By Anne Reed Updated 4/29/23 to correct number of hours delayed from six to five

On October 7, 2022, 911 was called shortly before 3 p.m. from Access Health Center, also known as American Women’s Center, in the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines, Illinois – the same clinic where a woman was overdosed on Fentanyl two months ago and barely escaped with her life.

The fire department and an ambulance were dispatched to the facility to treat and transport the woman to a nearby emergency room. According to the caller, she had been hemorrhaging since undergoing an abortion five hours earlier.   

When the dispatcher asked the caller if the woman had medical staff with her at the time, she responded by saying the woman “doesn’t have any medical issue.” She went on to inform the dispatcher that the 30-year-old woman had been pregnant nine times.

911 Records Provided Courtesy of Pro-Life Action League

Unfortunately, according to the computer-aided dispatch transcript, the first ambulance that was sent experienced mechanical failure, requiring the dispatch of another ambulance to the location.

“The odds seemed to have been stacked against this woman,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “First, the abortionist delayed calling 911 for emergency medical assistance for five long hours as this woman lay there hemorrhaging – a condition that could be life-threatening. Then, the ambulance stalled on the way.

“We pray she survived the events of that terrible day and that the experience will open her eyes to the truth of what she has done – perhaps multiple times. May she call on God’s mercy and forgiveness and begin to live a life that honors Him.”  

According to Operation Rescue’s annual survey, this abortion facility kills babies by surgical abortion up to 19 weeks gestation, well into the second trimester. By that age, the baby is about nine inches long, and the mother has begun to feel her kicking. The baby’s senses of smell, vision, touch, taste, and hearing are developing, and she may even be able to hear her mother talk.

“Abortionists prove over and over again that they have no respect for human life – both by murdering innocent babies and treating the mothers of these murdered babies with a frightening degree of negligence,” said Newman.

“The abortionists and staff working at this killing center have certainly done so. It is a wretched facility that needs to be closed once and for all.”   

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