Notorious late-term abortionist finally stopped killing babies at age 81

Leroy Carhart took his last breath early Friday morning, reportedly, after a brief period in hospice. He never stopped killing babies. In his final months, even as he suffered from terminal cancer, he was seen by sidewalk counselors being chauffeured to C.A.R.E., his abortion business in Bellevue, Nebraska. Though he stopped performing surgical abortions a few months before his death, he managed to spend hours at a time inside the clinic as pregnant women poured into the building for chemical abortions. 

According to Carhart, the choice he made to kill babies was evidence of his love for God and his neighbors. In an interview with CNN last year, he spoke of prayer and his desire to retire and find a successor to carry on his legacy. He readily admitted he knew he was killing “babies” and told the stunned interviewer he had no problem if it’s in the mother’s uterus.” 

Carhart always knew he was killing babies. He knew it when, during a 2012 undercover investigation by Live Action, he described a baby who would be killed and remain in the mother’s womb for three days – laughing as he said it was “like putting meat in a crockpot,” – also laughing as he described the tools used to “break up the baby” and deliver it “in pieces.” 

He knew he was killing babies when he also killed their mothers: Christin Gilbert in 2005 and Jennifer Morbelli in 2013. 

He knew he was killing babies when he fought for the right to perform gruesome partial birth abortions at the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000 and 2007. 

“Leroy Carhart behaved like the bile of humanity, living a ghoulish life to the end,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. 

“Operation Rescue fought many campaigns to stop Carhart’s late-term abortion business. Battle grounds included, Kansas, Nebraska, Maryland, and Colorado. I’m proud of our efforts to shut down his monstrous killing spree. I pray God has mercy on his dark soul.”

“Though many prayed for his salvation, there was no outward evidence that he had a change of heart and repented of the detestable, murderous acts he committed almost daily. I grieve the loss of all the innocent lives that were destroyed by his blood-drenched hands, and I pray that somehow God will use his death to bring others to repentance – since it is too late for him.”