Washington, D.C. — Operation Rescue has been closely following the hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh as he is considered for confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. The matter of abortion has come up numerous times in the past two days.
It is being reported that the disrupters who have been shouting from the gallery throughout the proceeding were organized by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and are being paid to act out and cause delays.
This morning, leftist protesters stormed the office of Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley and continue to occupy it as of this writing.
The majority of messages being shouted from the hearing gallery have been pro-abortion in nature.
Many pro-abortion groups, such as NARAL and Planned Parenthood have been publicly supporting the disrupters and publicly opposing Judge Kavanaugh.
On social media, the hysteria has reached a fever pitch. Abortion supporters opine that bad things will happen if women are denied abortions. They say women will die if his nomination is confirmed, women will return to the back alley, women will be treated as slaves, women won’t be able to made decisions about their bodies, etc.

However, women are already dying in American abortion facilities from grievously botched abortions done by incompetent abortionists. Many more are injured – some permanently – by abortion and require emergency medical care to save their lives.
This is not hyperbole on our part. These claims can be backed up with facts found at Abortion911.com. There, one can read hundreds of documented cases of abortion injury and death that have happened in the past few years.

Cree Erwin was found dead in her mother’s bed where she was trying to recuperate from a seriously botched abortion at Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
• An abortionist at a Toledo, Ohio, abortion facility thought a patient’s uterus had been perforated, so they crammed her in the back seat of a private subcompact car then kicked her to the curb outside the hospital emergency room entrance. They were fined $40,000 for their negligent conduct.
• A Planned Parenthood abortion office in Chicago, Illinois, experienced four medical emergencies that resulted in patient hospitalization in just four months. According to 911 recordings, abortion complications included hemorrhaging, seizures, and an unresponsive woman.
• A Charlotte, North Carolina, abortion facility that inflicted fatal injuries on 18-year old Diamond Williams in 2016, was found to have called 911 for at least 20 other women suffering medical emergencies at that facility.

These and many more documented incidents of botched abortions and patient deaths found at Abortion911.com completely destroy the pro-abortion argument that abortion should be legal and unregulated to keep women from dying or suffering incompetent abortions.
It also shows at abortion kills children and hurts women, making the case that women actually are better off without this brutal and barbaric practice.
“Those who support the killing of innocent children through abortion are the ones who seem most triggered by our evidence that incompetent abortionists injure women during abortions with alarming frequency,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Judge Kavanaugh has answered hostile questioning with calm, thoughtful answers. He has proved that he has the intellect and the temperament to serve on the nation’s Highest Court with distinction,” Newman continued. “We encourage supporters to continue contacting your senators and let them know you expect them to support the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”
Please feel free to post reports from Abortion911.com and OperationRescue.org on social media to educate the public about the dangers of abortion. Use hashtags #ConfirmKavanaugh #AbortionHurtsWomen #AbortionKillsBabies.
Contact your Senators now.