Toledo Abortion Biz Fined $40,000 For Mishandling Medical Emergency Amid OH Supreme Court Challenge of Hospital Transfer Agreement

Capital Care Network abortion facility in Toledo, Ohio, where a woman
was seriously injured during an abortion on April 1, 2017.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Toledo, OH – The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is seeking to impose a fine of $40,000 against Capital Care Network, an abortion facility in Toledo, Ohio, after a complaint inspection found five “serious licensure violations” related to a mishandled abortion-related medical emergency on April 1, 2017, according to documents obtained by Operation Rescue.

This fine is particularly significant since the Capital Care Network is expected to argue before the Ohio Supreme Court tomorrow that hospital transfer agreements are unnecessary and place an “undue burden” on women seeking abortions.

“These documents, along with photographs and eye-witness accounts, actually demonstrate an urgent need for enforcement of the hospital transfer agreement provision. It is critical to the safety of women that the state immediately shut down Capital Care Network for their deceptive and dangerous practices that endangered the life of their patient then tried to cover it up,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

One day after Operation Rescue published a report and video detailing how the abortion emergency was mishandled, it received documents from the ODH in response to a four-month old public records request that supported Operation Rescue’s account of that incident and shed further light on the nature of the patient emergency and the callous attitude of the abortion business staff toward their critically injured patient.

According to a letter from ODH Director Lance Himes and an attached inspection report, on April 11, 2017, ODH representatives inspected the Capital Care in response to a complaint submitted on Operation Rescue’s recommendation by a pro-life activist who witnessed the April 1 incident.

Those inspectors reviewed the chart for “Patient 1” and interviewed staff members, including “Staff A,” a “patient advocate” who drove Patient A and her “significant other” to the Toledo Hospital emergency room in her private vehicle and dropped them off before returning to work.

The inspection report indicated that Patient 1 was 11.5 weeks pregnant when she reported to the Capital Care Network for a suction abortion using a plastic vacuum tip. An ultrasound revealed possible retained tissue, but after an inspection of the aborted baby remains, staff reported that they found “placenta with complete fetal parts.” The unnamed abortionist noted in Patient 1’s chart, “possible perforation of bowel in cavity,” then ordered that she be “transferred to the hospital for an ultrasound.”

In order for a bowel to be perforated by a plastic vacuum tip during an abortion, it would require the uterus to be perforated first. The combined uterine and bowel perforations are life-threatening injuries.

Capital Care Network failed to send the patient’s medical records to the hospital with her, according to the inspection report. That left emergency room personnel in the dark about the patient’s treatment and condition, thus disrupting the continuity of care requirement that applies to all medical professionals.

This likely delayed emergency care to the seriously injured patient.

Capital Care Network employee Schuyler Beckwith, displaying a radical leftist “anarchist feminism” sign.

Beckwith was asked by inspectors why emergency policies that required staff to call an ambulance for hospital transport were not followed.

Beckwith coldly responded, “I guess the Doctor didn’t feel it was that much of an emergency.”

An eye-witness told Operation Rescue that an African-American woman was brought out the back entrance of the abortion facility and loaded into Beckwith’s Ford Focus during the April 1 incident. The woman was doubled over in pain and walked only with assistance. Another eyewitness saw Beckwith drop off the woman and her companion at the Toledo Hospital emergency room entrance before driving back to the abortion facility.

The inspection report noted five serious violations identified by the Department of Health:

• Failure to ensure the Medical Emergencies policy was implemented as written;
• Failure of staff to document and review the event;
• Failed to document and review all adverse events as part of its Quality Assurance program;
• Failed to ensure that the patient transported to the hospital was accompanied by her medical record;
• Failure to provide the patient with discharge instructions upon leaving the facility.

