By Cheryl Sullenger

Cleveland, OH – It was rush hour outside of Preterm, a high-volume abortion facility located in Cleveland, Ohio, in the late afternoon of Wednesday, May 25, 2022.  As on many streets in busy cities across America, parking along Shaker Boulevard was prohibited during that time.

So, when a big unmarked rental truck pulled up and illegally parked along the curb outside of Preterm, it caught Fred Sokol’s attention.

Because Sokol has maintained a regular pro-life vigil with his custom-made signs outside Preterm for years, he knew well why that box truck was there.  

Trucks like that stopped by occasionally to pick up “medical waste” from the abortion facility – including the remains of aborted babies.  But Sokol told Operation Rescue that they almost always park in the parking lot, pick up a few boxes, then are quickly gone.

A Preterm employee oversees a driver from a medical waste company as he arranges biohazard bins and boxes from Preterm. At least some of them contained the remains of aborted babies.

But on this day, it took three trips to bring out all the large red biohazard tubs and cardboard boxes.  Even the clinic’s security guard, who was tasked with protecting the grisly cargo, was recruited to help with the load. 

It is estimated that at least a dozen containers were removed from Preterm over the course of 30 minutes.

Sokol remarked that in 800 visits to Preterm, he had never seen that high of volume of biohazard containers removed.  By the time they were finished loading the boxes and tubs, the box truck was “filled to the brim.”

This box truck is filled with biohazard boxes and bins from Preterm, in Cleveland, Ohio. Pro-Life activist Fred Sokol snapped these
photos that show his signs ironically begging for someone save the babies.

Preterm conducts abortions through 21 weeks – or five months gestation.  It also trains hospital residents how to do abortions in conjunction with the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning, operated by the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health – an organization with a worldwide depopulation agenda.

And based on the excessive amount of biohazard “waste,” Preterm seems to be doing its part to depopulate the Cleveland area.

As each load of boxes came out of Preterm, all four pro-life activists present on the sidewalk stopped to pray for the babies they knew were in at least some of those boxes.

“I stood behind the back of the truck with the dead babies, and I said a prayer commending them to God,” Sokol said. “I felt like I was at a funeral.”

Finally, Sokol turned to a Preterm worker who was standing nearby overseeing the transfer of boxes and said, “So, there is more to it than ‘my body my choice,’ right?”

The abortion worker had no response but to hang her head.

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