By Cheryl Sullenger
It was March 21, 2008, when a 23-year old woman known only as S.M. walked into the Summit Medical Association abortion facility in Atlanta, Georgia, for an abortion in her sixth month of pregnancy.
She would never return to her home or family.
Tyrone Cecil Malloy conducted her 25-week dismemberment abortion. Records show that during her abortion, Malloy lacerated her cervix, then repaired it with stitches.
But that wasn’t the only injury he inflicted on his patient. Records show that Malloy either did not know or ignored the fact that he had perforated her uterus and stabbed her intestine causing S.M. to hemorrhage internally.
After the abortion, Malloy had her moved to the clinic’s recovery room where S.M. went into cardiac arrest.
While paramedics performed CPR, she was transported to Atlanta Medical Center, where emergency room physicians continued to attempt to resuscitate her while watching her abdomen balloon from blood that was pooling up inside her due to the internal hemorrhage.
Surgeons conducted an emergency hysterectomy and bowel repair on their young patient, and treated her blood loss with “vigorous blood product replacement.”
Despite the heroic efforts of the hospital physicians that tried to save her life, S.M. again suffered cardiac arrest in the Intensive Care Unit. She was soon pronounced dead.
For his negligence in taking S.M.’s life, the Georgia Composite Medical Board issued Malloy a Public Reprimand and ordered him to pay $10,000, due in four installments for his convenience.
But that wasn’t Malloy’s only misadventure in his career.
Another slap on the wrist
Previously, in 1999, Malloy mismanaged the delivery of a baby, who died after Malloy neglected to conduct an emergency cesarean section as indicated. For taking that child’s life, Malloy was issued a Public Reprimand and fined $5,000.
See the pattern?
Off to prison
Things changed for Malloy once money became involved in his misdeeds.
In 2011, Malloy and his office manager at Old National Gynecology in College Park, Georgia, were indicted by a DeKalb County grand jury for Medicaid fraud after it was discovered that they had been wrongly billing for fake ultrasounds and abortion procedures.
On March 21, 2014, Malloy was convicted on two counts of bilking the Georgia Medicaid program of over $386,000. He was sentenced to four years in prison and six years of probation.
On May 12, 2015, Malloy voluntarily surrendered his medical license – something that at the time was applauded by pro-life supporters, but would later be cause for alarm.
“Had we understood at the time that Malloy’s license surrender would made it easier for him to return to the abortion business, we would have tried to intervene with the medical board to ensure he could never practice again,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Dishonest criminals like him, who have bilked so many out of money and the lives of loved ones, should never be allowed to get their medical licenses back. Their betrayal of trust alone should prevent that.”
Medical license reinstated
Malloy was apparently released from prison late last year and wasted no time applying for a reinstatement of his medical license in October 2017. Likewise, the Composite Medical Board wasted no time in quietly reinstating his license, despite his repeated history of incompetence and criminal conduct.
The Georgia Composite Medical Board disclosed that Malloy petitioned for his medical license to be reinstated “in or about October 2017.” The Board granted his request on October 5, 2017. However, the Board did not make this decision public until August 14, 2018.
“In all our years dealing with medical boards and researching their orders related to abortionists, we have never seen any board move as fast as the Georgia Composite Medical Board did in the Malloy case,” said Newman. “It was almost as if they were expecting his petition and had predetermined their own response. It was fishy, to say the least.”
What does Eric Holder have to do with it?
Meanwhile, Malloy is still described as the Medical Director at Old National Gynecology, an abortion facility that he owns and operates. [See current Georgia Medical License Profile.]

The building that houses Old National Gynecology is owned by a family trust managed by Reed and Margie Tuckson, wealthy physicians who are heavy donors to the Democratic National Committee. They gave large contributions to big-name Democrats like Barack Obama, Sen. Mark Warner, and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) who is running for Minnesota Attorney General and recently was credibly accused of abuse by his former girlfriend.
Margie Tuckson is the sister-in-law of Dr. Sharon Malone Holder, wife of former U.S. Attorney General Erick Holder. Dr. Holder was once listed along with Margie Tuckson on the trust, but references to her have since been scrubbed. This ownership of Malloy’s abortion facility made headlines in 2012 when it was reported that Eric Holder failed to report his family’s relationship to Malloy’s abortion business.
The problem with license surrender
Because Malloy voluntarily surrendered his medical license in 2015, he was able to successfully reapply for it to be reinstated.
Had the medical board revoked Malloy’s medical license, as it should have, after his criminal conviction, it would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, for Malloy to get his license back.
The lightning speed with which the medical board in Georgia restored Malloy’s medical license is troubling, on two counts.
Did Malloy’s relationship with big-league Democratic campaign donors influence the medical board to act with unprecedented speed to restore his license?
Now, Malloy has likely returned to the business of abortion that cost S.M. and thousands of babies their lives. This makes the safety of patients a grave concern.
“This is completely unacceptable. The lives of women and babies are at stake,” said Newman. “We simply cannot allow this kind of injustice to happen again.”
Is Robert Rho next?
This has led to new concerns about the case of New York abortionist Robert Rho, who was recently convicted and imprisoned for killing Jaime Lee Morales during a horrifically botched abortion in 2016.
Rho also voluntarily surrendered his medical license soon after his arrest. During his trial, Operation Rescue’s courtroom observer heard discussions related to Rho’s desire to open a new abortion clinic as soon as he is able.
Rho, who is currently serving 18 months to four years in prison for his conviction on one charge of negligent homicide, will likely be eligible for license restoration as well.
“We will monitor Rho’s case and make sure the medical board members in New York are aware of the danger he poses to the public and will urge them not to reinstate his license,” said Newman. “We will also work to persuade the Georgia authorities to permanently revoke Malloy’s license, since he certainly also poses a danger to the public. We must work to protect women from these butchers.”