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Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life organizations in the nation.
Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct
action stop abortion while proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are dependent upon private donations to continue our life-saving, life-changing work.

“Have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather
reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11

Using whatever opportunities arise, we expose the sin of abortion on the streets
of America.

• We are traveling the streets of America with our fleet of Truth Trucks.
• We are at the abortion mills offering help to women in crisis pregnancies.
• We are at the abortionist’s homes inviting them to repent.
• We are at the public schools educating our youth about the horrors of
• We fight to preserve First Amendment rights in the courts and on the
• We work to hold elected representatives accountable for their stand
on abortion.
• We produce educational materials to inform and equip the pro-life movement.
• We speak out in the media on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

We will work tirelessly on behalf of the unborn until America restores personhood
to the pre-born!

For credit card donations by telephone please call 1-800-705-1175.

To donate securely online using your credit card, please click here. (Easy process.)

To donate online using PayPal, click here.

Because Operation Rescue is on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, we are viewed as “politically incorrect” by many government agencies. Therefore, donations to OR are not tax-deductible. However, this allows us to speak our mind fearlessly! Many churches and 501(c)3 organizations panic at the thought getting involved in “political” issues like abortion. So that means your gift to Operation Rescue actually go farther in terms of exposing the abortion cartel and the politicians who support the baby-killing industry. Nevertheless, if you need a tax deduction for your donation, please contact our office at 800-705-1175. Thank You!

  • How can we “the church” stand together to fight against abortion. It’s so easy to point fingers and say what a horrible job our leaders are doing but we are the first to sit back and just let it happen…it’s time for us to do something about it.

    Please let us know how we can get involved.

  • Leslie

    FOR YOUR INFORMATION the term is NOT pro-abortion, it’s pro-choice. Meaning, the ability for one to be entitled to a choice for themselves and the ability to make their own decisions regardless of what others think they have the right to force upon them just because that is their Belief System aka BS.

  • David Brown

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I give praise to the HOLY TRINITY! I commend everyone’s efforts in fighting for the Unborn Babies of the World for you will surely be rewarded in Heaven. I grieve at what some of you have said about your children witnessing such graphic images, but I tell you it pales in comparison to the horror and soon coming Holocaust that is just around the corner. Please let me explain it is quite simple. For years the Faithful Martyrs meaning the Martyred Unborn Precious Babies have been slaughtered around the world at a staggering rate without any mercy. According to history, we all should know these Precious Babies are the first line of defense and afterwards the bottom will eventually drop out and much death will begin if mass repentance does not occur. It is only getting much worse even though many are spiritually fighting to the death and shouting from the housetops. They are doing a very important work to stop the evil from getting out of control. Do not ever think that I support satan’s efforts when he sends one of his servants to blow up an abortion clinic and kill people so we Christians and Jews get the blame. So let not anyone get the wrongs idea here! I am not one of those nuts! See how satan is trying to literally play us and make us out to be the nuts. It is just like many of you have said that it is all out war and as you can see it is good versus evil.
    Let us face it, the true Holy Lambs and Sheep are scattered about. One of the main problems is that many of use need more strength to be strong and bold in the power of HIS MIGHT. It is because the leadership in the organized churches is either weak or delusioned or many shepherds have actually turned into wolves in sheep’s clothing that show absolutely no mercy on the Lambs and Sheep they torture. For example, many televangelists started out with humble and even righteous beginnings, but now they have no mercy in fleecing and punishing the flock. Many shepherds twist the Word of YAHUVEH (FATHER GOD) and lie and say you cannot forsake the assembly of believers and that you must tithe into their massive kingdoms that are under their strange fire. Tell me what is wrong with fellowshipping with the HOLY TRINITY at home where love can grow? People are fighting for these Precious Babies and are getting severely persecuted while preachers like the Crouches, Hagin, Cerullo, Copeland, Howard-Browne, Hickey, Roberts, scores of others, and many Mega-Churches like Osteen are leading people to the worship of the antichrist while they fleece the Lambs and Sheep.
    But be of good cheer because YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST) is jealous and loving and with HIS STAFF is crushing and severely chastising those wolves in sheep’s clothing so HE can bring them out from among them and lead them to safety and green pastures. It has been happening for quite sometime. This is another colossal war on another front that we are still winning hands down. HE will not lose one of HIS Lambs and Sheep.
    Please remember this even if you do not understand or agree with it quite yet for it will comeback to rememberance later on. Please during the upcoming Great Tribulation and Holocaust please do not attend any mandatory Sunday worship services for it will be an actual set up for the Mark of the Beast (this is very vital to know because remember long ago the Sabbath was changed by the early Catholic Church from the biblical Friday sunset to Saturday sunset to worshipping on Sunday the first day of the week). Most of us should have this common knowledge.
    Millions upon millions of faithul Christians and Jews will refuse to attend the mandatory Sunday worship of the beast, and as a result, there will be millions of Martyred Saints having the faith to lay their lives down thus going on to Heaven to be forever with YAHUSHUA. Though there will be great exploits of faith and miracles it still will be a time a great sorrow like that of our Precious Babies that are in Heaven waiting for repentance but also justice for the mass shedding of their Innocent Blood. We need to start preparing and living by faith and putting Our YAHUVEH first in everything we do and mighty will our rewards be. We do not have to fear just have wisdom and live by faith not by sight.
    with much love and hope David

  • Noah

    I first saw a picture of an aborted “fetus” when I was about 7 years old. Later, when I was around 10, I saw a video that my dad showed me of how abortions were performed.
    Yes, this was somewhat traumatic, but from then, until this day, I have always stood against these inhuman acts, and I always will. The problem with so many “pro-choice” people is that they have never seen an abortion performed on a human baby- it’s time that everyone needs to see the truth and let the truth speak for itself.

  • Choosing not to get pregnant is “pro-choice”… Taking the life of the innocent is not “pro-choice”. It’s not pro-abortion. It’s “pro-murder”.