80-Year Old Abortionist Keeps Working as Authorities Turn a Blind Eye to Her Abuses

By Cheryl Sullenger Baton Rouge, LA – Mary Francis Gardner is 80 years old.  She can no longer drive her own vehicle. Even though she walks with a walker, she still often requires additional human assistance to get from her vehicle into her place of business.  Yet, despite her advanced age and obvious physical limitations, […]

Warning Signs: What Robert Rho and Kermit Gosnell Have in Common

By Cheryl Sullenger Queens, NY – Robert Rho and Kermit Gosnell were both little-known abortionists who ran abortion facilities that operated under the radar of regulators as well as the general public until their arrests and ensuing trials thrust them into the public spotlight. But the two men have more in common that a shared […]

Jury Deliberations Enter Second Day in Abortion-Manslaughter Case

By Cheryl Sullenger Queens, NY – Jury deliberations are continuing into the second day in the manslaughter trial of abortionist Robert Rho, who faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of Second Degree Manslaughter for causing the death of Jaime Morales, 30, due to a terribly botched second trimester abortion. Yesterday, the jury […]

Defense Plays Race Card While Prosecution Tells Jury Greed and Arrogance Led to Abortion Patient Death

By Cheryl Sullenger with Lauren Handy Queens, NY – The criminal manslaughter case goes to the jury today after often emotional and sometimes shocking closing arguments were presented by the prosecution and the defense against abortionist Robert Rho, who is accused of causing the death of Jaime Lee Morales, 30 during a fatally botched in […]

Lesser Charge is Debated In Rho Abortion-Manslaughter Trial

By Cheryl Sullenger, with Lauren Handy Queens, NY – In a surprise move, no testimony was taken Tuesday, April 30, 2018, in the Robert Rho manslaughter trial. Instead attorneys met in the chambers of Judge Gregory Lasak for a prolonged conference. Rho is on trial for Second Degree Manslaughter (reckless homicide) for causing the death […]