Sebelius’ “Oversight” Creates Questions About Her Integrity

Washington, DC – It is now being widely reported that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius failed accurately report to the Senate Finance Committee the true amount of campaign contributions given to her by late-term abortionist George Tiller. In fact, documents show that the amount was nearly three times what she reported.

“In the wake of being exposed, Sebelius is attempting to backtrack by saying her untrue answer was an ‘oversight.’ The only ‘oversight’ by Sebelius has been of the truth,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Sebelius has worked overtime to minimize her relationship to Tiller. Her underreporting of his contributions to her campaigns is just another example of this disingenuous behavior.”

“We continue to catch Sebelius attempting to deceive the American people. A trust has been broken, and the public cannot now put confidence in anything she says. How many lies does it take before people realize that she is just not fit to serve?”

In addition to the campaign reporting discrepancy, Operation Rescue has released documentation showing that Sebelius did not tell the truth about a dinner she hosted for Tiller in April, 2007. Sebelius says that the dinner was an auction prize bought by Tiller in 2006. However, her spokesperson, said in a written statement that the dinner was purchased in 2005. Neither story stands up under available documentation. [Read full story with documentation.]

“Ironically, Sebelius’ relationship with Tiller helped launch her career, and now her attempts to minimize that relationship would very well be her undoing,” said Newman. “You can’t dance with the devil and not expect to have to pay the piper.”

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Sebelius Not Telling the Truth About Tiller In Answers To Senate Committee

Records available online debunk her story about dinner with Tiller in 2007 and prove Tiller gave her more money that she admits.

Washington, DC – The U.S. Senate Finance Committee has published written answers submitted by Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in response to questions submitted to her during her examination for confirmation as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Official public records prove that her response to a question from Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) about her relationship with late-term abortionist George R. Tiller is filled with falsehoods, again raising ethical questions about Sebelius’ fitness to serve.

In response to Sen. Kyl, Sebelius stated that she received $12,450 from Tiller during her campaign for Insurance Commissioner.

However, contribution and expenditure reports on file with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission show the figure to be closer to $38,450 – a discrepancy of $26,000. Records also show that some of that money was used for her 2002 campaign for governor. Detailed information on Sebelius’ campaign finance ties to Tiller has been meticulously compiled by a political researcher and is available on his blog at

Sebelius added comments regarding a 2007 party she hosted at the official governor’s mansion, Cedar Crest, for Tiller and his entire abortion clinic staff. She stated that in 2006, she donated a reception at Cedar Crest to a “non-profit” group, the Greater Kansas City Women‘s Political Caucus (GKCWPC), for their annual fundraiser, the Torch Dinner. All costs were reimbursed to the state.

However, there are several factual problems with Sebelius’ statement:

• The Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus is a Political Action Committee, not a non-profit group.

    GKCWPC records on file with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission show no purchase or contribution of any kind by Tiller or anyone related to him in 2006.

      • Sebelius claims that the cost of the Tiller dinner was reimbursed to the state. However, Operation Rescue obtained receipts that show the dinner was paid for by taxpayers. Sebelius’ spokesperson has stated that the reimbursement occurred on May 23, 2008, but official expenditure records for the GKCWPC for that time period show no such reimbursement. No receipts to prove a reimbursement occurred have ever been produced.

        • All documentation supports the claims of Operation Rescue’s original source, a former Tiller employee who attended the Cedar Crest party. She provided photos of the event and told OR that it was an invitation only dinner given by Sebelius to honor Tiller and his abortion clinic staff, not an auction prize. No evidence has ever been produced to refute her claims.

        For an in depth analysis and links to full documentation, click here.

        “The records prove that Sebelius’ story about the Tiller dinner being an auction prize is manufactured out of whole cloth. There is not one shred of evidence to back it up. Sebelius’ continued unwillingness to tell the truth about her relationship with Tiller, in spite of the evidence, shows that from an ethical standpoint alone, she is not fit to serve,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If she will lie to the U.S. Senate and the American people about this, she simply cannot be trusted.”

        Mr. Roachy Goes To Washington – Why We March

        The following is a satire provided by Operation Rescue regarding the nomination of pro-abortion Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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        Mr. Roachy Goes To Washington – Why We March

        Washington, DC — Roachy, the national spokes-roach for abortion clinic cockroaches has released the first of a video series entitled “Mr. Roachy Goes To Washington.” In this first installment, Roachy explains why abortion clinic cockroaches are being called to march on Washington, DC in support of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ nomination as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

        “As abortion clinics, our natural habitat, continue to close at an alarming rate nationwide, our only hope for survival is our heroine, Kathleen Sebelius, who has worked so hard to keep our favorite filth-infested abortion clinics open in Kansas. We know that, if confirmed, she will redouble her efforts nationwide,” said Roachy. “Now is the time for abortion clinic cockroaches to unite! Join me as I march on Washington to save Sebelius’ nomination, which will be taken up by the Senate after the spring break.”

        Roachy also announces that the next installment of his video series, “Mr. Roachy Goes To Washington, Part Two: The Journey Begins” is scheduled for release next week.

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