In late September and October, 2015, Operation Rescue President Troy Newman was invited by Australia Right to Life to speak in a number of cities across Australia. However, the trip turned into an international incident when the Minister of Immigration unjustly revoked Newman’s visa without proper notice while he was in transit to the Land Down Under. Newman was falsely accused, detained for three days, then deported. The incident generated international headlines and brought abortion to the forefront of public debate in Australia.
Below is an archive of stories from Operation Rescue that tell the full story.
Operation Rescue’s Non-Violent History is a Matter of Public Record
September 29, 2015: Australia Revokes Newman’s Visa, Attempts to Block Him From Traveling In US
September 30, 2015: Australian Abortion Supporters Use Falsehoods to Deny Visa to Pro-Life Speaker Troy Newman
September 30, 2015: Newman Detained in Australia Pending Deportation Due to Pro-Abortion Campaign of Falsehoods
October 1, 2015: Newman’s Detention in Australia Due to False Accusations Makes International News
October 1, 2015: Operation Rescue Objects to Poor Treatment of Troy Newman by Australian Government
October 2, 2015: Australia High Court Ignores Facts, Orders Newman Deported
October 5, 2015: Newman Safely Home in U.S. But Promises Australia “I Shall Return”
October 30, 2015: Newman Drops Appeal of Unjust Australian Visa Cancellation Due to Expense of Litigation