By Anne Reed

Woman barely escapes with her life, unborn child dead, Operation Rescue pursuing justice

A woman stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated during a 911 call from Access Health Center, otherwise known as American Women’s Center in Des Plaines, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

The abortionist overdosed the 34-year-old woman on fentanyl and midazolam, as heard in the 911 call made at 12:32 p.m. on February 20, 2023. Cheryl Chastine, the abortionist responsible for the overdose participated in the emergency call by speaker. 

During the 911 call, Chastine indicated the woman was “over-sedated” and her respiratory status was “pretty questionable.” She said the woman was “coming around” on her own, though her oxygen saturation was 83%, which, if not increased quickly, could certainly cause brain damage. 

Chastine stated she wanted the dispatcher to stay on the line “just in case.” Then, suddenly, she exclaimed, “Oh my God!” 

It was at that moment that the woman stopped breathing and had to be given resuscitative breaths.

See computer-aided dispatch record here (courtesy of Pro-Life Action League).

Fentanyl and Versed (generic name midazolam) is a benzodiazepine typically used to help patients relax before medical procedures. It can slow or stop breathing, especially if the patient recently used an opioid – like Fentanyl. Yet, this abortionist administered both drugs for “procedural sedation.” 

Chastine stated she was uncertain whether an ambulance was needed, as she was waiting on Narcan, a drug used to reverse the effects of an opioid. Police and emergency responders carry Narcan to revive drug addicts who have overdosed on heroin or fentanyl and are on the verge of death. 

But in this case, the overdose was initiated by a “medical professional,” not a drug addict. 

The Narcan apparently arrived during the call, as the staffer who initiated the 911 call was heard asking how to administer the drug.  

“Cheryl Chastine proved a long time ago that she has no conscience,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “The fact that anyone would practice such unbelievably negligent medicine is shocking, but it really is not surprising coming from this so-called family medicine doctor who has made a living traveling around the country killing babies. She has proudly followed in the footsteps of late-term abortionist George Tiller, killing right here in Wichita, Kansas – the city of Operation Rescue’s headquarters. 

“Chastine has worked hard to remain under the radar. We caught her trying to hide her identity years ago, and she is still trying to kill babies secretively. But this act of negligence has exposed her once again for the murderous criminal she is. I hope this patient files and wins a lawsuit against this derelict excuse for a medical doctor.”

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