“It is obvious that Capital Care wanted to conceal the fact that they utterly botched an abortion then downplayed the seriousness of a perforated bowel in order to hide the facts from the Ohio Department of Health. They had a motive to lie in court documents about their supposed lack of complications and their emergency policies, since the ODH is trying to shut them down over their lack of hospital transfer agreement,” said Newman. “These are people who cannot be trusted one iota to tell the truth, but can be counted on to endanger their patients’ lives in order to cover up their dangerously shoddy practices.”

Capital Care Network attorneys requested a hearing on the $40,000 fine in a faxed letter to the ODH dated September 7, 2017.

They are also set to appear before the Ohio Supreme Court on September 12, at 9 a.m. for oral arguments in the state’s attempt to enforce licensing requirements, including the hospital transfer agreement provision, that Capital Care Network cannot meet. If successful, Capital Care Network would be forced to close.

“If there was ever a case in favor of the hospital transfer agreement for abortion facilities, this is one,” said Newman. “It proves that everything we have been saying about the shoddy treatment inflicted on women experiencing abortion complications is true, and that abortionists will stop at nothing – even placing the lives of their patients at risk – to hide botched abortions so they can claim abortion safety laws are unnecessary. That claim couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

Read the Letter of Intent to Fine and the inspection report.

Read Operation Rescue’s original report on the April 1 mishandled medical emergency.

  • The Doctor

    Will they be able to bring this up in the ongoing Ohio Supreme Court trial? I hope they are able to, because it definitely helps the state’s case. Funny how abortionists want to be treated just like “normal health care providers” yet b***h and cry like babies when they’re actually punished for breaking the rules, that no other medical provider has an issue providing. Plastic surgeons, dentists, and other medical groups don’t whine and claim it’s unfair when they’re told they have to follow the rules

  • Vivavox

    Having a hole in your uterus and bowel had to be excrutiatingly painful. It requires emergency surgery and care to make sure she did not get peritonitis or other complications. This woman was lucky she did not end up like Cree Erwin. I wonder if they would have called an ambulance for a Caucasian patient. I doubt Ms. Beckwith would want to be treated the same way as this patient was.

  • Iden

    @Vivavox I agree with everything you said up until you begin to make this a race issue. This is not about race, it’s about evil people in an evil industry trying to cover their incompetent asses when they harm someone. We have enough people in this country trying to divide races. Those of us who are passionate about this issue come from all races and need to be united as one.

  • S. Beckwith is not even a licensed professional. It is questionable if she actually has a current drivers license even!

  • The Doctor

    I also found out yesterday that NARAL Ohio is working on Capital Care’s behalf. They are petitioning local hospitals in the northwest Ohio area to try to get a new transfer agreement. One of them is ProMedica (the other private hospitals are Christian, so they’ll probably say no, but this one is private). If you do not support this organization, particularly if you’re a resident of Ohio, I think we should start our own petition or call/email through customer service to urge them not to support CCN.

    Here’s their information:
    Commonly Used Phone Numbers

    ProMedica Physicians (PPG)
    1-800-PPG-DOCS (1-800-774-3627)
    Customer Service / Call Center
    Financial Assistance / Billing Questions
    ProMedica Metro Hospital Scheduling
    (Flower Hospital, Bay Park Hospital, Toledo Hospital/Toledo Children’s Hospital, Arrowhead, Wildwood Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital, Health and Wellness Center)
    Fax: 419-291-9990

    https ://www. promedica .org/Pages/ about-us/ contact-us. aspx has info for specific hospital locations as well as an online comment form to send an email

  • Gayle Wilbanks

    Once again proving that Emperor Abortion has no clothes.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    It’s true what Vivavox said about the difference between how botched abortions are dealt with, regarding black and white victims. I’m sure that Margaret Sanger, (along with some proabortion white racist fringe elements within conservatism) is relishing that both black American victims of abortion, Cree Erwin and Latonya Reeves perished along with their children. It’s been alternative media that’s been sounding the alarm about the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood. I’m with you there regarding the importance of prolifers uniting to end abortion.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Thanks for the information!