Melbourne, Australia – The Australian High Court has ruled that the Ministry of Immigration was justified in withdrawing Troy Newman’s visa and has ordered him deported. Newman will also have to pay court costs.
Newman had appealed the decision to cancel his visa, which was down while he was enroute and without proper notification sought to enjoin the government from deporting him.
Mary Collier of Australia Right to Life, which had invited Newman to Australia for a speaking tour, read the following statement at a press conference after the hearing:

The judge accepted there was a serious question to be tried about whether the decision to cancel Troy’s visa was valid, having regard for the implied freedom of political communication. However, the judge found that the balance of convenience did not favor the grant of interlocutory injunction to prevent his removal from Australia while that serious question is tried. On this basis, the application for an interlocutory injunction was refused. Any final determination of the matter will occur at some later date.

“In order to reach this decision, the Court had to ignore Troy’s 25-year record of peaceful, law-abiding advocacy on behalf of the most vulnerable call of human beings, the pre-born. It is a sad day when downright lies and twisted words triumphs over truth, but that is exactly what happened today,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “I’m sorry that the Minister of Immigration was so worried about covering up his judgement lapse that he forgot to be concerned about the consequences of his actions not only on Troy but on innocent bystanders involved in Troy’s life.”
Sullenger earlier in the day lodged a formal complaint with Minister Peter Dutton objecting to the poor treatment given Newman, which included holding him in solitary confinement, denying him access to his attorney, and banning any communication with his wife until just minutes before his final hearing.
Newman was in Australia with his wife, Mellissa, for a speaking tour sponsored by Australia Right to Life.
Mellissa was allowed a brief visit with her husband who was moved from the airport holding cell earlier today and is being incarcerated in solitary confinement on a military facility.
Newman penned a two-page hand-written note that his wife photographed for publication. He begins his letter with the heading “Political Prisoner 1-5BVUG6N.”

Troy Newman's Letter From Melbourne 10022015

Dear Friends,
I’m being held as a political prisoner in Melbourne, AU by Minister Peter Dutton. My visa was revoked as I was in the air. I was scheduled to speak on a national tour on the issue of life.
My 1st “charge is I believe “abortion is a savage act of violence.” Also, they know I’m associated w/CMP. They feel that if I speak on that issue I will have an “adverse” public reaction. My words are bad for the “public order.”
I’m being held in solitary confinement indefinitely.
Please pray for me.
Troy, Prisoner 1-5BVUG6N

Troy and Mellissa are set to return home to the U.S. on the first flight in the morning, Melbourne time. Meanwhile, Troy remains incarcerated until his flight.
“We are disappointed that Troy cannot continue on with Australia Right to Life, but we will be glad to have Troy and Melissa safe at home soon. We will then consider our next step to set right this injustice,” Sullenger said.
On behalf of Troy and Mellissa and Operation Rescue, Sullenger thanks everyone at Australia Right to Life for working so hard to get Troy released and for taking such great care of Mellissa after the authorities turned her out into the airport with nothing but the clothes on her back.
“I understand that they were many, many people working behind the scenes for Troy’s release, and I am thankful for each and every one of them,” Sullenger continued. “During the last few days, thousands of pro-life supporters from every walk of life took to social media in support of Troy and his live-saving work and wrote messages on his behalf to Minister Dutton hoping that he would see reason, but unfortunately, we must to leave reason for another day.”
Sullenger encouraged everyone not to feel disappointed at the adverse ruling.
“We may have lost this round, but overall we are winning. Abortion clinics are closing. Abortion numbers are dropping. Hearts and minds are changing to embrace life. In the end, we will prevail.”