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South Dakota Pro-lifers Face Violence, Persecution

Dear Friend, As you know, our pro-life colleagues in South Dakota are putting up a courageous fight to stop abortion. As I write, a bill that would BAN ABORTION in South Dakota and challenge the crumbling foundations of Roe v. Wade, sits on the Gov. Mike Round’s desk awaiting his signature. But as these brave […]

Man Charged in Federal Court for Threatening to Kill and Rape Operation Rescue Staff and Family Members

PRESS RELEASE Wichita, KS — A Kansas man was charged in Federal Court yesterday with making threats last August to kill Operation Rescue staff members and rape their daughters. Christopher M. Thompson, 22, faces three counts of threatening communications for a series of phone calls to Operation Rescue’s office and to one staff member’s cell […]

Gosnell Accomplice Steven Massof Sentenced in Abortion “House of Horrors” Case

Final three Gosnell co-defendants set for sentencing March 13 Philadelphia, PA – Kermit Gosnell’s right-hand man, Steven Massof, who pled guilty to two counts of third degree murder for killing babies born alive during shoddy late-term abortions, was sentenced yesterday to 6-12 years in prison. Prosecutor Ed Cameron had asked for a prison term of […]

Gosnell Employee: ‘It would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place’

By Cheryl Sullenger Philadelphia, PA — Thursday, former Gosnell employee Steven Massof, gave shocking testimony concerning the inner workings of Gosnell’s shoddy abortion business. He described a chaotic office where conditions continuously degraded over the nine years he worked there. Massof has been incarcerated since his arrest with Gosnell and seven others in 2011. He […]

Undercover Sting Exposes Illicit Late-Term Abortion Clinic in Maryland

Operation Rescue caught late-term abortionist James S. Pendergraft IV and his Maryland accomplice, Harold O. Alexander, red-handed operating an illicit late-term abortion mill in Forestville, MD. Listen to Pendergraft — who is not licensed in Maryland — describe his shady operation in his own words. An Operation Rescue Investigative Report Forestville, MD — A seven-month […]