By Sarah Neely

With an investigation still ongoing after a hemorrhaging woman was rushed to the hospital in late January, Planned Parenthood Chapel Hill has sent two more women to the emergency room  with uncontrolled bleeding just days apart.

The Ambulance on March 24th

At around 9:15 on Friday morning, March 24, pro-life advocates noticed an ambulance approaching the Planned Parenthood located at 1765 Dobbins Drive, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

“As soon as I saw the ambulance coming down the road, I knew it had to be coming to Planned Parenthood,” one advocate reports. “They had no lights on.” 

This time, a 36-year-old woman who was 18 weeks pregnant came to the clinic for a two-day dilation and evacuation procedure, also known as “dismemberment abortion.” In this gruesome procedure, laminaria sticks, or “dilators,” are typically inserted the first day in order to absorb moisture and force the cervix to dilate. On the second day, the cervix is forced open even more, the amniotic fluid is suctioned out, and the baby is then ripped from the womb, limb by limb, with metal forceps.

According to 911 records, this call was made on day two of the procedure, after the insertion of dilators the abortionist used to open the cervix. It is unknown whether any abortifacient drug was administered over the two days. 

Though another employee made the initial call, as soon as the 911 operator said, “Tell me exactly what happened,” the employee hesitated and then handed the phone off to the abortionist. 

The voices have been altered to protect the identity of those in the recording, which makes some portions difficult to understand. However, it sounds like the abortionist begins by saying, “This patient is on a third D&E and all we’ve done is remove dilators and she’s lost about 400 (likely mL) of blood.” 

Apparently the woman was already hemorrhaging when she arrived for day two of the procedure – a procedure she may have had twice already. The abortionist stated that the patient was not dilated enough to do the procedure, so it seems the dilators also failed to work properly. According to the abortionist, there was an attempt to insert more dilators to taper off the bleeding, but this also failed. 

Since the clinic called 911, it can certainly be assumed that dilators are not meant to cause significant hemorrhaging, and something had gone very wrong with this abortion. Three times during the call, the abortionist reiterated, “We cannot manage her ongoing bleeding here.” 

The Ambulance on April 1st (Just 8 Days Later)

On Saturday, April 1, advocates on the sidewalk noticed an ambulance at the side door of the clinic around 11:50 a.m. Eyewitnesses are not sure when the ambulance arrived, but they saw a woman being taken out of the clinic on a stretcher and loaded into the ambulance.

The 911 records revealed the patient was a 31-year-old woman who came for an abortion procedure and was experiencing “significant bleeding.” 

This makes three documented emergencies in just two months for this dangerous clinic, with a fourth that took place almost exactly one year ago in March 2022. All four involved uncontrolled bleeding from the uterus, one of the most dangerous complications in an abortion, and one which abortion clinics are never equipped to treat. 

The clinic employee who made the 911 call had to repeat most of the 911 operator’s questions to someone else, not even knowing the woman’s age when asked. Towards the end of the call, however, she made certain to tell EMS to come through the side door – a typical request from this clinic, likely because  that door is the only one wide enough for a gurney. In earlier 911 records, the abortionist also requested the side door, noting it was a “broader” doorway.

The employee finished by stating, “Also, if they can not have any sirens on that would be great.” 

A silent ambulance is “great” for a clinic trying to downplay sending numerous hemorrhaging women to the hospital; not great for the patients in need of emergency medical care. Imagine lying on a table bleeding, knowing you need to get to the emergency room, then hearing one of the people supposedly taking care of you ask the ambulance not to make any noise. 

Calling for Action From the State of North Carolina

A recent article in the New York Times quoted Jonas Swartz – a known abortionist at the Chapel Hill Planned Parenthood – who confirmed “the volume of patients is higher” at this Planned Parenthood since the overturn of Roe. He readily admitted those numbers “may become more difficult to handle.” As Planned Parenthood is unable to treat the dangerous injuries they inflict on women, this is without doubt.

While other states in the South have chosen to protect life in the womb post-Roe and, by doing so, protect women from these dangerous clinics, North Carolina is still allowing abortion up to 20 weeks gestation. It is very likely that abortion injuries will only become more frequent as Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities aim to cash in on being an “abortion destination” – all the while knowing they are entirely ill-equipped to treat the dangerous complications that inevitably result from rushed procedures and overbooking. 

An even bigger question is whether the state will take a hard look into this dangerous rise in abortion complications and investigate for any wrongdoing, or if injuries at clinics like Chapel Hill Planned Parenthood will be ignored in the name of “abortion justice,” allowing these dangerous facilities to act as they please, injure who they please, and keep the profits rolling in.

“We hear constant claims from mainstream media that ‘abortion is safe,’” says Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “However, the injuries we document every single week at Operation Rescue tell a very different story. Abortion is always lethal to the child and, many times, just as lethal and devastating for the mother. North Carolina can and should protect them both.”

Fr. Terry Gensemer, Director of CEC For Life, adds, “We are working with the local pro-life community to submit yet another complaint to the state regarding this dangerous clinic. Planned Parenthood Chapel Hill is already under investigation for injuring a woman just a couple of months ago. Will state officials take significant action now that a second and third woman have been injured, or will they simply give all these clinics a free pass to appease pro-abortion agendas? That’s exactly how convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell kept his gruesome abortion operation in Pennsylvania going for years.”  

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