By Sarah Neely

Another woman required emergency transport due to hemorrhaging at a Planned Parenthood located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Sidewalk advocates contacted Operation Rescue and CEC For Life after witnessing an ambulance leaving the facility on Saturday, January 28, with no lights or sirens. 

A public records request for the 911 call revealed the patient was a 24-year-old woman with significant bleeding and severe pain. (To protect identities, voices on the 911 recording were altered by a city records custodian, and information was redacted throughout the recording.)

 A non-medical staff member seems to have made the initial 911 call. When the 911 operator asked if the bleeding was significant, the staff member faltered, was unable to answer, and had to get a nurse.

The nurse took over and indicated the bleeding was stable but added, “because she has in a uterine Foley balloon.” 

A uterine Foley balloon is frequently used to temporarily stop bleeding by inserting it into the uterus and expanding the balloon to apply pressure. It’s very likely that was the purpose here, but it was not successful. The bleeding was apparently “stable” only because the balloon was slowing the blood flow, but Planned Parenthood staff obviously couldn’t control the bleeding without emergency care in a hospital setting, making this a life-threatening situation. 

Though the abortion industry and mainstream media claim that abortion is a safe procedure, women are at risk for serious complications – like uncontrolled bleeding – that abortion clinics are wholly unprepared to handle. 

The woman was also experiencing significant pain, described by the nurse as a “nine out of ten.” Despite dangerous bleeding and immense pain the nurse still made sure to ask the ambulance, “Can you please come to the side and turn the sirens off?” 

To feed their “abortion is safe” narrative, abortion clinics are notorious for attempting to hide and downplay medical emergencies by asking ambulances to turn off lights and sirens, even when a patient is bleeding out and every minute could be critical.

See the computer-aided dispatch record for additional details.

This is also the second emergency Operation Rescue and CEC For Life have reported at this Chapel Hill location. Just one year ago, another woman was transported for hemorrhaging.

Operation Rescue and CEC For Life are working with local advocates to submit a complaint to the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation (NCDHSR), the agency responsible for licensing and overseeing abortion facilities. According to t he NCDHSR website, this Chapel Hill Planned Parenthood has not been inspected since August 2021.  

“We are calling for an immediate investigation of this clinic and the medical emergencies that have endangered the lives of at least two patients,” Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, commented. “Local advocates were thankfully present to witness these two incidents, but how many more women have been carted away with no lights and sirens when no one was around to report it?”

Sarah Neely of CEC For Life adds, “Planned Parenthood constantly clamors on about how much they care for women – but where is the care for a woman who is bleeding in one room after making a decision she can never take back, with a staff member in the next room asking the ambulance to hide their arrival? Who are they putting first in that scenario?”

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