 2023. The 911 records were provided courtesy of Illinois-based Pro-Life Action League.

When the dispatcher asked specific questions about the emergency, the caller transferred the call to the abortionist, believed to be Cheryl Chastine.   

“Hello,” she said cheerfully, as if she was clueless that she was on the line with 911.  

“Hi, this is the fire department. Tell me exactly what happened,” the dispatcher asked.  

“Hey, what’s up? So we are doing a procedure, an intrauterine procedure, and then she just won’t stop bleeding,” she responded. 

Her tone of voice more closely resembled that of an adolescent observing the situation than the voice of someone with the knowledge and professionalism expected of a medical “doctor.”

The abortionist went on to explain that the hemorrhaging woman had been given meds but refused the insertion of a Bakri balloon into her uterus to slow the bleeding. Apparently, the patient had lost all confidence in the abortionist by this time and requested immediate transfer to a legitimate hospital.

When the dispatcher asked the abortionist the age of the patient, she seemed to have no idea: “Probably around 30 or something like that,” she responded. However, later during the call, the abortionist was informed the patient was 39 years of age – much closer to 40. One can only wonder if the abortionist reviewed the woman’s chart before entering the room. Did the woman have risk factors that needed to be considered, such as past c-sections, multiple abortions, advanced age, etc.?

The abortionist seemed to have little concern over the patient’s blood loss, stating, “She’s lost maybe like a hundred milliliters of blood overall…” However, according to the computer-aided dispatch transcript, the transfer was coded a priority 2 major emergency and required advanced life support.

Two more incredibly disturbing 911 calls were documented in 2023 from this facility.   

On April 26, 2023, Chastine overdosed a patient on Fentanyl and Versed. She considered calling off the ambulance, just before exclaiming, “Oh my God!” and having to administer resuscitative breaths.

Then, on October 7, 2023, a woman hemorrhaged for five hours before the staff bothered calling 911. 

Back to the November emergency, it is not known how long this woman also had been hemorrhaging before the patient insisted on being transferred to a hospital emergency room where she would receive appropriate care for her critical condition. 

“People who kill for a living have seared consciences. They simply cannot have a normal degree of empathy and concern for a suffering patient, like that of a sincere caregiver,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.   

“We do not know if the child survived the attempted murder, though it is highly unlikely. Still, we are thankful the mother remained conscious and was alert enough to demand emergency intervention. We pray that this frightening ordeal will wake her up and lead her to repentance.”  

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