Whistleblower Alerts Operation Rescue to More Alleged Illegal Activity 

By Anne Reed

A whistle blower recently informed Operation Rescue of alleged illegal activity at CARE abortion facility in Bellevue, Nebraska. On May 2, the informant alleged that patients would be seen at the facility the following day under the license of Leroy Carhart, who had died almost two weeks earlier. 

The identity of the informant is being withheld, but Operation Rescue’s confidential sources deem the individual to be a reliable source of information in this case. The details provided align with information provided by a pro-life witness the same day. 

The informant stated the following: 

“Tomorrow patients will illegally be seen at the Bellevue clinic under Dr. Carhart’s DEA license, and pharmacy. As you are aware he is dead. The new medical director, Tyrone Malloy MD is not registered in Nebraska and has previously lost his medical license for fraud. His colleague will see patients, and she is not a dispensing physician. The clinic license is no longer active following Dr. Carhart’s death. Do what you will with this, I have reported this to the state.” 

Operation Rescue collaborated with a pro-life Nebraska citizen who also shared information about the events that had recently taken place. Both filed formal complaints with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office.

Though Operation Rescue verified by phone that its complaint had been received, the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office only responded in writing to the Nebraska resident’s complaint, stating that a professional licensure investigation had been opened against Tyrone Malloy. The response can be accessed here. 

The late Leroy Carhart’s daughter, Janine Weatherby, is now responsible for the two abortion facilities previously owned by Carhart, who passed away at age 81 in April.  Weatherby confirmed in a July 31 article in the Daily Nonpareil that felon abortionist Tyrone Malloy had taken over as medical director of the abortion facilities in Bellevue, Nebraska, and Bethesda, Maryland.

Malloy has a sordid history including a 2014 conviction on two counts of defrauding the Georgia Medicaid program by illegally billing over $386,000. He was sentenced to four years in prison and six years of probation.

In the end, he served less than two years, and his Georgia medical license was reinstated soon after his release. 

His criminal activity adds to highly alarming cases of malpractice, including the 1999 death of a newborn baby after a c-section. He was also responsible for the 2008 death of a 23-year-old woman on which he performed a 25-week dismemberment abortion. He lacerated her cervix and stitched it up. However, he also perforated her uterus, leaving her to experience uncontrolled bleeding and multiple cardiac arrests. She was pronounced dead at an Atlanta hospital despite the efforts of emergency room physicians and surgeons to save her life. More details concerning the frightening turn of events are available here

In response, the Georgia Composite Medical Board issued Malloy a Public Reprimand and allowed him to pay the meager fine of $10,000 in four installments. For killing the newborn, he only received a Public Reprimand and a mere $5,000 fine

“This man is a scourge on society,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It’s not surprising that he would be chosen to follow in Carhart’s footsteps. He apparently did not learn his lesson by the wrist slaps he received in Georgia and is continuing on his criminal path.

“Let’s hope and pray that Attorney General Mike Hilgers (R-NE) takes this notoriously dangerous excuse for a medical doctor more seriously than Georgia did.”

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